Often feared as the end of sexual fulfilment , menopause is a rite of passage that can be frightening. The body changes, the libido fluctuates and the self-confidence is generally affected. However, these changes can be an opportunity to rethink your sexuality and offer a new approach to your pleasure. With this first article on sex after menopause, Powerful wishes to highlight solutions to better live the last third of our life .

Effects of menopause on sex life

In the context of sexual intercourse, the symptoms of menopause manifest themselves in different ways.

At the moment of excitement, the lubrication of the vagina takes longer to trigger. Because of vaginal dryness , natural lubrication is also in smaller quantities.

During the plateau of sexual tension, the walls of the vagina are less flexible, this is called atrophy . This lack of flexibility can make penetration more painful .

With muscle sagging, orgasm feels weaker with fewer orgasmic contractions as a result.

Finally, the return to normal of the vulva and clitoris is faster than a menstruating woman.

Disorders of menopause also affect the level of libido . The craving drops with the drop in hormone production.

These physical and psychological changes can cause sexual difficulties or reinforce existing fears . It is an upheaval in the life of freshly menopausal women. And it is easy to understand how all this can destabilize.

However, with the increase in life expectancy, the understanding and management of symptoms have become more democratic. Today, many initiatives make it possible in part to offset the undesirable effects of this transition.

Reminder: it is not because a woman gradually loses her ability to procreate that she is immune to sexually transmitted diseases . Protection and regular tests are to be continued throughout the sexual life


A moment to reunite

No, the appearance of the first symptoms of menopause does not sound the death knell for a fulfilling and flourishing sex life.

First good news: our body is able to offer us powerful orgasms until our last breath . Is not it awesome ? Moreover, some women say they have more orgasms after menopause and others have experienced their very first "little death" at this time. 🎉

The path to pleasure changes with hormonal and psychological upheavals, but it is always there. The period of menopause is then an opportunity to reconnect with this changing body.

Whether we are in a relationship or not, we can set out again to discover what makes us shiver with desire, gestures that raise the temperature. 🏹 Let's choose to view this new chapter through the lens of curiosity and excitement of the unknown .

If you feel the need, call on a sexologist to work on this new relationship to the body. He or she will know how to guide you towards more self-love, whatever your age.

Turn your moments of pleasure alone or with your partner into moments of exploration where you can think outside the box .

🧭 Test new practices , say bye-bye to automatisms and let yourself be surprised. Maybe the opportunity to try out sex toys if you haven't tried it yet?

Coco will allow you to re-discover your body by stimulating the external part of the clitoris and your G-spot. 💓 It is specially designed to help you take the time to explore and love yourself! Foldable and versatile, it adapts to your morphology and your desires ☺️

How can you live well in this period of change?

Use lubricant

Having the vagina in Sahara mode is the first obstacle to pleasure during sex.🐪 To remedy this, scientific studies recommend having frequent sex. The lubricant is also your best ally!

Opt for a clean formula based on water or hyaluronic acid . Take a brand that excites you and introduce it into reports in a playful way. 💦

At Puissant, we have concocted a natural intimate gel made in France with lily extracts. A formula compatible with vibrators to put some sparkle back into your sex life. ✨

Try modern treatments

Vaginal dryness and loss of elasticity of the walls can be resolved with local treatment based on estrogens, probiotics or even hyaluronic acid.

Hormone replacement therapy proposes to add a dose of progesterone to estrogen. The dosage and balance of the two hormones can cause health problems (breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cancer of the cervix), it is essential to be followed by a gynecologist and a doctor .

The Mona Lisa Touch pulsed laser, the injection of hyaluronic acid or the rehabilitation of the perineum by electrostimulation are alternative techniques to taking hormones that resolve vaginal pain.

Extend the foreplay

Taking treatment and applying lubricant improves dryness problems, but does not always have the desired impact on desire.

To cultivate it, give yourself time to build up the excitement . Teach your partner to slow down during foreplay . 🍃 To intensify your emotions, we suggest you lean towards the practices of slow sex which offers to put a little more awareness in your sexuality.

If you're in a relationship, strengthen your connection by creating intimate moments outside of bed. Do activities that cultivate your love, create spaces for open-hearted conversation, and feed your shared erotic imagination . 🔥

As they age, both men and women face difficulties in their health as well as in their sexual life. However, menopause should not be equated with the end of a fulfilling sexuality. Let's see it instead as a rebirth and a new chapter where we have to redefine pleasure for ourselves and invent new ways of making love. 💓


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