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A French and committed brand

Puissante donates 1 € per order to the association to fight against excision @lesorchideesrouges, an association founded by Kakpotia Marie-Claire Moraldo.

"We want all women to have the freedom to own their bodies and the freedom to choose the life they want to lead." - Kakpotia

French and committed brand ❤️

The Red Orchids

"We want all women to have freedom over their bodies, their sexuality and freedom to choose the life they want to lead. 200 million women in the world, more than 500,000 in Europe and 125,000 in France are subjected to excision.
We campaign in France and in Africa for the eradication of female genital mutilation, early marriage, forced marriage and all forms of violence against women and girls. We support girls and women who are victims of such violence in their psychological and physical reconstruction, the reappropriation of their bodies and the development of their power to act. We also work for the economic emancipation of women because it is the key to each woman being the master of her destiny.
A powerful woman according to Kakpotia, president and founder of Red Orchids: "For me, a powerful woman is a woman who loves herself and assumes herself as she is. She knows how to give love to those around her, and she makes an impression on everyone she meets with her kindness and sincerity. The powerful woman has a liberated and assumed sexuality; in short, she is a woman who is free with a capital L and lives with a capital V. find more information on


At Puissante, we wish to accompany and support sports, cultural and associative projects.

In this first year, we have decided to support Karine, Farida and Eloise, three young women from Toulon who are embarking on the adventure of the Trek'in Gazelles under the team number 83. The first edition on foot of the famous aicha rally. 4 days, 20km per day, in the Moroccan desert without GPS with a compass, a map and good shoes!
A committed adventure since each beacon validated by the teams is equivalent to a donation of 5€ for the "secours populaire". They also have the mission to leave the desert cleaner than when they arrived by leaving each day with a bag to collect the waste which will be incinerated on the bivouac of the trek.
Along with the association Coeur de Gazelles which works for access to health care, professional reintegration and schooling in Morocco, each participant will donate shoes for the children.
A real human, solidarity and sport adventure which will take place from November 6th to 11th 2021.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any projects ❤️