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What if women also ejaculated ? 🤔 Mmmm, no. If Hippocrates thought that the emission emitted by women was as fertile as that of men, we now know that in fact, squirt is the jet of a large quantity of liquid with a little urine. (you can produce up to 300 ml at once!) before, during, after, or even without orgasm. “ Squirting ” means “ spurting ” in English. 💂‍♀️ All women can squirt contrary to what the term “squirting woman” may have us believe.💧

Squirt is urine?

Yes. 😊

As @wicul explains very well in several Instagram posts, squirt is really urine ! Andrologist Pierre Desvaux and Salama Samuel, gynecologist, confirmed in 2015 after a study that this liquid does come from the bladder and is expelled through the urethra. Like urine, fountain emission is made up of water, urea, creatine and uric acid!

The skenes glands (it's like the prostate, but in women), located throughout the urethra, expel liquid at the time of stimulation , through two small orifices located near the urinary meatus. In fact, if this liquid is much clearer and less fragrant than the urine emitted daily, it is because, during sexual stimulation, everything speeds up in the body and the so-called "primitive" urine will contain very little nitrogenous waste! Plus, if you've been to the bathroom before, only this clear, non-smelling substance will surface. On the contrary, if your bladder is full, the old one will also escape at the same time (but it does not matter at all 😉).

How to squirt?

All women can be stimulated to have squirting . But it's not always easy… You have to have a full psychic disposition, have 100% confidence in your partner, who him.she must have THE technique. And this technique is not up to him to find alone, because it is unique to each person. If you know your own body, it can help a lot!

It may seem like a bit of a stretch, but hydrating yourself before will help create the liquid you want! You can also go to the bathroom first if leaking old urine bothers you. ☺️

Start by stimulating the clitoris . Then, with (one or two) fingers, stimulate the G-spot to increase the pressure on the skenes glands! Do circles, taps, the movement of the one who tells someone to come ...

If you are with a partner, the Piledriver position is the most effective!

Take all the time you need; come back to the clitoris if necessary, to the previous simulations if you wish, and don't forget the other erogenous zones...

If you have the impression of urinating; no panic, it works! 😉

Find your G-spot to squirt

Masturbating will help you get to know your body holistically; what you like, what you don't like, knowing where your clitoris is, how sensitive it is, how your vagina gets lubricated during stimulation ...

It is a true exploration of oneself! The important thing is to take time for yourself and enjoy it. ❤️

To find your G-spot , you can hook two fingers and tap on the area you are going to find first. At the same time, stroke the glans of your clitoris . 😉

If you are going to discover your G-spot for the first time, it is easier to find it with a suitable vibrator. Coco , our vibrator, allows double stimulation and its vibrating head is perfectly rounded to reach the G-spot!

📚 We let you turn to the book Women fountains & female ejaculation - Myths, controversies and realities, Sr Samuel Salama Dr Pierre Desvaux, Sylvie Nordheim to find out more!


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