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The clitoris is considered par excellence as the organ of female pleasure . By stimulating it, they reach the pleasure called orgasm . A practice that allows you to have a fulfilling and complete sexuality . How to do this stimulation? At what times? In what conditions? What are the different places that give pleasure to the touch? is there a difference between the orgasm of the vagina and that of the clitoris? Questions that we will answer in this complete guide on the excitation of the clitoris in order to enjoy.

What are the different erogenous parts likely to be a source of pleasure? 🤩

Your places of pleasure are numerous! They are classified into two broad categories: primary and secondary erogenous zones . In this large family of body parts source of excitement we have:

  • breasts;

  • the vulva;

  • the lips;

  • the vagina;

  • the clitoris;

Note that the primary parts essentially take into account the genitals. Thus, the clitoris, the vagina and the labia are the erogenous parts most solicited in general during foreplay. However, there are an unsuspected number of places on your body that are triggers for enjoyment, even leading to orgasm. We find in this lot, breasts, ears, anus, neck, to name a few.

Differences between clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm: the various myths

Naturally, by clitoral ecstasy we mean the pleasure you can feel when your clitoris is stimulated (by fingers, tongue or other means). It was long considered the only type of ecstasy that existed. Note that it is known to be short-lived, but explosive.

As for vaginal ecstasy, it would be much more difficult to have. Studies estimate that very few women have ever experienced vaginal ecstasy .

For many years, many myths have been installed in people's minds to oppose the two types of ecstasy. For many men in the past, women unable to experience vaginal ecstasy and relying on their clitoris to climax were frigid. While not knowing that the vagina is not a very sensitive organ par excellence. The clitoris being the center of all female sensitivity , because considered the equivalent of the penis in men. A state of affairs that prompted Freud to invent vaginal ecstasy , motivated by his disdain for the female sex.

Freud inventor of the vaginal orgasm: clitoral excitement as a manifestation of a psychological problem 😵 💫

The myth grew to such an extent that said frigidity was seen as a psychological problem, a supposed inability of a woman to accept her role as a woman. A position adopted by the Freudians which is only due to the position of inferiority in which Freud constantly placed them. A myth that is absolutely not to be taken seriously.

Make a woman come: what is it really?

The orgasmic experience is not the same for all women, of course. The intensity can vary because, sometimes the ecstasy is rather localized , sometimes sharp and other times more diffuse. But one thing is certain, regardless of their manifestations, they are all clitoral ecstasies.

Men, it is by rubbing their penis against the female reproductive organ that they enjoy. Which has long driven everyone to define women sexually based on what brings ecstasy to men.

A big mistake, because the woman's own physiology was not taken into account. Hence the myth of the emancipated one having vaginal pleasure. However, this is not the case, vaginal ecstasy does not exist. All female ecstasies are clitoral.

How to properly touch the clitoris? 👌🏼

Before telling you how to do this touching, it is important that we come back to an important characteristic of this organ. It is an organ that continues along the body for at least ten centimeters. Its bulbs touch sex. It is this stumbling point between your sex and your clitoris that is the G-spot .
To properly excite your clitoris , you must follow the advice below:

Do it with a lubricated finger 💦

You should know that the glans of your clitoris is a very sensitive part of the body. To touch it and have the expected strong sensations, you must not do it with a dirty and dry finger. Put some water-based lubricant on one finger and pat it gently.

Act with fairy fingers please 🧚‍♀️

It takes a lot of gentleness. Do not rush on him with fairly direct touching. Raise the excitement and only then can you think about doing more vigorous movements.

07 tips to excite your clitoris 🔥

There are different ways to stimulate your clit.

1- Start with the erogenous points

Erogenous body parts as you know are the different parts of your body that give you pleasure when stimulated. To put your clit in the conditions of excitement, you must start by touching one of these parts such as: the breasts for example or the pubis.

2- Let your imagination work 💭

The brain generally responds very quickly to images when they are of a sexual nature. So you can start by watching an erotic image, a movie, or simply summoning up an exciting memory. This will stimulate your organ very quickly.

3- Show your partner how to turn you on

Clitoral stimulation doesn't just happen on its own. You can enjoy this experience in the company of your partner. You just have to show him how to make you happy; where should it touch you? how? , etc.

4- Multiply the touches

Another way to stimulate the clitoris is through repetitive sensual touching.

5- Using the language 👅

The use of the tongue is a good way to stimulate the organ of pleasure . The tongue is wet and contributes effectively to acting on the glans. Just lift and spread the surrounding cap with your fingers. You can be sure, the resulting pleasure is intense.

