Les 5 langages de l'amour

Les 5 langages de l'amour

Spoiler alert : l’amour est en réalité un choix bien plus qu’une fatalité. Contrairement aux enseignements des comédies romantiques et des contes de fées, il s’entretient et c'est ce qui le fait g...
Offrir un vibro : nos meilleurs tips

Offrir un vibro : nos meilleurs tips

Offrir un vibromasseur à ses copines, sa maman ou sa partenaire est une excellente idée. Vous êtes l’amie que l’on rêve toutes d’avoir ! Bien que l’inspiration soit géniale, trouver le vibro idé...
Qu'est-ce que l'aftercare ? Prendre soin de l'autre et de soi après l'amour

Qu'est-ce que l'aftercare ? Prendre soin de l'autre et de soi après l'amour

Qui dit rapport sexuel dit préliminaires, acte en lui-même et peut-être orgasme. Nous avons une idée plutôt claire de ce que c’est de vivre un moment intime à plusieurs. Pourtant, nous avons tenda...
La sécheresse vaginale : comprendre, combattre et vivre pleinement ! ✨

La sécheresse vaginale : comprendre, combattre et vivre pleinement ! ✨

Parlons d’un sujet qui concerne bon nombre d’entre nous mais qui reste souvent tabou : la sécheresse vaginale. 😅 Oui, oui, vous avez bien lu. Et si cela vous concerne ou si vous êtes simplement cu...
La sexualité érotique : explorer sa propre définition
sexualité positive

Erotic Sexuality: Exploration and Meanings

1. Introduction 🌺 Hello Powerful Woman! We know that the word 'erotic' evokes much more than a simple sensation for you. So, let's talk about it! Eroticism is an art that celebrates the de...
Ces croyances qui hantent encore notre sexualité
sexualité positive

Ces croyances qui hantent encore notre sexualité

Être poursuivie par Michal Myers ou être constamment hantée par des idées reçues sur la sexualité : en toute franchise, qu’est-ce qui vous effraie le plus ? La vie intime des femmes est encore ent...
6 ressources culturelles pour mieux comprendre le cancer du sein

6 cultural resources to better understand breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women. It represents 33% of all female cancers. Nearly 80% of cases of breast cancer occur after the age of 50. In France, it is estimated th...
Les clés d'un début de relation réussi

The keys to a successful start to a relationship

Talking about female well-being means addressing sexuality, self-affirmation, self-love, but also relationships. Powerful tackles this subject as complex as it is fascinating. We asked ourselv...
La ménopause, la sécheresse vaginale et le bon lubrifiant naturel: Tout ce que vous devez savoir !

Menopause, vaginal dryness and the right natural lubricant: Everything you need to know!

1. Menopause: a journey, not a destination Menopause isn't just about stopping your periods. It is a period of transition, a new chapter. This is a natural phase that can last several years. Hor...
Plaisir vaginal : Guide étape par étape pour les femmes

Vaginal Pleasure: Step-by-Step Guide for Women

The practice of female masturbation can serve different purposes. First of all, it allows you to explore or rediscover your body and to determine what gives pleasure or not. Then, female masturb...
Massage des seins : Tout ce que vous devez savoir 🌸

Breast massage: Everything you need to know 🌸

Massages are not limited to backs and shoulders. Breast massages , when performed correctly, can provide a range of benefits for your health and well-being. Let’s dive into this sweet and health...
Tout savoir sur les fantasmes

Everything you need to know about fantasies

Our brain is the epicenter of desire and pleasure . Thanks to him we can feel and above all imagine. Our unconscious is a veritable factory of erotic stories that nourish and color our imaginatio...
Comment utiliser un vibromasseur rabbit pour une expérience ultime : Découverte de Chouchou !

How to use a rabbit vibrator for the ultimate experience: Discover Chouchou!

