A multitude of factors influence libido, one part is hormonal while the other depends on the context. Hormones naturally impact libido , as their purpose is to prepare the body for childbearing. Understanding the fluctuations of desire through your menstrual cycle offers a reading grid that allows you to better communicate with your partner. It's also an opportunity to break the taboo around a libido that must always be on top.

The impact of hormones on sexuality

The three main hormones that affect our cycle are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone . Yes, testosterone is not only reserved for the male sex! 💪

Estrogens are involved in cervical mucus (also called "white discharge"), on the texture and temperature of the cervix and on the regeneration of the uterine lining .

Progesterone works to close the cervix, prevent further ovulation and create a cozy environment if you are pregnant.

Finally, testosterone is responsible for conditioning the libido , it triggers more desire as ovulation approaches.

These hormones also play a key role in lubrication and therefore greatly facilitate pleasure during sex.💦

During a transition , taking anti-androgenic or anti-estrogenic hormone treatment also has a direct influence on the fluctuation of desire.

The evolution of the libido over the phases of the cycle

The rules

According to a 2003 study by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, 62% of women surveyed experience a spike in libido during menstruation . At first glance, this may seem strange, because the body is no longer willing to accommodate a fetus.

However, the testosterone level intensifies little by little. According to recent research, this hormone is largely responsible for the increase in libido during menstrual periods. ⚡ This increase influences sexual energy and the desire returns after the post-ovulatory phase.

Conversely, some have a low libido because of the physical and physiological symptoms of menstruation. The mood is unstable, the lower back pulls, and the uterus is in self-destruction mode. But did you know that masturbation and intercourse during menstruation have a downright beneficial effect on these symptoms? We tell you everything in this article on the benefits of pleasure during menstruation.

The follicular phase

It is during this phase that we feel the most attractive and the most confident. The body prepares for ovulation and sexual desire increases. 🔥🔥

The estrogen level increases which thickens the endometrium, the desire for sexual intercourse begins to be felt.


A few days before the ovulatory phase, there is a peak in estrogen and testosterone . During this period, the body gives everything it has to give you a burning desire to make love.

Warn your partner or get ready for a solo pleasure session, it's the perfect time to let all your sexual energy shine!

The luteal phase

Progesterone continues to rise during this phase. It prepares the uterus and endometrium for implantation of a fertilized egg . If you don't get pregnant, the hormone gives up until the next cycle.

During this period, the libido tends to drop, especially if one suffers from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) or dysphoric disorders. Hypersensitivity, pain and stress have a major impact on sex life and often call for rest.

Follow your cycle to better understand your sexual desire

The phases described in this article are only indicative and are in no way the norm. Each menstruating person has their own menstrual cycle and desire fluctuations. This is why studying the different phases and taking notes over several cycles is important.

🔍 By observing your cycle , you will learn to detect changes in mood and libido and thus be able to be more in tune with yourselves . There are a multitude of applications such as Clue or Flo to keep track of it. You can also play it old school with a dedicated notebook that you fill in every day.

Gather the following data to gain a better understanding and acceptance of how your body works.

  • general mood
  • physical symptoms
  • desire level
  • if sexual intercourse, note your appreciation

The link between the menstrual cycle and libido is very close. Understanding it and observing yourself allows you to be closer to your health , but also to learn to accept yourself a little more each day. Other factors influence desire such as the level of stress, self-confidence or even contraception. We remind you, there are no rules or standards when it comes to sexuality. The only thing that really matters is being comfortable and having fun without compromise. 💕


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