3 manières de s'essayer au slow sex

3 Ways to Try Slow Sex - wikiHow

What if we exchanged the injunction to performance for more gentleness, more slowness and more intention? This is what the slow movement offers. First appearing in the kitchen with slow food, this...
Sexualité positive : c'est quoi, comment la pratiquer au quotidien ?

Positive sexuality: what is it, how to practice it on a daily basis?

Positive sexuality ? No more taboos! Although the floor is free, the exchanges on the reports generally fall into two categories. The first based on performance . The second on the problems encount...
Comment bien entretenir et nettoyer son vibromasseur

How to properly maintain and clean your vibrator

Vibrators and other sex toys are precious allies to guide us to seventh heaven . Whether they cause clitoral stimulation like a wand or whether they are rabbit -type toys, these jewels of technolog...
Comment le cycle menstruel influence la libido

How the Menstrual Cycle Influences Libido

A multitude of factors influence libido, one part is hormonal while the other depends on the context. Hormones naturally impact libido , as their purpose is to prepare the body for childbearing. U...
Pourquoi se masturber pendant les règles
masturbation féminine

Why masturbate during menstruation

In France, female masturbation is still associated with many taboos , associating it with menstruation then seems to cast a shadow of double shame on the practice of masturbation during menstruatio...
Faire l'amour pendant les règles : bye bye les idées reçues

Making love during menstruation: bye bye received ideas

Menstruation is still a very taboo subject in our society. Heir to centuries of stigma , menstruation is often seen as dirty and shameful . As proof: in the wonderful world of sanitary protection, ...
Notre sélection culturelle pour se faire plaisir seule

Our cultural selection to have fun alone

Lacking inspiration for your moments of solitary pleasure ? Do you want to explore media other than video or your imagination? Powerful helps you fill up with good erotic and stimulating vibes !...
Petit histoire de la masturbation féminine

A short history of female masturbation

At Puissant, we are passionate about sexual well-being and in particular female masturbation. We defend onanism (or solitary pleasure) that is uninhibited, curious, joyful and full of power . For t...
Les nombreux bienfaits de la masturbation féminine

The many benefits of female masturbation

Historically treated as the " heinous sin of self-pollution " and then associated with feelings of shame and guilt , female masturbation is a subject that remains hyper taboo today. Despite the gro...

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