6- Using a sex toy 🌶

If you still can't get ecstasy just by using your fingers, it's a good idea to use a vibrating sex toy . Because it is quite a powerful tool that can lead you directly to this result. However, you must be careful not to use it all the time because your organ may no longer respond to a manual stroke . The best thing to do is to alternate between manual stimulation and mechanical stimulation.

7- Ask your partner to caress your clitoris during penetration

While making love, one of the best ways to raise the mercury is to caress the clit. You can do it yourself or leave the control to your partner or even guide him so that he follows your rhythm by adjusting his caresses to the rhythm of his penetration movements. To succeed in this, however, it would be necessary to adopt the right position.

Positions favorable to the stimulation of the clitoris 🌸

In the set of provisions most favorable to the excitement of your clitoris we have:

Rear penetration

In general, all arrangements where your back is turned are conducive to going to seventh heaven. This is the case because these provisions promote contact of the penis with the anterior wall of the genital organ of the opposite sex and especially with the G-spot. Moreover, penetration from the rear allows you to be able to touch yourself the clitoris to induce orgasm.

Tight/ loose legs

Always with the aim of going to nirvana, it is recommended to alternate the movements of contractions and relaxations of the legs. To do this, you must prioritize all the provisions that allow you to perform these actions.

Lying doggy style

Lying doggy style is a pattern where you are lying down with your legs together and the gentleman penetrates you from behind. In this position, the back and forth stimulates the entire wall of the clitoris. Ecstasy is assured.

The spoon upside down

This is a situation in which the man is lying on his back. You overlap him but do not face him. A great way to hit the G-spot.

The standing missionary

A way of making love that regains its letters of nobility once renewed. First, it's good to face yourself during these moments, but the stimulation of the clit is even more intense.

Masturbation: one of the best ways to reach seventh heaven 😍

Always with the aim of reaching an orgasm, masturbation is recommended whether alone or in pairs. Self-stimulation has the advantage of being effective in the sense that the person who touches himself has a good knowledge of his body or more or less an idea that comes close to it. For this, several techniques are recommended . We have among others:

  • simultaneous masturbation;

  • the crossed/uncrossed legs technique;

  • water technique;

just to name a few. Remember all the same that the best way to achieve enjoyment is to know above all the parts of your body that give you pleasure to the touch and to indicate them to your partner during sexual intercourse.

Why do some women fail to cum? 🙅‍♀️

The reason for this inability to enjoy can be psychic or emotional. For some sexologists, it may be a total absence or insufficient foreplay before the act. This will mean that one or both partners place too much importance on the sexual relationship itself by skipping the foreplay stage. The clitoris is therefore not adequately stimulated. It can also be:

  • a deficiency in psychogenic or psychic arousal;

  • a problem in the couple;

  • because of anger;

  • a lack of communication;

  • depression;

  • an anxiety disorder;

  • trauma;

  • a problem related to the relationship of the person with his body.

frequently asked Questions

Which sex toy to reach orgasm?

To be sure to reach the top, it is recommended to use a vibrating sucking vibrator ! The clitoris sucker is a small female satisfaction device. Its operation is based on the use of air compression , quite the opposite of devices that generate vibrations on the clitoris. In addition, the clitoris sucker has nozzles.

These fly over your clitoris while generating a large sonic pressure on it. This pressure has a double effect on your clitoris: the suction effect and the vibration effect.

Besides, you will eventually wonder what the difference is between a clitoral stimulator and a vibrator. The difference is quite simple. The clitoral stimulator is a clitoris stimulation tool. It allows external stimulation without penetration . The suction effects and light vibrations emitted by the clitoral stimulator are more than enough to stimulate a woman's clitoris.

What does it feel like to cum?

Ecstasy is a phenomenon associated with sexual arousal in you women. When it is reached, different parts of the body are stimulated and trigger a series of physical and psychological reactions. It therefore corresponds to the enjoyment felt by women. However, there is a small problem. Most of them fail to live it for several reasons.

Why have a sex toy from the Powerful brand?

Above all, having a sex toy is first of all to free yourself and take time for yourself. Moreover, even if you derive pleasure from it, know that it is not the only thing that results from it. The sex toys of the French brand Puissant are specially designed to promote the full development of users. You will undoubtedly become a powerful lady by taking matters into your own hands.

What is the Coital Alignment Technique?

The TAC is a derivative of the missionary position. It is known particularly for its ability to promote good stimulation of the anterior wall of the sex . That is, where the G-spot is (the internal clitoris). However, it should be noted that the TAC's mission is not to create enjoyment, but to allow the body to take a large amount of pleasure thanks to its alignment.

From all the above, it should be remembered that the stimulation of the clitoris can be done in different ways. It's up to you to find the one that's right for you and go for it. Alone or as a couple , the result is guaranteed and you should not hesitate to make the most of it, especially if you use a sex toy from the Puissante brand. It's up to you to act!


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