Alone or with a partner, we need to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. For masturbation sessions or during sexual intercourse, there are a multitude of accessories that can increase female arousal and better still, provide unparalleled orgasms. Depending on the people and certain factors, events can be spiced up. To achieve this, you can use items already present at home or buy them.

Homemade accessories ūü§©

Several accessories in your environment can become masturbators accidental. Often effective, these objects can allow you to satisfy yourself sexually. In the absence of sex toy available on the market or to satisfy fantasies, you can use these everyday objects to provide you with sexual pleasure.

Shower head

The shower head is the most feminine erotic toy famous in the world. Whether you have already discovered it or not, know that shower heads can very quickly make you feel unique feelings . Thousands of women around the world have already realized the exceptional stimulating power of this bathroom accessory.

To have the privilege of benefiting from the marvels of this circumstantial object of enjoyment, you only have to direct the water jets towards your private parts . If your shower head settings weren't useful to you in the past, you'll soon find a use for them. Indeed, the more you increase the power of your water jet, the more your pleasure will be intense.


In bed, alone, your pillow can very quickly become a very effective erotic toy. This everyday object simulates the male presence quite well and allows you to masturbate. Indeed, the cushions will allow you to train to certain sexual positions and give you clitoral pleasure.

If you're feeling lonely, you can cuddle your cushion to stimulate the presence of a partner. To stimulate your clitoris , you will need to put your pillow between your legs . By using it for rubbing, you will reach clitoral orgasm fairly quickly.

Electric toothbrush

The electric toothbrush, as unusual as it may seem, can be used as a sex toy. You guessed it, it is possible to make your electric toothbrush an effective vibrator to enhance your masturbation sessions. Whether it is to stimulate your clitoris or for stimulation by penetration, the toothbrush is an excellent object.

Wrap your electric toothbrush in a clean cloth and you can use it to stimulate your clitoris .

Accessories to buy ūüõć

There are many products that allow you to increase your sexual pleasure. Whether during frolics with a partner or alone when you masturbate, sex toys are very effective. Lubricant or sex toy, we have what you need to radically break the monotony of your sexual activities.

Use lubricant

Lubricants are products that make it possible to facilitate both the activity sex and make it more enjoyable. It happens that some women, following certain situations such as low libido for example, no longer manage to produce enough vaginal secretions during their intimate relationship. Since sexuality is compromised, this type of gel is used as a solution. It does not, however, replace or preclude the use of condoms.

There are various types of lubricating gels. By their titles, can be distinguished, those based on glycerin, polyacrylamide, silicone, water, etc. Despite the effectiveness of all these types of lubricants, it is recommended to use during sexual activity the water-based one and those, for several reasons. The first is that it is suitable for all types of intimate relationships . It dries quickly and unlike the lubricant made with silicone for example, can be used in water since it does not dissolve. Also, it cleans up with water and is sold at a affordable price .

The intimate lubricating gel from Powerful responds perfectly to the theme and makes it possible to increase female pleasure tenfold. Product made in France, it is natural and made from water. Thus, it does not present no risk for female private parts, skin and body. Our lubricant is odorless and can be combined with all types of vibrators.

massage oils

Massage oils are products used to increase libido . They can be applied sensually and gently to the partner to make turn up the heat for sexual activity. For more pleasure, the massage can be applied to the intimate parts of women. The fact remains that solo and with the right method, you can give yourself personal pleasure by passing over your erogenous zones.

Vibrating Eggs

Vibrating eggs are among the toys used by couples to spice up their sex life . They have an ovoid shape, which allows easy vaginal insertion. Vibrating eggs, although they can be used solo, are a tool that allows the couple to have fun while titillating their senses. They prepare them for possible antics thanks to their stimulations. As a couple, you can use it outdoors to build excitement or during foreplay just before intercourse.


The vibrator is one of the most well-known sex toys to give you pleasure . It comes in many types, shapes and sizes. According to your convenience, you can make your choice. Some issue vibes and others not. The vibrator is designed for a vaginal or anal penetration . It plays a stimulating role for the vagina or anus to give them unparalleled pleasures. It can be used alone or with her partner.

At Puissant, we offer our little Toupie vibrator in our range. As its name suggests, it has the shape of a spinning top and is easily transportable. This accessory is made of medical silicone and allows you to enjoy gentle pleasure parties. Being water resistant, it can be easily cleaned. In addition, he has ten levels of intensity , each stronger than the other.

Geisha balls

You have already seen them in the famous movie called Fifty shades of Grey. Geisha balls are made up of several balls. They are inserted into the intimate part of the woman and have the ability to increase sexual desire and therefore the libido . Indeed, the Geisha balls allow thanks to the movements that they make once included in the vagina a good circulation of the blood flow.

That stimulates the senses of women And rapidly increases the production of love juice , a vaginal secretion caused by excitement and which allows sexual intercourse to be maintained without hindrance. As in Fifty shades of Grey, you are assured that they will be able to prepare you and titillate you for unforgettable coitus. As a couple, you can let your partner insert them.

It should be noted that Geisha balls should not remain in the vagina for more than one thirty minutes . Furthermore, their use should be approved by a medical specialist for people with incontinence problems.

Why use the Coco vibrator from Puissante?

The Coco vibrator is one of the best sex toys for female pleasure. Not only is it unique, but the reasons for opting for this sexual product are considerable.

The features of the Powerful Coco vibrator is one of the main reasons why this sex toy makes a difference. Our vibrating coco is equipped with ten modes for its operation . Seven of them are used for the intensity of sensations that said sex toy provides women.

According to your desire or that of your partner, the Coco vibrator of our structure will be adjusted. Furthermore, it can be used to simulate a sucking of the female genitalia , the emission of sensory vibrations into the vagina, or both at the same time.

Coco is the appropriate sex toy to increase the level of sexuality in a couple . Its vibrating and stimulating effect increases sexual desire, enhances and intensifies pleasure to lead to an optimal orgasm clitoris or vagina. Plus it's a sex toy foldable . The purchase of Coco in our shop at a two-year warranty . It allows you, among other things, to have it replaced if it is faulty.

Accompanied by a explanatory and detailed manual , you will be able to learn how to handle the equipment and how to use it. Coco is also made in medical silicone otherwise it is safe for clitoris, vagina, skin and body. It is part of the sextoys water resistant , so you won't face any risk of tampering when cleaning it.

Everyday objects or accessories to buy, there are many products allowing you to enjoy your sexual activities.


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