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Dreaded passage in the life of a woman, menopause arrives with its share of physical and psychological upheavals . Hormonal changes and the deficiencies that accompany them can easily throw us off course . If we all live this period in our own way, we are each confronted with the transformations of our body. Fatigue, weakening of muscle mass, extra pounds, the silhouette and habits evolve little by little. How to reclaim it when we sometimes have trouble recognizing it? Don't panic, we tell you everything!

Take care of your body

Stock up on vitamins

Weight gain due to falling estrogen levels can invite old fears and set the stage for dieting and deprivation. The stress of these changes sets in and it is easy for us to oscillate between cuddly snacks and strict diets . Spoiler alert: this is not the path that leads to true self-love.

To fill the hormonal deficiencies and rebalance its relationship to food, we rather fill up with vitamins and antioxidants . Go on a hunt for omega 3 and vitamin D in particular. ☀️

Good news: sun-kissed, the Mediterranean diet is perfect for you. So, we indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables, good oils with Cretan salads, Lebanese hummus or Syrian mezze!

Filling up on calcium by eating almonds, cheese, spinach or even beans is also an excellent practice to adopt. You strengthen your bones and thus reduce the risk of osteoporosis. 💪

Find what moves us

What is the other classic recommendation after “eating well”? Yes, “having regular physical activity” is the key to re-taming your body after menopause.

Not only will moving allow you to make up for the loss of muscle mass, strengthen the heart and the bones , but also will give you back control over this body in full mutation. 😉

By opting for a varied activity in which you fully blossom, you become master of the situation again instead of remaining on the sidelines. Gentle gym, yoga, Pilates, hiking, etc., favor endurance and strengthening activities.

Hard to get started? Team up with a friend, join a class or hire a coach to boost your motivation. We promise you that once established, the habit of exercising will become a real daily pleasure! 🙌

Gently work on self-acceptance

Taking care of your body is a matter of course during the transition from menopause. Taking care of your mental health is a little less so. However, cultivating a relationship under the sign of love with oneself is essential. 💖

This phase of change can be experienced as a period of mourning for the body that we had at 20 or 30 years old . To go through it fully, you will need to arm yourself with acceptance, patience and kindness.

In order to change your perspective, we invite you to list the activities that make you feel good and fulfill you in order to incorporate them more into your daily life. Taking a step towards your well-being rather than going to war against the march of time is a crucial step in bringing self-love into your life. ✨

Finally, do not hesitate to be accompanied by one. and pro . A therapist can provide you with the resources and practices necessary to accommodate this change in the best conditions.

Take advantage of it to reinvent yourself

What if these body transformations were an invitation to reinvent yourself? Society invisibilizes postmenopausal women as if they no longer had any use. Wouldn't it be the permission that we dare not ask to go and meet the one we have become?

Let's get to know the smallest corners of this new morphology by rethinking your wardrobe, for example. Go for color in your accessories or worship the all-black look. Make this body your muse to have fun adorning it and adorning it according to your tastes. Fashion is an exceptional way to redefine yourself for yourself and by yourself. It can be an extraordinary gateway to self-acceptance.

Exploring one's body through masturbation is another way to regain it. Tame your feelings and treat yourself to pleasure just for you! This may also be the perfect time to offer yourself a sex toy and continue discovering your desires. Besides, we have prepared an article for you to love your sexuality after menopause , it's not there .

The period following menopause is the best time to learn to take care of yourself, to put your desires and desires in the forefront. By adopting a healthy lifestyle (the basics) and then working on self-love with a curious and playful spirit, we promise you that you will come out of it more assertive and powerful than ever . 😘


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