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What better way to start the conversation around female pleasure than by sharing our female masturbation guide with you? Because it is normal to treat yourself to pleasure outside the couple, we wanted to give you some tips on how to explore your power with confidence.

But above all, take the time to listen to your body, to listen to your feelings. They are the best guides towards a desire and a sexuality which belong only to you. Also allow yourself to define your own codes of pleasure and get out of the practices offered in this guide to female masturbation which is intended to be non-exhaustive and benevolent. We wish you great explorations of your solo sexual pleasure!

Female Masturbation Guide: Gathering the Right Conditions

Be curious

We're here to have a good time, discover your sexuality and ride the wave of well-being. 🌊 So we leave the pressure of orgasm at all costs on our beach towel.

Good news: a sex life can be fulfilling without an orgasm! The curiosity of your pleasure is a much better compass than the injunction to finish. Moreover, aiming for orgasm at all costs can be a cause of mental blockage that prevents any sexual pleasure. So enjoy the present moment and explore yourself without pressure! Get the idea out of your head that without an orgasm your sex life isn't fulfilling.

The curiosity of pleasure also passes through the curiosity of one's own body . Getting to know your body is the key to loving your sexuality solo or as a duo!

🪞 Why not meet your anatomy to take full possession of your female pleasure? To do this, take a pocket mirror to place between your legs. Exit self-judgment on the appearance of your sex: just like breasts, stomach, buttocks, women's anatomy is all different and all beautiful!

To familiarize yourself with the diversity of vulvas , we strongly recommend that you take a look at the account of the designer Hilde Atalanta.

To be lubricated

Without lubrication, the experience will be more like sandpaper against a wooden board. 😬

Each woman produces a different amount of lubricant from the others and also different depending on the situation. Perhaps you have already felt your penis wet without feeling particularly aroused.

The reverse is just as true. One can feel excitement, but the physiological lubrication is slow in coming. All this is the result of various factors more or less buried deep in our unconscious. Luckily, we can call on some loyal allies to make this solo moment magical.


So yes, sure. e. They will tell you that appetite comes with eating, but for a pleasure exploration session, we recommend that you stimulate your arousal beforehand . Since every woman has a different sexual profile, you can experiment with a multitude of approaches to masturbating.

Maybe sensory stimulation is your thing? Dim the lights, put on some incense or a candle, some sexy music or an episode of VOXX .

If you're more of a visual.le guy , why not try some ethical porn like Erika Lust 's videos.

If you want to let yourself be guided in full awareness , you can simply close your eyes, slip into a comforting duvet and let your imagination run wild.

Relaxation, concentration and immersion are the key elements for a most pleasurable solo sexual journey. 🎉

Masturbation guide: try different techniques

Favorable positions 🌸

In the set of techniques most favorable to the excitement of your clitoris we have:

Kneeling on his bed

- Face the bed, hold it to keep your balance

- Lean forward

- Position the vibrator on the mattress

- Rhythm your movements according to your desires and your preferences

This technique is favorable to the stimulation of the G-spot . This is a great masturbation position.

In the bath

During a bath, you may feel like masturbating, it's an appointment with yourself that is conducive to masturbation:

  • Take a bath then
  • Immerse yourself in hot water.
  • Take one leg out of the bath to be more comfortable.
  • Then start stimulating your clitoris, with circular or up and down movements.

You can also use a waterproof vibrator, like those from Puissante !

Masturbate standing

Masturbating standing can give sensations that you would not encounter sitting or lying down, you can start by caressing your body as well as the erogenous zones starting with:

  • the neck,
  • breasts,
  • inner thighs,
  • buttocks...

Indeed these erogenous zones are not to be neglected and can allow you to feel unexpected sexual sensations!

When you feel aroused , you can begin to gently touch your clitoris .

The vibrator can then come into play to first pamper the clitoris and then the vagina.

Masturbate without hands?

Once in your bed, you can use what is around you: like the cushion for example! 🛌

For that, it's very simple :

Get one or more pillows, position it between your legs, lay on your stomach then start moving back and forth, this will gently stimulate your clitoris depending on the intensity at which you move. For maximum arousal we recommend that you touch your breasts, inner thighs and all other erogenous zones.

This female masturbation technique is common among young girls and women who are discovering their bodies.

What to masturbate with? 🌸

Female masturbation with fingers

There are several techniques for pleasure and making yourself come, but the fingers are there with us, and all the time! 😏

Masturbation guides often speak of "inserting a finger directly into the vagina" or, the clitoris and its thousands of nerve endings must be pampered, gently, the excitement must rise little by little.

🧭 To begin, we invite you to locate your clitoris . Touch it gently , keeping your lips closed.

Depending on how you feel, increase or decrease the stimulation, also manage your gestures (back and forth, circles...)

Once the excitement is at its peak, you can open your lips to gain more access to this area. You can also start exploring your vagina.

