Qui sommes-nous ?

To know more about us
Simply to feel good: Coco is an accessory of well-being.

Having a sextoy is first of all taking time for yourself. Taking time to know yourself. To discover yourself. And even if the pleasure is there when you use it, it is not the only thing that comes from it. On the contrary.

The change is radical and influences our daily life. So this doesn't mean that you have to masturbate or have sex every day, far from it. It simply means that doing good alone allows you to feel confident and powerful. That sexual well-being is an integral part of overall well-being. That a person who experiences pleasure for the first time will be deeply changed. It's not just a one-shot deal that makes you feel good. It's moments from you to you that transcend you.

Marie Comacle - fondatrice Puissante

Elsa Wolinski, the ambassador

"It is disturbing, after 45 years, to think that we have never known pleasure alone. I believe that Coco is more than a simple object, it is also a learning process to know yourself better. The solitary pleasure, it is new sensations. Like a rebirth. I can love myself and feel pleasure with me. And I understand the word 'powerful' better now: there is a kind of power in controlling your own pleasure.