Since its discovery, the G-spot has been subject to many debates about its true existence and beliefs about its shape and stimulation.

In this article, we tell you everything about this erogenous zone; how to find it, stimulate it alone or with his/her partner, what sensations it will give you, and finally which vibrators to use to stimulate this pleasure zone.

  1. What is the G-spot?
  2. How to find your G-spot?;
  3. How to help his or her partner to find it?
  4. Does the G-spot cause an orgasm?
  5. The positions of the Kamasutra special point G
  6. Which vibrators stimulate the G-spot?

What is the G-spot?

It was Ernst Gräfenberg, a German sexologist, who proclaimed his discovery in the 1950s and gave him his initial in 1981. The G-spot , this erogenous zone which hides at the entrance to the vagina in women, often on the wall earlier , is debated between scientists and sexologists. Some tend to think that the G-spot is just a myth, but isn't it ultimately also a victim of taboos? As a reminder, the clitoris, an organ exclusively dedicated to female pleasure, was discovered in 1559, forgotten until 1968, and for good reason, the repression of masturbation and female pleasure! This organ exclusively dedicated to pleasure continues today to be discovered and re-studied by scientists. If this much more than erogenous zone has not finished revealing its secrets to us, its effects, scientists believe that in fact… the clitoris and the G-spot are the same !

Moreover, if the studies of the G zone still remain without concrete answers, the sensations and the way of stimulating its erogenous zones remain specific to each woman.

If some research still doubts the existence of the G-spot, the best way to know its existence is to check for yourself! Because ultimately knowing whether the G-spot exists or not is not the problem. The only thing to remember is that it's another way to stimulate the clitoris, and why not reach orgasm (but as a reminder, this is not the ultimate goal)❤️

To understand G-spot stimulation, you must first know that the clitoris actually extends more internally than externally. We can even speak of female erection during excitement ; with a glans, a foreskin and a hood, it functions in the same way as a penis for men… And the visible surface represents only 1/4 of its entirety! Just like in men, erection in women will swell the clitoris, which will thus be reachable from the vagina; it's the G-spot 😉 This very innervated fibrous nucleus is located on the anterior wall of the vagina . 🙌

👇  Here, our tips for finding, stimulating and enjoying your G-spot👇

How to find your G-spot?

Masturbation will help you first of all to get to know your G-spot, to explore your sexuality in general. It is indeed the best method to (re)discover and know your body!

The best advice we can give you is to put yourself at ease. Finding yourself alone will allow you to take your time to stimulate pleasure. 🥰 With your fingers or whatever you like, in the position that suits you. Do not have the primary goal of reaching orgasm directly. Have your personal pleasure and your health as your main objective.

Masturbate the way you like to get you excited! You can start for example by massaging your lips with your fingers in order to reach the bulbs of the internal part of the clitoris. Then describe circles thanks to the pressure of your fingers on the glans. When you feel ready, gently insert a finger or two in a hook about 2 or 5 centimeters on the anterior wall of the vagina, and simultaneously stimulate the G-zone and the glans of the clitoris! Each body is different, there is no specific route to access it 😌 Its location varies according to women. Fingers hooked, simply tap by putting sources of pressure in different places, until you find the (or even the) zone(s). You can also perform circular or lateral movements… the variations are endless ! Don't forget to lubricate, with this lub' for example 💧

You can also use a vibrator designed for G-spot stimulation . The Coco is perfectly adapted to this area thanks to its vibrating head 💓

Little extra: Men also have a G-spot (or P-spot)! It is stimulated by anal stimulation since it is close to the prostate 😉

How to help his or her partner to find it?

Finding your G-spot alone first gives you an advantage so you can then guide your partner! But this one can also help you look for it… Looking for it with a partner when you make love is quite possible! A lover listening to your feelings when you are lying on your back, knees bent, feet flat; with the fingers, the procedure is the same. 👌 Many ways are also possible to reach it during your sexual intercourse. Certain positions of the Kamasutra make it easy to reach during penetration. 😉

(Reminder: don't forget to urinate after your sexual activities)

To help his or her partner locate your G-spot, the first key, and this, as in any sexual relationship, is communication . Take the time you need to talk about it, communicate your feelings, learn together and then put it into practice. Share with your lover your masturbation discovery and explain what the G-spot is, how you found it, in which position(s) and what effect(s) its stimulation had on you . Together, take your time❤️

Does the G-spot cause an orgasm?

We often differentiate between “vaginal orgasm” and “ clitoral orgasm ”. However, as we have seen above, the clitoris is linked to the vagina. All female orgasms come from the clitoris! Stimulation is different, and orgasm from external stimulation may be easier for many women. Just like sexual preferences, the intensity of orgasm depends on each person; some will have more sensations by stimulation of the glans of the clitoris, others by that of the G-spot. However, the sensation is beautiful and very different.

But let's not forget that orgasm does not only depend on the stimulation created. Your psychological state, the level of your libido , the environment in which you are, your health always come into play. There is no magic formula or secret to reaching seventh heaven. That's why it shouldn't be the primary goal! Let yourself go without any pressure. 🥰

The positions of the Kamasutra special point G

During your sexual intercourse with your partner(s), it is also possible to stimulate the G-spot thanks to the different Kamasutra positions !

Turn your back to your partner and lean forward, leaning on his legs; the proud queen will be a perfect position to stimulate the G-spot.

It is also possible to stimulate the G-spot in doggy style , since the penis thus more easily reaches the upper part of the vagina. 🤯

You or your partner can simultaneously stimulate the outer part of the clitoris to promote sensations at the G-spot, double stimulation is quite possible.

Which vibrators stimulate the G-spot?

What could be better than choosing a double stimulator to vary the pleasures? This is what Coco allows thanks to its suction part which will stimulate your clitoris and allow penetration with its vibrating part which reaches the G-spot very well . Since it is foldable, it best adapts to different body types! Thus, its versatility allows you to take time for yourself and explore your body in different ways. 💙

Vibrators specially designed for G-spot stimulation exist. They can be small but effective; it's not the size that matters. 😉 They come in a curved shape to tickle the upper wall of the vagina. 🤩 Specially designed to help you in the search for your anatomy, these vibrators are used in a gentle way; you can switch on the vibration modes, or simply describe pressures thanks to rocking movements or back and forth with it! Some offer the activation of oscillation modes. 🙂 The G-spot becomes more and more sensitive with stimulation , so don't give up!

If you are a fan of using vibrators during sex with your partner, you can use a vibrating cock ring . It fits around the penis of the male partner and vibrates! You can also place it on your fingers. 👌 And, once again, anything that vibrates stimulates the glans of the clitoris!

Curved sex toys exist and can take the most suitable form for stimulating your G-spot. Stimulate it with movements that you perform manually.


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