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As women, we have often been conditioned to put the needs of others before our own, sometimes to the detriment of our own well-being. However, taking time for yourself , even a few hours a week, is essential to strengthen our self-love and enjoy the pleasures of life. But how to do it ? We have not learned to prioritize our well-being and even less to plan moments just for us. Don't panic, here are some suggestions for solo dates to enjoy all year round!

The benefits of solo dates

Between personal to-do, work, family and the few commitments on the side, our days and weeks are often filled to the brim. We sometimes find ourselves dreaming of a cottage in the English countryside, a chalet without internet nestled on the side of a mountain or a humble hut on a pristine beach. 🌴

Taking time for yourself means opening an enchanted parenthesis in a very active life. Hitting the pause button may seem selfish at first, perhaps even impossible, but in reality, it is a necessity for our well-being.

Taking time to rest or explore an activity that thrills us is far from a waste of time. These moments spent dancing, cooking, visiting a museum are the secret to recharging your batteries. Spoiler alert: rest doesn't always mean sleep. 🍃

Changing scenery, embracing boredom, giving free rein to creativity are all practices that will bring rest to our always tense mind. So, instead of feeling guilty, let's view solo dates as an investment in our mental health and long-term well-being.

Finally, taking time for yourself is much more than just a luxury, it is a direct path to greater self-love. By allowing ourselves to reconnect with our needs and desires, we find the strength and confidence to follow our own path. A few hours a week can do wonders for self-confidence and independence. 💪

How to take time for yourself?

Ok, you are convinced by the importance of solo dates. But what can we do when our schedule barely leaves room for one-on-one time with our partner? The answer is in one word: plan.

First select an activity that you want, but which also takes you a little out of your comfort zone. How about replacing the series that you have already seen 3 times in its entirety with a film that interests you, or trying a new recipe rather than the traditional Wednesday evening couscous? The idea is to immerse yourself in something that makes you feel good and takes you out of everyday life. 🦄

Then, block this date on your calendar and treat it like a date with your best friend. Make sure you go there and give your all to the experience.

Finally, make this time with yourself a special occasion . Take the time to prepare carefully, choose clothes that make you feel powerful, and treat yourself with all the love and attention you deserve. 🌹

By investing in these precious solo moments, you strengthen your relationship with yourself and open the door to a world of possibilities for cultivating fulfilling, lasting self-love . To give you a little inspiration, we offer you ideas for solo dates whose themes are inspired by our Oracle . 🤩

21 ideas for solo dates

🚀 Action

Learn a new discipline
Whether it's learning Italian, the oboe, or the Japanese tea ceremony, spend time learning new skills in an area you've always wanted to do. Without pursuing a performance or return on investment objective, you will be able to enjoy the challenge and progress at your own pace. Each lesson Each step in this learning adventure will bring you closer to mastery, allowing you to flourish and discover new facets of yourself

Private dance lessons
Sign up for a solo dance class where you can explore your body expression without any inhibitions. This will allow you to connect with your body and feel the joy of moving freely.

Kickboxing session
Try a kickboxing class to release your stress and boost your self-confidence. You'll feel powerful and capable after channeling your energy into dynamic movements.

🧭 Discovery

Visit a museum or art gallery
Explore a museum or art gallery you've never visited before. Take the time to appreciate the artwork. You don't have to stop at each room and read the entire guide, on the contrary. Let yourself be guided by what catches your eye and awakens your emotions.

Excursion to an unknown area
Take a map of your city and explore an area of ​​your city that you don't know. Discover new cafes, shops and cityscapes to broaden your horizons. If you are in the countryside, try new paths around your home by walking from your house.

Exotic cooking workshop
Sign up for a cooking workshop to learn how to prepare dishes from a different culture. Discovering new flavors and culinary techniques can be an enriching and rewarding experience.

⚖️ Balance

Outdoor yoga
Practice yoga in a park or on the beach to reconnect with your body, your breathing and the nature around you. Yoga can help you find the balance between strength and flexibility, both physically and mentally.

Guided meditation
Give yourself time to meditate and focus on your inner self. Look for guided meditations online or use an app to guide you through a session. Simply try a few minutes of visualization or a breathing exercise and then notice how you feel.

