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Multiple orgasms , also known as multiorgasmia , refer to the ability to have multiple orgasms during a single sexual session. Some women may experience 3, 4, 5, or more, often in short intervals.

What is an orgasm to begin with?

An orgasm ( from Greek: ὀργασμός / orgân, “bubbling with ardor” ) is the physiological response that takes place at the peak of the sexual arousal phase . Orgasm notably releases two neuropeptides ( small proteins made up of a few amino acids released by neurons ), oxytocin and prolactin, which cause a deep feeling of well-being.

When orgasm is imminent , the vagina decreases in volume by approximately 30% , becomes engorged with blood and the muscles of the uterus contract. At the very moment of orgasm, the uterus, vagina and pelvic muscles undergo a series of muscular contractions.

A multiple orgasm is therefore, as explained in the name: an orgasm that occurs several times. 🧮

A little reminder about the benefits of orgasm

Having one or more orgasms has many benefits on the body, here are some of them:

Hormone cocktail 🍸
During orgasm and intimate stimulation, many hormones are released:

  • oxytocin : a hormone that makes you happy and calm
  • dopamine : the key hormone for deep well-being. It is the hormone of immediate pleasure, in response to stimulation at a given moment.

Stress reduction 🧘
Masturbation in general helps lower cortisol levels in the body, which allows you to feel relaxed and full. This also allows you to concentrate more and avoid intrusive thoughts for a while.

Reconnecting with yourself 😴
When you masturbate, you refocus on yourself, you take the time to take care of yourself, to listen to your body and your own desire.

Consecutive orgasms?

There are two types of consecutive orgasms that can enrich your sexual experience.

The first is the “echo” orgasm, also known as “ status orgasmus .” This happens when you experience multiple orgasms in a row, in bursts. This phenomenon can be intense and prolong orgasmic pleasure beyond a single peak of satisfaction.

The second type is multiple orgasm, where you experience several distinct orgasms . These orgasms can vary in intensity and sensation, and they can be triggered by different forms of stimulation. For example, you might experience an anal orgasm followed by several vaginal orgasms , or a breast orgasm followed by a cervical orgasm. This variety of orgasms can provide a rich and diverse sexual experience, where each stimulation brings its own unique pleasure. 🎆

All women are multi-orgasmic

According to Vancouver Prostate Center , men are less likely to have multiple orgasms . For good reason, they need rest due to their anatomy, this is the “refractory phase”. Women, on the other hand, do not need this rest and can biologically orgasm several times during the same sexual encounter.

In theory, all women can have multiple orgasms. However in some cases this can be difficult as stimulating the clitoris after the first peak of pleasure can be unpleasant or uncomfortable.

If you experience this hypersensitivity, then you can give yourself a few seconds or minutes of break between each moment. This once again depends on the sensitivity of each woman, some women can have one orgasm after another without pause. 🚀

So yes ! All women are multi-orgasmic, you just need to know how to do it without putting pressure on yourself. 🙂

Tips for approaching multiple orgasms

Knowing your own body: solitary pleasure

Masturbation is a very good way to get to know your own body , to know what you like, to listen to your own reactions and your own desires alone.

And knowing your body can make sex and sexuality in general more enjoyable.

Masturbation is therefore excellent for health, despite preconceived ideas that have been passed down for centuries. It's an explosion of hormones that are excellent for your health , so no moderation for this one! 🥳

Diversity of stimulations

To achieve different orgasms during the same intercourse, it is advisable to vary the stimulations.

By varying the locations (G-spot, clitoris, breasts, etc.), this can be conducive to the woman's orgasm, and different pleasures, by achieving penetrations or external stimulation.

And all erogenous zones count! Breasts, inner thighs, neck. They are very numerous and sometimes too forgotten.

Vary positions for orgasmic moments

It's something that we don't think about enough, but between each moment when you stimulate yourself, you can change posture , in order to reach different thresholds of enjoyment, and why not discover new sensations and new sources of different pleasures .

