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Using a vibrator for the first time can be an exciting and liberating experience. It is an investment. An investment in well-being. And this is essential.
It's time to put aside the preconceptions, myths, taboos and guilt surrounding female pleasure . Female masturbation , long decried, is increasingly becoming a powerful tool for self-affirmation and fulfillment for many women. This step-by-step guide takes you through all the steps to using a vibrator for the first time, as well as our experts' top tips for maximizing your pleasure. It's time to take back the power over your body and embark on the adventure of your life.

  1. What are the different types of vibrators?
  2. How to choose the right vibrator?
  3. How to stimulate yourself with a vibrator?
  4. Vibrator alone or as a couple?

What are the different types of vibrators?

Vibrators have come a long way over time. Increasingly efficient and original, vibrators can be grouped into three categories. These categories basically depend on the role they play.

The external clitoral stimulator

Some vibrators are primarily intended for external stimulation . They have vibrations specially designed to stimulate the outer part of the clitoris. Adored when it comes to solo pleasure, clitoral stimulators can also be very useful with a partner. Stimulating the outer part of the clitoris during intercourse can be extremely pleasant. Their lightweight size makes them easy to handle in the heat of battle.

The vaginal, internal clitoral stimulator

Other vibrators are intended for internal stimulation , through interior, vaginal penetration . Vibrators used to experience internal clitoral stimulation, or G-spot , are usually curved vibrators that can deliver a variety of vibration intensity directly inside your vagina and thus stimulate the branches of the clitoris.

The mixed vibrator

For those who don't want to be limited in their options, there are mixed vibrators . They are flexible vibrators that allow you to change the shape of the toy to find what best suits your anatomy. They can be used for both internal and external stimulation. Mixed vibrators are another way to increase the pleasure tenfold.

How to choose the most suitable vibrator?

Because we are all unique and our relationship to pleasure varies, every woman should have the vibrator she needs. The vibrator your friend is praising might turn out to be disappointing for you. In reality, the choice of a vibrator is very personal. So remember to choose your new companion according to the stimulation and the sensations you are looking for. “Powerful” encourages women to discover themselves in order to flourish. Here are 3 questions to ask yourself before buying a vibrator for the first time.

What do you want him to do?

Although you have the best performing vibrator, it can be difficult to start using it if you don't know what you like! It is therefore recommended to explore your body and your sensations to choose the most suitable vibrator for you. Feel free to spend time navigating the different pleasure zones of your body . Masturbation may be one of the ways to achieve this. Once you've established what feels good to you, whether it's internal stimulation, external stimulation, or even both, you're ready to begin the process of buying your vibrator.

How big is the vibrator?

It may sound silly, but judging the size of a vibrator isn't always easy, especially when shopping for your vibrator online. Check the measurements on the product description, and if this is your first time buying a vibrator, take a tape measure and find a product in your home that has the same dimensions.

What material is used to design it?

Remember to check the composition of your vibrator to make sure it does not contain allergens . Then, how is it powered: by recharging or by battery ? It's also worth making sure it's waterproof .

If you still can't decide, dare to make a blind choice! Masturbation with a vibrator can also be a way to discover or rediscover your body and your desires. When blind testing your new vibrator, two things can happen. Or, you might love it. Either, you could discover that it is not the one that gives you the most pleasure and direct you to another. It's a normal process. In any case, you will know a little more about yourself and your pleasure and that is the goal.

How to stimulate yourself with a vibrator?

Sometimes we don't dare vibrators for fear of being disappointed, but in reality we have to make sure we use it the right way. If you are using a vibrator for the first time, here are some suggestions of the best tips for maximum pleasure.

Create the right atmosphere

Before using a vibrator , consider creating the perfect vibe for you. This is a wonderful date with yourself, why not prepare it in advance? You can take a bath, listen to a song that stimulates you or simply light some candles. You can try your first experience (and all others) with a vibrator wherever you want. The most important thing is to stay relaxed. Full body relaxation creates arousal and both of these sensations are essential to feeling pleasure.

Make sure your vibrator is charged

If there's one detail that can be frustrating when it comes to masturbation, it's a discharged vibrator or a vibrator with a dead battery. If your vibrator is powered by batteries, remember to use new batteries while having reserves in a drawer of your dresser. If, on the contrary, it is rechargeable, make sure that it is fully charged. If your body is relaxed and your vibrator is charged, pleasure will come naturally.

Take the time to discover yourself

It's understandable to feel a little anxious when exploring yourself solo, but don't be afraid to take it slow and find what feels good to you. There are no particular recommendations as to which position to adopt and it is entirely at your discretion. After turning on your vibrator, use its powerful vibrations on the muscles of your whole body to release tension before slowly descending in rotation all around the clitoris.

The objective of these gestures is to stimulate the erogenous zones . Once you've become familiar with this new sensation, hold your vibrator against your clitoris and do whatever moves feel good. You can run your vibrator along the clitoral hood or tap it against the glans (head) of the clitoris. You can also make circular motions or just hold it in place, pressed against the clitoris or vulva area. Vibrators by their vibrating effect are excellent clitoral stimulators . Depending on how your vibrator is set up, you can also use it to stimulate the inner part of your clitoris, by inserting it into your vagina. By learning how to properly use a vibrator, you will see that these devices have a lot to offer in terms of female pleasure. Remember to take all the time you need to enjoy the process.

Coco will allow you to discover your pleasures thanks to its versatility. It stimulates the glans of the clitoris thanks to its vibrating membrane which perfectly imitates suction, as well as the G-spot with its vibrating head! Foldable, each part can be stimulated independently or at the same time! It was created in such a way as to give you time to have fun and discover your desires step by step!

Be creative and vary the pleasures

Keep in mind that most vibrators come with multiple settings and can only please you in certain settings. However, you will only know if you try. Play with different techniques, positions and settings . A single vibrator can provide different sensations. For example , lying on your stomach or on your back changes the feelings. Similarly, changing surroundings can be stimulating. The majority of vibrators have a waterproof system and it's not for nothing! The possibilities are limitless.

Vibrator alone or as a couple?

When we talk about the subject of vibrators, many questions arise. These questions are really about their usefulness. Used solo , the vibrator is an adventure to discover yourself and your desires. The different types of vibrators are designed and improved to understand what some call the complexity of female pleasure. Once you know how it works, female pleasure is no longer a myth but a destination to be embraced. Does the vibrator have a place in a couple ? Absolutely ! Recent studies have found that nearly half of couples use at least one type of vibrator in the bedroom . This success is not without reason. Vibrators can improve the quality of orgasms for women and men, help partners reconnect, and even contribute to better overall physical and mental health. Using a vibrator as a couple is a good idea and its choice must be made in an informed manner after discussing the expectations of each partner.


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