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Hello to everyone ! 👋

Today, we are going to talk about a fascinating subject that affects each of us: sexuality and pleasure.

So make yourself comfortable, have a cup of tea 🍵 or coffee ☕️ and get ready to dive into the fascinating world of original sexual practices. 🌸

First, a crucial reminder:

  • the respect,
  • Security
  • and consent are key to all sexual exploration.

Whether you're in a long-standing relationship or one you're just beginning to explore, these three principles should always be present.

  1. What are original sexual practices?
  2. BDSM
  3. Polyamory
  4. Voyeurism and exhibitionism
  5. Tantra
  6. Erotic role-playing games
  7. Using a vibrator
  8. tantric sex
  9. group sex
  10. The edging

So what are "original sexual practices"?

These are practices that are off the beaten path, practices that go beyond what you might consider "standard". The idea is to allow you to explore new horizons and rediscover your sexuality from a new angle, with partners or not. 😌

⚠️ Little reminder: An intimate relationship, whether it's sex, physical relationships or any form of intimacy, must always be based on mutual consent and be practiced with the most absolute respect. Respect for others is a fundamental value that guides our intimate interactions and creates positive and enriching experiences.

It is crucial to establish open and honest communication with your partners, expressing your desires, your preferences and your limits, while listening to their needs and limits as well. Consent can never be presumed or implied, it must be obtained explicitly and continuously throughout the intimate interaction. An intimate relationship based on consent and mutual respect creates an atmosphere of trust, security and satisfaction for all parties involved.


Let's start with BDSM 🕶️ (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism and Masochism).

Far from received ideas, BDSM is not only centered on pain. It is a practice based on control, power, confidence and self-surrender. Participants define their limits in advance, respect these limits and use a security word. BDSM is based on consent and mutual respect, and each participant can end the activity at any time if they feel uncomfortable.

Polyamory ❤️‍🔥

Another practice is having multiple romantic, emotional, or sexual relationships at the same time, with the consent and knowledge of all involved. Polyamory might seem like a foreign concept if you're used to monogamy, but for some it offers a liberating and fulfilling expression of love.

Polyamory is an approach to romantic relationships that recognizes and allows a person to have romantic and emotional connections with multiple partners simultaneously. This form of relationship offers various advantages, especially with regard to pleasure, relationships, relationships and experiences. By having multiple partners, each relationship can bring a unique and rewarding dynamic. This makes it possible to diversify the pleasures and to discover new facets of oneself and of others.

Additionally, polyamory promotes open and honest communication between partners. This transparency makes it possible to deepen the bonds and to maintain couple relationships based on trust and mutual respect. Frequent discussions of needs, limits and expectations build understanding and satisfaction for everyone.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism 🌚

These sexual practices can add novelty to your intimate life. Voyeurism is getting pleasure from watching other people naked or having sex, while exhibitionism is getting pleasure from revealing oneself in a suggestive or sexual way. As always, these activities must be practiced in a consensual and respectful way!

One of the benefits of voyeurism and exhibitionism is their potential to elicit arousal and erotic stimulation different from that of traditional intercourse.

Tantra 🌟

This is another original sexual practice that you can explore. It's an ancient tradition that combines sexuality and spirituality, and can help you experience pleasure in a deeper and more intense way. Tantra can help you better understand your body and experience your sexuality in a more fulfilling way.

Erotic role-playing games 🎭

It can be a fun sex game for you and your partner. Indeed, they can spice up your sex life . Whether you prefer seduction, domination, or even adventure scenarios, role-playing games can add a level of creativity and excitement to your sex life.

By engaging in erotic role play , partners can explore new facets of their sexuality and imagination, which can reignite passion and excitement in their relationship. Erotic role play also promotes open communication and deep understanding between partners.

By embracing this form of sexual expression, partners can enrich their relationship, rekindle passion, and create unforgettable erotic memories.

Use of vibrator

And of course, how can we forget about sex toys, especially vibrators? 💖

Using a vibrator as a couple can add an extra dimension to your sex. They can not only increase physical pleasure, but also promote a better understanding of your body and what gives you pleasure . Finally, they can add a playful and exciting dimension to your sexuality.