Hello pleasure explorers! You may have already come across the term “rabbit vibrator” while searching for how to up your intimacy game. You've come to the right place to know everything about ho...
L'art du Queening : entre plaisir féminin et lâcher prise

The art of Queening: between feminine pleasure and letting go

Let us dive into a practice that is often little known, but which deserves our full attention: queening , also called face sitting . In Shakespeare's language, "to queen" literally means "to reig...
Tour d'horizon des zones érogènes

Overview of erogenous zones

At Puissante, we are convinced that breaking the taboos around sexuality requires affirming its pleasure and therefore exploring it. One of the keys to a fun-filled sex life is to discover your f...
Prendre soin de sa santé sexuelle

Taking care of your sexual health

While well-being and self-care take a growing place in our daily lives and in our news feeds, sexual health remains ignored . If not set aside entirely, sexuality education often boils down to di...
Découvrir les bienfaits des caresses intimes : Guide pour les femmes 🌸

Discover the benefits of intimate caresses: Guide for women 🌸

I. Introduction Welcome, ladies, to an open and non-judgmental discussion on a subject as sweet as it is mysterious: female intimacy. 🌺 Intimacy is this unique, private and deep relationship...
Comment se créer son menu sexuel

How to create your sexual menu

When it comes to choosing at a restaurant, some of us feel a well-known anxiety: that of making the wrong choice . At times like these, it can be tempting to blame the waiter for not giving bette...
Connaissance de soi : nos outils préférés

Self-knowledge: our favorite tools

Any process of regaining your power begins with a quest for self-knowledge . Before affirming who we are, it is essential to be aware of our values, our limits and our deepest aspirations , right...
4 femmes puissantes qui nous inspirent

4 powerful women who inspire us

You don't name a brand Puissante without taking inspiration from numerous women, both illustrious and anonymous, who have paved the way for female emancipation . Let's meet four profiles who have...
Le périnée, ce muscle méconnu du plaisir

The perineum, this little-known muscle of pleasure

And if the physical intensity of our pleasure depends on a muscular triangle still too little known ? The perineum plays a major role in our orgasms and yet we often have to wait for its postpart...
Comment parler de sexe dans son couple
sexualité positive

How to talk about sex in your relationship

Regardless of the type of relationship we have with our partner, we tend to believe that if the current is going, our sex life will necessarily be passionate. Spoiler alert : the less we talk abo...
Optimiser votre vie privée : Meilleurs conseils pour l'utilisation de sex toys 🎉

Maximizing your privacy: Top tips for using sex toys 🎉

Are you ready to discover something exciting and maybe a little daring? We'll talk about how we can enrich our sex life , add a spark to our intimacy, and explore our pleasure in new and in...
La pratique du yoga pour une sexualité épanouie

The practice of yoga for a fulfilling sexuality

Arrived only a few decades ago in the West, yoga is a millennial art of living straight from India. Beyond asanas (postures), his practice advocates a connection to the body and offers moral comm...
Explorez votre plaisir en fonction de votre signe astro

Explore your pleasure according to your astro sign

Whether we believe in the influence of the stars or the horoscope seems unfounded to us, we all know our sign . This mirror of our personality can be a fun guide to explore new horizons of enjoym...
3 exercices de respiration pour plus de plaisir

3 breathing exercises for more pleasure

If you have ever taken a first step into the world of relaxation, meditation or yoga, you know that the breath is our vital impetus . Breathing connects the body and the mind . It plays a crucial...
Un guide complet pour augmenter votre libido après la ménopause

A complete guide to increasing your libido after menopause

Dear reader, you have overcome many obstacles and experienced many changes in your life, and here is another turning point: menopause . This natural and inevitable chapter of female life is a re...
Savoir choisir son premier vibromasseur en fonction de ses préférences

Knowing how to choose your first vibrator according to your preferences

Want to add a little something new to your sex life but don't know where to start? No problem, we are here to guide you! In this article, we will demystify the first purchase of a vibrator ....
Comment bien se doigter ? Guide pratique pour une exploration intime et sécurisée

How to finger well? Practical guide for an intimate and safe exploration

It's time to talk about a somewhat taboo but yet very important subject: self-exploration and, more specifically, how to finger yourself well . Knowing your body is essential to having a fulfil...
La sexualité consciente : un chemin vers l'épanouissement et l'intimité profonde pour les femmes

Conscious sexuality: a path to fulfillment and deep intimacy for women

It's time to talk about a subject that affects us all: sexuality. Specifically, we're going to discuss conscious sexuality , an approach that can help you thrive and create deeper connections...

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