Don't just stop at your genitals, you can stimulate all your erogenous zones: the neck, the breasts, the inner thighs. Let your imagination take over, and pay attention to your feelings. 😇

Masturbation with a shower head

The shower is a time when you find yourself with yourself. Do you plan a relaxing atmosphere: candles, music... 🕯

Run the water at your favorite temperature then direct the shower jet towards your vulva and manage the pressure by approaching and moving the jet away as well as changing the temperature. 🚿

This technique is very popular if you are new to the practice of masturbation; indeed it is very effective and accessible if at first you are afraid to touch yourself. The shower head will satisfy your female pleasure for sure!

Be careful not to touch your vulva with the shower head, this can bring germs and bacteria.

Once your session is over, clean your vulva with a suitable neutral pH soap.

Date with your pillow

For those who appreciate friction, this technique will please you! 🥰

Called "humping", this technique is a practice particularly used by people who have sensitive sexes. Adding a layer of clothing or stimulating a large area will provide more subdued and therefore more pleasant sensations .

Position one or more pillows between your legs on your bed, then start straddling it, putting yourself on your stomach, and going back and forth. 🎠

In this technique, the pelvis does all the work! Again, don't neglect your erogenous zones during this practice; their stimulation will only increase your sexual pleasure.

Masturbating with a chair 🪑

Have you thought about your chair? And yes, it can be a very good ally during these moments!

Get naked or in panties on your chair, chest against the backrest. Arch your hips so you can move back and forth. The clitoris and vulva will benefit from gentle caresses. 🪑

Masturbating with your phone?

If you have never used a vibrator, the phone and its vibrations can replace the sex toy. Put it on vibrate mode and slide it over your clitoris; gently, then pressing according to your sensations and the intensification of desire. 📳 To explore other sensations you can use these vibrations on your breasts for example.

Masturbation with a sex toy

Did you really think we were going to end this female masturbation tips article without talking about a vibrator? Never !

A sex toy , such as it is, is there to provide pleasure whether solo or as a couple. You have already tested all the previous masturbation techniques and you want to go further in your sexuality and feel intense pleasure? Then sex toys are made for you and we advise you to go for it!

Some target more G-spot stimulation inside the vagina while others target the clit .

At Puissant, we developed Coco in 2021, which allows both penetration with different intensities of vibrations and with a clitoris suction mode at the same time. Since the end of 2022, La Toupie has completed our selection. It's designed to build excitement step by step, emphasizing feel over performance.
The goal is not to reach an orgasm in 2 seconds but to deeply feel the love we give ourselves and the experience that unfolds. It's about taking time for yourself, getting to know yourself and refocusing on your body, your emotions and your sensations, all at a gentle pace. 😎

To find all our articles, advice and guides on female masturbation , go to our Powerful blog.

⚠️ Beware of the dangers that household items offer to your privacy! How many people end up in the emergency room because of improvised sex toys? Prefer an object intended exclusively for masturbation for questions of hygiene, safety, health and pleasure ‼️

How to choose the right sex toy? 🌸

Given the variety of sex toys available to you, it can be easy to get lost in the world of vibrators.

Your desires are the starting point that guides you in choosing the ideal sex toy.

If you prefer to stimulate the outside of your clitoris, a suction clitoral simulator may be right for you. This vibrator allows you to stimulate your pleasure through the clitoris. Especially since among vibrators, clitoral stimulators are the option that women prefer to choose.

If you prefer penetration instead, choose a vibrator with a more elongated shape. This form of vibrator will allow you to stimulate the G-spot, for example, or to feel a sensation similar to that of a phallus.

There are different sex toy modes to achieve your orgasm. Check out each of these modes.

The suction mode

Sucking mode stimulates your clitoris: the sucking clitoral massager projects waves at you to stimulate it. Although the term "suction" is commonly used, your clit vacuum does not really perform this action! In reality, the part of the membrane vibrates in such a way as to generate pulsations of air, thus creating the illusion of suction. 🤩

Its tip can be made of silicone, glass or plastic. It should be placed around the glans of the clitoris.

vibration mode

You can choose your vibrator with vibration mode or without vibration. The vibration mode can be brought with a small remote control, which allows you to change the intensities.

The two in one

You can stimulate your clitoris with a suction part and penetrate yourself at the same time with a suction part thanks to a vibrator like Coco !

Coco has been designed to adapt to all body types; it bends to your liking and you can choose to use one function after another, or even both simultaneously.

It's understandable that you may feel a little anxious as you explore yourself, but don't be afraid to take your time and find what works for you.

There are no specific recommendations on which position to adopt, it is entirely up to you.

Changing the environment can help vary the pleasures, indeed, some vibrators are waterproof: it's not for nothing! 😊

Why should you invest in a quality vibrator?

Attention ! When it comes to sextoys, it is better to pay the price, to be sure of the quality as well as the lifespan of the latter! 💲

Quality vibrators do not pose any risk of health problems such as an allergy risk, in fact, these sex toys are mostly made of silicone or medical glass. These are the most recommended materials for vibrators.

True, their price is usually above average, but they are vibrators that can guarantee your health . And that is not to be taken lightly! 🩺

Unlike poor quality sex toys, the best vibrators can last you for years!

Granted, the best vibrators come at a price, but you will be able to experience unparalleled orgasms. They can combine several erotic zones at the same time which can greatly multiply your orgasm!


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