Relaxing day
Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa to take care of your body and mind. Enjoy massages, thermal baths and other relaxing treatments to restore balance and revitalize your energy. No spa nearby? No problem, transform your bathroom into a treatment room. Exfoliation, mask, dry brushing, self-massage, do yourself some good!

🔮 Intuition

Take some time to write in a notebook and explore your deepest thoughts, emotions and aspirations. The act of writing can help you connect with your intuition and clarify your personal goals.

Walk in nature
Take a walk in nature and let your senses fill you with the beautiful things around you. Observe your surroundings, listen to the sounds of nature and follow the paths that call you. Keep a GPS handy all the same, it would be a shame to lose a solo date.

Card draw
Whether you are open to spirituality or simply curious about new practices of self-knowledge, you can try to draw the cards for yourself. Equipped with a tarot deck or an oracle , decipher the symbolism of the cards in a fun way and decode the messages from your unconscious.

✒️ Planning

Brainstorming session
Allocate time to brainstorm ideas and goals for your future life. Use a notebook or whiteboard to write down your thoughts and plans, focusing on what you want to achieve and how to get there.

Creating a vision board
Collect images, words and phrases that represent your aspirations and dreams, then create an inspiration collage. It's a great tool for not losing sight of what makes us tick and the life we ​​want to build.

Planning a Solo Getaway
Take the time to plan a solo getaway to a place you've always wanted to visit. A short trip to the south of France or a big trip to New York, whatever the ambition of the project! Organize your itinerary, book your accommodations and plan activities that will inspire and nourish you.

🔥 Pleasure

Nostalgia session
Whatever decade you were born, a little stroll down the boulevard of memories always feels good. Find cult films from your childhood, prepare a playlist of hits from your best evenings. Immerse yourself in this feeling of a carefree, play-filled era.

Reading marathon
Pick a stack of books you've always wanted to read and spend a day devouring your favorite novels. Lose yourself in imaginary worlds and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of reading.

Female masturbation
Take advantage of this solitary break to offer yourself a real moment of enjoyment . Slip into the mood with dim lighting, perhaps a playlist that tickles your fancy. Choose your favorite toy and let yourself be carried away by your imagination. You can also choose an erotic video or audio to inspire your pleasure. If you want to explore new sensations, why not take advantage of this solo date to test edging ?

🧭 Rest

Cocooning day at home
Give yourself a whole day to relax and take care of yourself at home. Take a relaxing bath, listen to soft music, read a good book and enjoy delicious meals prepared with love. Or, stay in your pajamas and get ragged all day, it's up to you!

Outdoor picnic
Prepare a delicious packed lunch with foods you love, cheese, fruit, fresh bread, and a bottle of wine or juice. Find a quiet spot in a park, sit down and enjoy your meal outdoors. Don't forget to take a good book or podcast to take a nap after your meal.

Free creativity session
Take a moment to express your creativity through a free artistic activity. Whether you like to draw, paint, create music, write or make something with your hands, dedicate time to this activity without constraint or pressure. Don't be afraid to be spontaneous and intuitive. This appointment just for you will allow you to relax and escape.

💫 Transformation

Self-portraiture is a great exercise to reclaim your image and fully express your personality. Dive into your wardrobe and create improbable looks. Enjoy wearing glamorous, artsy makeup or not wearing makeup at all. Find a location and nice lighting, then have fun shooting the portrait. You can look for reference and inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest beforehand. You will find makeup tutorials without any problem on YouTube. The objective is not to create a fashion shoot, but to find your inner child by putting yourself on stage.

Personal coaching session
Engage in a personal coaching session to explore your goals, challenges and opportunities for growth. Work with a coach to identify areas of your life you want to transform and develop an action plan to achieve your goals.

Wellness retreat
Participate in a wellness retreat focused on personal transformation, with workshops, meditation sessions, personal development exercises, and other activities designed to help you thrive and evolve into your best self.

We hope that these few suggestions will have made you want to take some time for yourself. There are no rules for solo time, you don't have to follow activities traditionally associated with well-being. No one is there to judge you, so take advantage of these moments of intimacy with yourself to please yourself. And to continue in style, we offer you 4 self-care resolutions to make throughout the year. 😘


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