Sitting, standing, kneeling, on all fours... there are many solutions! 😅

Here are some inspirations for positions to try during your solo sessions (or not):

✨ Kneeling on his bed 
Very good way to explore your erogenous zones while having the possibility of moving back and forth on your vibrator if you use one, or on your hand or pillow.

🛁 In the bath or shower
Once you are comfortably seated in your hot bath, raise one leg out of the water to have access to your intimate area, and let's have fun! You can bring your favorite Powerful vibrator: they are waterproof, what could be better for a sensual and relaxing moment?

🛏️ Lying on the bed
Classic of course, but this posture has 2 possibilities, either lying on your back or on your stomach, once you reach the first threshold of excitement, do not hesitate to alternate between the two to vary the pleasures.

🧍‍♀️Masturbating while standing 
Standing is a posture that can challenge you! Feel free to experiment with different rhythms and pressures to find what you like best.

Slow down the pace between each orgasm to increase desire

The secret to reaching the threshold of pleasure? Slow down the pace between each stimulation , to let the desire build up little by little!

In the study carried out byOMGYES , 53% of women who experience multi-orgasm say they slow down the pace after the first orgasm.

Whether it's with tongue, fingers, tongue, or a toy, try playing with the rhythm or force with which you provide stimulation.

On the one hand, this will help to increase the pleasure, but also to increase your partner's desire little by little, enough to make the relationship last. 🤩

Playing with the intensities of a toy

The great thing is that with a vibrator , you can play directly with the modes of the toy !

At Puissante, our toys generally have 10 different modes: 7 intensity and 3 random . Random mode is a very good way to increase the pleasure little by little.

In our range, you will find Coco , a sex toy allowing double stimulation.

First a suction part which is positioned on the external part of the clitoris . The membrane acts to pulse air onto the clitoris and vary the intensity of the sensation.

On the other side, you have a vibrating part that can stimulate the vagina or external parts of the vulva . What's great about this toy is that it allows you to do both at the same time or just one of the two! 👏

Edging to help achieve multiple orgasms

If the orgasm builds too quickly, you can also stop the stimulation to bring down the pleasure, this is a very widespread practice: edging .

As its name suggests, it is a sexual practice consisting of playing with the limit of orgasm . The goal is to increase the feeling of excitement before reaching seventh heaven. 🛑

Strengthen your perineum

It's pretty well known that strengthening your perineum can help you achieve more intense orgasms.

The muscles of the perineum play an essential role in intimate sensations and in the quality of sexual intercourse . They support the internal genitalia and associated sphincters.

During moments of intense pleasure, it contracts spasmodically in women in synchronization with orgasms , while in men it tenses to the maximum to manage ejaculation.

A toned perineum promotes full sensation throughout the sexual act, thus providing unparalleled pleasure. 🔥

Your advice for achieving multiple orgasms in one session

We asked you on our social networks to share your best tips for achieving multiorgasmia. Many of you responded to us, thank you for that! We learned a lot from your feedback. ❤️

Here are some nuggets. 👇

  1. “Trust and let go”

  2. “Stimulate the clitoris in different ways after each orgasm”

  3. “Stop all movement immediately after the first orgasm. Resume after a few minutes”

  4. “Let go completely. And of course a partner who knows your body.”

  5. “Being connected to your emotions and those of your partner.”

  6. “Let go, and have a good partner”

If we had to summarize, the most important thing is to let go and let ourselves be carried away by the sensations that pass through us. And to adopt different stimulation techniques after each orgasm. 🤤

But above all: no pressure!

To have even one orgasm, it's essential to let go of any concerns about performance. This only breeds fear of failure, which is the main cause of inhibiting pleasure.

So be attentive to your desires and leave aside the need to please. Quietly follow the path of your own pleasure. In this way, it becomes possible to then give pleasure to your partner. 😍

Multiple orgasms therefore represent the ability to reach multiple peaks of pleasure during a single sexual session, an experience often sought after but not always easy to achieve. It is important to remember that each individual is unique and the key lies in listening carefully to their own feelings and desires . And if you want to know more about the benefits of solitary pleasure in general, go here ! ❤️


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