Everything you ever wanted to know about Coco and Powerful! ❤️

How does Coco work?

Coco has two buttons, one to activate the vibration, the second to activate the suction.

There are 10 modes for each function, 7 regarding intensity and 3 are random modes.

Coco has the option to bend, or not!

Is it possible to activate the suction without the vibration?

Yes absolutely! Vibration and suction are two independent functions of each other

How does it recharge?

Coco is recharged by USB. There are two pins on the top that the charger magnetizes to!

Where is it made?

After months of research to get it made in France, it turned out that it wasn't possible, at least for now!

What is it made of?

Coco is made of medical silicone and ABS plastic. It does not contain any allergens.

Is the package discreet?

Yes, the package is not under Puissante's name and there is no way to know what it is


We launched Puissante in January 2021 after a year and a half of R&D, testing and feedback.
Our goal is to de-taboo masturbation, to make people hear that it's healthy, important and oh so much fun.

We launched Coco in a crowdfunding campaign on ulule (French platform) and after a great success we were able to start the manufacturing thanks to people who believed in the project.

Coco is on sale since June 2021 and we are proud to help in our way to advance the mentalities on these subjects!

Puissante is a brand committed to the Orchidées Rouges, an association fighting against excision.

We have the chance to contribute and help all these women victims by donating 1€ per order to this association.

Moreover we participate in common events with Kakpotia, the founder.

A huge thank you for your order and very nice (re)discovery!