Sexual dissatisfaction is a real source of problems for many young couples. It is better and better managed with the advent of new sexual methods and practices. The edging which gives the solution par excellence participates effectively in the intensification of the orgasm. It is practiced to achieve a high-intensity orgasm alone, as a couple or even in a group. To engage in it, it is important to observe a good time of preparation. Gradually increase the excitement with the consent of the partners involved.

What is edging: definition and explanation

From its English translation, edging literally means "the edge", it is a sexual practice aimed at making you reach the paroxysm of pleasure in your moments of intimacy, edging takes you to the edge of orgasm . It is based on the development of the capacity to delay orgasm and to refrain from enjoying as soon as it is announced. This ability to maintain and prolong the pre-orgasm phase to the merit of propelling you into an explosion of pleasure! 🤩

This explains the fact that “edging” is seen as the state in which we find ourselves shortly before the intense orgasm provided by this technique.

The edging allows you:

  • to control your enjoyment,
  • to control your partner's orgasm.

It's a sexuality based on the mastery of excitement in its gradual rise. Its success depends on your ability to maintain your partner for a long time in a very strong excitement in the pre-orgasmic phase .

With edging, after the long period of orgasm retention , when the climax is finally triggered, the pleasure increases! A strong feeling of well-being that lasts much longer than an ordinary orgasm. 😍

You can live it alone thanks to the practice of masturbation by observing an alternation between the moments of strong stimulation. Getting as close as possible to the point of no return from orgasm and holding back from reaching it is the whole principle.

Why practice edging? 🧐

Edging provides both men and women with:

  • some self-confidence
  • allows you to make your moments of sexual intercourse last as a couple or alone.

Generally speaking, the known average time for the duration of vaginal penetration is 5.4 minutes. This relatively short time does not often allow both sexual partners to achieve real orgasms. The two mutually offer pleasure without benefit over the long term.

With your partner

Preparing to enjoy deep well-being is one of the most important reasons for which it is necessary to practice edging. You define with your partner, the words and tricks to adopt during sexual intercourse to control the occurrence of orgasm . The most used expression is the emblematic “Stop” which indicates the need for the interruption of coitus or stimulation. For this purpose, it is essential to be able to assess your level of arousal as you go.

On a scale of 10, as soon as you feel like an 8 or a 9, you have to stop the excitement movements . This gives you better control over the delay of orgasm and can increase the pleasure tenfold.

Thus, we can summarize in four points, the main reasons why it is necessary to indulge in the practice of edging:

  • it allows you to better discover the functioning of your own body and your feelings;

  • it increases tenfold the power of orgasms in partners by inducing the proliferation of well-being hormones;

  • it reinforces sexual complicity within couples;

  • it considerably increases the duration of the sexual act and further amplifies the pleasure .

How to practice edging, how to prepare for it? 😏

With his/her partner

Provoking temporary frustration is ideal for raising the temperature! 🔥

Your partner can take over your excitement by touching you and stopping to masturbate as you feel the orgasm building. He or she can change erogenous zones, slow down the intensity of stimulation , or simply guide you by voice telling you to hold back.

The implementation of edging is based on fairly precise but non-mechanical principles. It is a technique which, by providing you with phenomenal well-being, ensures you a fulfilling sexuality .

To commit to it, it is imperative that you agree with your partner on how you should control the delay of orgasm. This will include in particular agree on verbal codes to use on the verge of orgasm to slow stimulation and restart the movements.

Also, for a good practice of edging, it is advisable to opt for sexual positions favorable to the regulation of certain factors. This is the control of the speed of vaginal penetration / masturbation, the rhythm and the intensity of the movements. A judicious choice of position taking into account these parameters guarantees you full control over the rise of arousal during the sexual act.

By masturbation

Considering the different ways in which edging is carried out, it is important to mention its experimental side. In reality, before practicing it as a couple with your partner, you can experience it alone. The technique of edging associated with masturbation helps identify your erogenous zones . Knowing these areas and your body's reactions to their stimulation prepares you for effective couple edging.

A good preparation for the application of this method necessarily involves solo training . The purpose of this preparation is to allow you to sharpen your ability to stop stimulation in time to delay your orgasm. 🥳

Maybe the orgasm will elude you for your first few tries. Do not panic ! Like any new skill (and like wine) , orgasm control is perfected over time . 😉 

Practicing edging with a vibrator, it works too! 😏

The use of a vibrator for the implementation of the edging technique is to be taken with delicacy. The vibrator is known for its performance and its ability to make you reach a very high level of excitement in record time. To make use of it and derive satisfaction from it, it is necessary take the time to discover the type of vibrator you need . The same is true for the operating speed.

Discovering the speed that suits you is the guarantee of a good adaptation of the device to the practice of edging. Thus, it is recommended to explore the possible shapes, the different models and even at various speeds to arrive at the right choice.

Do not panic ! It is clear that the expected result can only occur after several training sessions: the device cannot work on its own, it requires good mastery of its handling 🙃

The effect produced by the vibrator on one part of your body may not be the same on the same part on another. It should therefore not be limited to the excitement of the genitals in the use of a vibrator . Although popular belief seems to ignore it, many other parts of your body can react effectively to its stimulation, neck, breasts etc...😍

Don't be in a hurry to stimulate your clitoris with the vibrator . Instead, take the time to reach it indirectly from its edges, on the side or below. You can therefore benefit from a more intense excitement. The most important thing is to go there with a lot of attention to find out what gives you pleasure. The regular achievement of explosive orgasm will therefore only be the result of a series of experiments carried out on oneself.

What are the risks associated with the practice of edging?

Even if remarkably the practice of edging does not present any risk, it is not safe for the body . Based on the physiological aspect of this concern, we realize that it can negatively impact the brain. In reality, by dint of delaying the onset of orgasm, while the pre-orgasmic phase continues, the brain secretes an increasing amount of dopamine. It is also this substance that is at the origin of the intense sensation of sexual pleasure that we feel.

The real "danger" arises when the masturbation you use to prepare yourself for the practice of edging is associated with the viewing of pornographic films. The brain becomes more and more accustomed to a strong secretion of dopamine: a state of pornography addiction can set in gradually and the brain may adapt to it.

An addiction to masturbation and pornography can successfully distort your sexual desires. With this technique, sexual intercourse can very early seem less pleasant than these moments of masturbation assisted by porn movies.

Many sex therapists agree that the implementation of edging by masturbation and watching porn presents risks. It all depends on how often you watch pornographic films, alone or as a couple , etc.

Problems related to libido disorders within couples are the first consequences of this technique. Uncontrolled losses of time are also often indirect consequences of these practices. In reality, gradually, the brain, responding to prolonged solicitation of the body , allows itself more freedom to secrete the hormones of excitation.

The practice of edging is therefore to be consumed in moderation 😇

You now know that delaying access to seventh heaven opens the door to more pleasure as well as better self-knowledge. To go further in the discovery of new practices, we highly recommend our slow sex exercises . 


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