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You must know the famous magic wand-shaped vibrator, commonly called the wand vibrator . But sometimes its size and the look of certain models can impress. In this article, we tell you everything about the magic wand vibrator . We promise that it will become the BFF of your moments of pleasure alone or with others.

What is a wand vibrator?

A little history

A vibrator wand, also known as a "vibrating wand" or "magic wand" , is a type of vibrator used for external stimulation of the body, particularly erogenous zones such as the clitoris. It usually comes in the form of a long, thin wand, equipped with a vibrating motor at the end . It's both a sex toy and a massager, because yes, it was originally designed to eliminate tension in overly tense muscles.

And when we know its story, we already love it ! 😏

Created by the Japanese company Hitachi in 1968 , the very first wand was marketed mainly in the United States. There is no question of presenting it as a tool of pleasure in this country which oscillates between sexual liberation and puritanism. It was therefore on sale in the household appliances section as a neck massager . Although everyone was aware that this device is mainly used for masturbation, the company that produced it never wanted to admit it.

Nevertheless, this tool has played a significant role in the history of feminism and sexual liberation . ❤️‍🔥

The BFF of the sexual revolution

One of the key factors in the success of this famous wand vibrator among women lies in its appearance as a household appliance . Unlike other toys of the time, it did not possess a phallic shape , which contributed to the idea that women could obtain pleasure without relying on a penis-shaped object.

At the same time, sex educator Betty Dodson was conducting Bodysex workshops that invited its participants into erotic self-exploration . These moments of sharing were and still are aimed at perfecting the sexual education of women and helping them by giving them masturbation techniques . She showed off her methods of achieving orgasm with many toys, but it was the magic wand that became her favorite tool.

In 1973, Dell Williams reportedly went to Macy's to purchase a Hitachi Magic Wand after hearing about it at a Betty Dodson workshop. Following an unpleasant experience with a salesman who made too many innuendoes, she founded Eve's Garden, the first major feminist sex toy store , initially a mail-order business from her apartment before moving to an office in Manhattan the following year.

This is how the wand has become an essential part of female pleasure ! 🔥

Why choose a wand vibrator?

Wand vibrators are known for their powerful vibrations . They provide intense stimulation to external erogenous zones like the clitoris. With their large head, the wands are designed to be pleasant to use and super easy to hold . Their ergonomic handle allows easy control of pressure and angle.

We couldn't miss this icon of female pleasure, right? Powerful reinvents the concept of the wand to combine elegance and comfort! Designed to provide intense sensations to all women, Le Bisou is a little gem of design and technology. 😍

Featuring an ultra-soft silicone head and a rounded design , it deeply stimulates the erogenous zones. Its shorter, ergonomic handle makes it easier to hold, allowing better control of pressure and angle of use.

Beyond being a simple sex toy, Le Bisou is a complete accessory for well-being . Like our entire range, it gives pleasure and offers the opportunity to explore the sensations of your body . But it is also a massager, like its ancestor Hitachi! 💆‍♀️

Its low frequency vibrations allow it to go deep into the muscle and eliminate stagnant tensions . We love it on the trapezius and calves in particular. You are free to use it in pleasure mode or in well-being mode according to your desire of the moment. ✨

What are the differences between the wand vibrator and other models?

The biggest difference between a wand type sex toy and the others is that this one is not made for internal stimulation , but indeed external. You can take advantage of its large head to pamper your clitoris , your lips, your breasts and all your erogenous zones.

The design of the Kiss makes it an aesthetic object as much as one of enjoyment . It breaks with the conventions of the vibrator sector by offering a refined and fun look that you can proudly display at home . It's one more step towards the normalization of pleasure for everyone, because for those who didn't know it yet, doing good for themselves: it's normal ! 👏👏

We have kept our 10 signature vibration modes that you find on our best-selling Coco and the Spinning Top , to explore pleasures to the maximum. Thanks to the combination of medical silicone and design, the vibrations are diffused throughout the body for unparalleled sensations.

Like all our other vibrators, Le Bisou is waterproof , enough to make you love it, even in the bath. 🛁

All the steps to pleasure yourself with your wand vibrator


Be well informed

Before using a vibrator , it is important to learn about the toy. Familiarize yourself with how it works, the intensity modes and how to use it. Read the provided user manual carefully to understand its operation and features. You will then know how to reach the 7th heaven in the best possible way and in complete safety!

Get in the mood

Opt for a private, comfortable place where you feel comfortable. If you want to light candles, invite soft lighting, start your favorite playlist and use several accessories , treat yourself! This moment of meeting is just yours. You can even put on your favorite lingerie and begin stimulation through the lingerie to slowly raise the temperature. 🕯️

The positioning

Bring Le Bisou close to the external part of the clitoris while maintaining the vibrations and play with the power. Feel the stimulation coming and intensifying depending on the pressure you apply. You can add a little lubricant to the vibrating part , then let yourself be guided by your sensations. It's time to compose your own pleasure choreography by playing with the inclination and moving Le Bisou up and down, from left to right or to another area that is pleasant to you such as the breasts, neck or thighs. .

How to use Le Bisou as a couple?


Like all vibrators, the magic wand vibrator can be used as a couple ! Pleasure is shared and it can be just as fun together. 👐

First of all, it is essential to communicate with your partner to find out if he or she is ok with the idea of ​​using one. Discuss together to find out if you are both comfortable with the idea . And if so, establish how you want to bring him into your privacy: who takes care of him, when does he arrive? 🗣️

During foreplay

Introducing the use of a wand vibrator during foreplay can be very exciting. With this magic wand, you can stimulate your clitoris to raise the temperature . You can also use it on the breasts or neck, the vibration can be very pleasant there.

Guide your partner

When using the vibrator, do not hesitate to guide your partner. After all, you are in the best position to know exactly what you like . Show him how you like Le Bisou to be positioned on your clitoris or lips, and any other erogenous part of the body. Also listen to your partner's recommendations about their own pleasure. 😉

Test different positions

For more pleasure and fun, you can change positions , this will surely give you different sensations. Certain positions for two are more conducive to its use, use your imagination! 💭

Combine multiple accessories

Who says you can only use one vibrator at a time? 🙂

Don't hesitate to use several accessories, one that stimulates the G zone , the internal part , like the Chouchou , while using the Kiss on your clitoris for maximum pleasure!


Step not to forget before using a sex toy: cleaning. It is important to use a clean vibrator to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. And for that, at Puissante, we have designed a cleaning foam specially designed to pamper your vibrators. 🧼

And don't forget: the lubricant!

For even greater ease of use, you can add lubricant to the vibrating rounded part of your Bisou. This will make it easier to slide and feel. 💧

Remember to use water-based lubricants ! They are compatible with medical silicone vibrators, and the most pleasant in terms of sensations. At Puissante, we are proud of our ultra-clean water-based lubricant with lily extract . Something to please you while being as comfortable as possible.

By combining power, vibrations and sophistication, the wand vibrator allows intense stimulation of erogenous zones, while offering the possibility of being used as a real body massager. Whether solo or as a couple, the Le Bisou vibrator offers you a gentle exploration of pleasure thanks to its multiple vibration modes. You now have all the cards in hand to make the wand the ally of fulfilled sexuality. We'll let you test it for yourself, Le Bisou is waiting for you for maximum pleasure! ❤️


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