There are several motivations that can prompt you to use objects during sex. First of all, they bring a touch of novelty to your relationship, allowing you to discover new sensations (and positions) for two. They can be easily integrated into your erotic games, such as cards, couple movies or board games, becoming your extra partner. 😉

Indeed, vibrators have the ability to stimulate libido and help you explore your erogenous zones more and more intensely.

At Puissant, we have developed Coco , a product designed to offer internal (penetration) and external (suction) stimulation personalized according to your desires and preferences. With its 10 modes for each function, Coco adapts perfectly to your morphology, allowing you to choose between stimulation with penetration or not. Coco has been specially designed to be an ideal vibrator for beginners, as its different intensities and modes allow you to take your time and explore what really gives you pleasure. It offers a range of options to help you discover new sensations and reach your full potential. 😍

Using a vibrator can help enhance the orgasmic experience by stimulating erogenous zones more effectively. The vibrations provided by this accessory can intensify sensations, allowing you to achieve more intense and satisfying orgasms. By using a vibrator, one can also explore new pleasures. This exploration helps to discover new sources of pleasure and improve overall sexual satisfaction.

Now let's move on to another form of original sexual practice:

Tantric sex 🧘‍♀️

Inspired by Eastern philosophies, tantric sex emphasizes spiritual and emotional connection with your partner. It invites you to experience pleasure in a slow and deliberate way, achieving deep and meaningful levels of satisfaction.

Group sex 👯‍♀️

It can be threesomes, partner swapping (also called "swinging"), or other forms of group sex. As with all other practices, consent, communication and security are key. If you feel comfortable with the idea, it can be an exciting and energizing way to explore your sexuality. 🤩

By interacting with different partners, it is possible to explore a variety of fantasies, discoveries and sensory experiences. This diversity makes it possible to broaden sexual horizons, to enrich knowledge of desires and pleasures, as well as to stimulate the erotic imagination.

When it comes to pleasure, group sex can offer increased intensity and multiple stimulation. Simultaneous interactions between partners can create an exciting and passionate atmosphere, multiplying the sources of pleasure and pleasurable sensations.

Group sex also promotes open communication and clear negotiation of boundaries and expectations. Communication is key to establishing agreed rules and ensuring that all partners feel comfortable and safe. 🗣

The "edging" or "orgasm control"

This is another original sexual practice that deserves to be mentioned. It involves bringing yourself or a partner to the brink of orgasm, then reducing or stopping the stimulation to prolong the sexual experience. For some women, this can lead to more intense and satisfying orgasms.

When practicing edging , the act of delaying orgasm for an extended period, the intensity of pleasure is increased tenfold when orgasm is finally achieved. We then feel a deep feeling of well-being that extends well beyond what we feel during an ordinary orgasm. 😍

All of these practices can enrich your sex life, improve communication in your couple, strengthen intimacy and allow you to better understand your sexuality. Remember, every woman is different, and what works for one person may not work for another. It is important to experiment and find what works best for you. 🌷

So, ladies, don't be afraid to explore, connect, and discover what excites you. 💃

These practices can not only boost your sex life, but also help you know yourself better and love yourself more.


In conclusion, remember that your sexuality is yours. It's up to you to decide which practices you want to try, what you like and what you don't. Respecting your limits and those of your partner is fundamental.

To go further in these practices, there are many books and guides that can help you with your sexuality. You might also consider joining support groups or organizations dedicated to female sexuality. It's a great way to share your experiences and feel supported.

So, are you ready to begin your journey of sexual discovery?

Remember, there is no shame in seeking pleasure and exploring your desires. So go ahead and have fun with your sexuality!

Respect yourself, love yourself, and don't let anyone tell you what to do or feel. It's your body, your life and your sexuality. You deserve to live a fulfilling and satisfying sexuality, while respecting your own limits and desires.

In short, the journey to a richer and more fulfilling sexuality is a journey that is unique to each person. There is no right or wrong way to live your sexuality, as long as your actions are consensual, respectful and safe. You have the right to discover, explore, make mistakes and learn. We hope this article has inspired you and given you some ideas for exploring your sexuality in an original and fun way. Do not hesitate to share your comments and experiences with us, we will be delighted to hear from you! 💌

You are beautiful, bold and amazing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Always respect your limits and those of others, and remember that you deserve a sexuality that fulfills you and satisfies you.

So let your journey begin! 🌍

Finally, remember that every woman is unique in her own way. 🌺


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