Between the office, parental responsibilities and endless to-do lists, most couples sometimes struggle to find moments of intimacy . Over time, routine sets in and moments of complicity such as relationships gradually fade away. However, a fulfilled sexuality has many benefits both for individual well-being and for the balance of the relationship. For most couples, sex is a way to maintain and strengthen their bond. And, let's face it, over time, just like date nights or weekend getaways, it can take a little planning. But here is the good news : Scheduling your intimate moments can be just as satisfying as an impromptu session. After all, a little anticipation never hurts! 

Sexuality: one of the pillars of a balanced relationship

The importance of sexuality in our lives is undeniable, it is often seen as an essential element of the human experience, but its significance goes far beyond intimate acts. Sexuality encompasses many aspects, from emotional relationships to self-discovery to creating connections with other individuals.

It is still important to understand that not all people have the same expectations, the same desires or the same experiences when it comes to sexuality. Asexual people, for example, may experience little or no sexual attraction toward others, and their identity is not defined by their interest in sexual relationships.

We know it and we repeat it often enough, sexuality in general has many benefits on the human body, to remind you of them:

  • Stress reduction
    Sex can act as an antidote to stress, releasing hormones such as endorphins that help with relaxation and overall well-being.

  • Improved sleep
    Orgasm releases relaxing hormones that can promote deeper, more restful sleep, helping to combat insomnia and improve the quality of rest. It's a natural sleeping pill! 😴

  • Mental well-being
    Regular sex is associated with better mental health because it improves self-esteem and promotes feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

  • Strengthen intimacy

In short, sex is good for the body, as well as for the mind and for relationships!

Common ideas about planning

In pop culture as in the collective imagination, sex is often shown as an always impulsive act. Of course, desire can be triggeredspontaneously , it passes through us and triggers fiery lovemaking. But this is far from the only reporting scenario.

Planning intimate relationships doesn't necessarily mean putting them formally on a calendar. Rather, it's about talking with your partner to identify the times when you are more likely to be relaxed, to want to be, and to spend time reconnecting. 🍃

We asked you on our social networks what you thought about planning your intercourse, and many of you were reluctant. For the majority, planning sexual intercourse is perceived as one more injunction which adds to the sexual charge or as a lack of spontaneity, considered the enemy of romance.

Let us clarify again what planning means. Depending on your dynamic, you can plan intimate moments 2 hours in advance with a quick sext or several days in advance to build up the excitement. 🔥

It’s also an opportunity to pull out all the stops and plan a meal or a massage session. Planning ahead allows you to run a few errands and add a little romance to your private moments. And also to make sure that your vibrator is properly charged! 🤩

The Benefits of Scheduled Reports

Create excitement

Planning sex in advance can slowly build excitement and intensify desire through anticipation.

Several scientific studies have demonstrated that dopamine levels are higher when anticipating the satisfaction of a need or pleasure than when it has been achieved. It's a wonderful trick of evolution that in addition to making us want the fruit, pushes us to take action and go get it. The idea of ​​getting there causes more pleasure than completing the task. We can use this bias to fully enjoy the anticipation before finding our loved one. 🥰

This anticipation can turn the experience into a game of seduction that extends over several days. You can fuel this expectation by sending naughty messages to your partner, stimulating their imagination and desire. Suggestive texts can create bonding and pleasant suspense, increasing excitement for the moment when you will finally be together.

Schedule time for yourself

By planning a time for an intimate relationship, you give yourself a break from everyday life where you can get together, relax and please each other.

Although spontaneity has its charm, planning these intimate moments ensures that you devote quality time to your relationship, thus strengthening your bond and your intimacy. Besides, shared moments are perhaps your love language or that of your partner?

Express affection

We often plan important events in our lives, like our vacations for example, so why not plan our intimate relationships? They are just as essential.

By planning your antics, you show the other person how important he or she is to you. It's a bit like planning a date, with the special anticipation for this special moment together! 🌹

Enjoy getting ready

Blocking out time to please each other is a great opportunity to take the time to pamper yourself to feel beautiful and desirable.

Why not opt ​​for an outfit that you feel good in whether it's your favorite lingerie set, a cozy outfit or even a chosen look allows partners to prepare mentally and physically, reducing the stress associated with unpredictability and to unmet expectations.

When you plan your intimate moments, you have plenty of time to get dolled up and make sure you feel good for this moment of tenderness and sensuality. 🕯️

Explore new horizons

When routine sets in within the couple and the libido is increasingly at half mast, sexologists recommend scheduling sexual intercourse to rekindle the flame of passion.

Why not try new positions, invite a vibrator into the heat of the action or try new methods like slow sex or gentle BDSM ?

Optimize fertility

For couples hoping to conceive, scheduling intimate intercourse around the time of ovulation can increase the chances of success. Knowing the ovulatory cycle and planning accordingly helps optimize fertility. Although it is always important to know your cycle to better understand your body in general!

How to broach the subject

Communicate openly

If you've been reading this blog for a long time, you know that communication is the key to a successful relationship. Discuss the subject with your partner where everyone can express their needs, desires and limits frankly.

Choose the right time

Find a date where you are both relaxed, have time and are free to talk without being rushed by other obligations. Avoid bringing this topic up when there are tensions, periods of stress or outside distractions.

Stay transparent

Clearly express your intention to plan intimate times, explaining why you think it could benefit your relationship. If you've already talked about your shared desire to take more time for your sex life, you can present scheduling as a solution to try.

Suggest alternatives

If your partner seems hesitant about planning sex, offer alternatives that might make the process more comfortable. For example, you might suggest creating a shared calendar where you can set aside specific times to be together.

Respect returns

Be open to your partner's reaction and respect their feelings, even if they don't necessarily match yours. If your partner isn't comfortable with the idea of ​​planning intimacy, don't force the situation and be willing to explore other ways to enhance your intimacy. We then invite you to ask him what solutions would suit him best and to find common ground.

Remember the essentials

When you start to want to put more intimacy and more sex into your daily life, the quest to do more can quickly become a new injunction or additional pressure. It's not uncommon for couples to become rigid around the idea and for sex to become a task to be accomplished.

Let's not forget that what really matters in sexual relations is the moment of intimacy shared between the partners. It is not the quest for orgasm, performance or simply the mechanical act itself.

Orgasm can be a beautiful conclusion, but it's the caresses, looks and sweet words that make these moments truly precious and memorable. Allow your planned romps to be imperfect, sometimes interspersed with breaks for chat, laughter, or other pleasure. Focus on the journey together rather than the destination! ✈️

You now have all the keys in hand to plan your reports! And if you want to go further, you can also bring up the idea of ​​using a vibrator during sex to vary the pleasures and take the time to try new things. 🤩


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