There was a time not so long ago when women were legally considered minors . They passed from the responsibility of their father to that of their husband. Seduction and marriage were then a question of material and social survival , much more than a game to find the person with whom to flourish. Fortunately, our condition has evolved, thank you feminism. We have more autonomy than we have ever had before. Despite this progress, codes of seduction can sometimes seem stuck in the past , especially when it comes to heterosexual relationships. In this article, let's explore together how to reinvent these codes to promote authentic, egalitarian relationships, and above all full of fun!


Addressing the great myths of flirting

Cliché #1: Remain passive

The obsolete rule
The man takes the first step, he chooses the meeting places, and it is up to him to put a label on the relationship. We have long been taught that women should stay in the background , waiting patiently to be wooed. Their partner had the choice between several companions and enjoyed the luxury of selection. This passive waiting has often limited opportunities for authentic connections.

The Powerful Alternative

Taking initiative is cool! Women have the power to express their feelings and initiate relationships . This allows them to show their commitment to others and opens the way to more egalitarian and meaningful exchanges.

Cliché #2: Cultivate mystery

The obsolete rule
It is said that maintaining a veil of mystery over your emotions, your thoughts and your daily life is the key to seduction. OK, even if it gives us a femme fatale aura for a while, playing the enigmatic can usually lead to misunderstandings and relationships that remain on the surface of things. The other clings to a manufactured image of us , perhaps too smooth and he or she does not have the opportunity to discover the cool and imperfect person that we really are.

The Powerful Alternative

Dare to be yourself. Showing your true personality from the start creates a solid foundation for natural conversations. It's like you're allowing someone to read the truest, deepest chapters of your life. This approach creates a space where both partners can express themselves, without fear of judgment. Bonus: being without a filter also allows you to sort through meetings and only keep the good vibes. 🌈

Cliché #3: Playing gendered roles

The obsolete rule
The man pays the bill, the woman must be flirtatious and dependent on male advances. She should not eat too much in restaurants, drink too many beers or laugh too loudly. These gendered roles are clearly a barrier to true connection and limit spontaneity. 🎭

The Powerful Alternative

The first step is to realize that we play roles in order to get rid of them. A little introspection is sometimes necessary to take a step back from the codes that we have unwittingly integrated. Once it's done, give free rein to your talents as a seducer or not. Seduction can be an equal playing field where both partners contribute, make decisions, and actively participate in the creation of a relationship where everyone finds themselves there. 🤝

Cliché #4: Avoid Difficult Topics

The obsolete rule
Looking cool and “no fuss” is the best way to seduce a partner. Women have a reputation for being complicated, which is why staying on the surface of the conversation is recommended. However, limiting the depth of exchanges prevents us from benefiting from the richness of the encounter. Plus, trying to look cool takes way too much mental load. We're all naturally cool, right? 😎

The Powerful Alternative

Dare to dive deep! Discussing difficult subjects in the first meetings allows you to open a window on vulnerability. Spoiler alert: it is precisely in vulnerability that we can forge authentic bonds with other people. It works just as well for meeting the love of your life as for a one-night stand. Expressing your opinions, sharing your experiences, and listening to those of others lays the foundations for an exchange based on understanding and respect for differences. The real power lies in the ability to navigate together through sometimes complex topics like wanting children, mental health, sexual preferences, and more.

Cliché #5: Focus on appearance

The obsolete rule
The media and culture instill in us from a young age that physical beauty is the ultimate criterion of seduction. Women are under overwhelming social pressure to meet unrealistic aesthetic standards. We are offered strict diets galore, anti-aging creams, not to mention excessive digital retouching. We also think of dating sites which display photos leaving a small space for the description. Enough to create a climate of flirtation where the first impressions during a meeting are made on appearance to the detriment of the true essence of the person.

The Powerful Alternative

The truth ? You never know what someone else might like. Trying to comply with standards is therefore a waste of time. The real charm lies in self-confidence, emotional intelligence and the ability to set healthy boundaries. We have the power to redefine beauty standards, embracing our individuality and rejecting those pressures that don't belong to us. Physical attraction always plays a role in dating, but let's not let it be the only criterion. 💋


Do we really need seduction?

Is seducing an essential step in meeting romantic or sexual encounters? This is not the case in friendships, so why require flirting when it comes to romance?

Seduction is a bit like a spice in a recipe: it can enhance the taste of life, bring a spicy note to our interactions. Some find it a source of excitement, a way to create a light and playful atmosphere. 🌶️

However, this does not mean that seduction is an obligation. Everyone has the right to define their own rules of the game . While some women enjoy being seduced and enjoy the game of chivalry, others feel more comfortable with a more direct approach , without artifice or subterfuge.

The key is to recognize that we have the power to choose. 💪

Whether we decide to explore the nuances of seduction or embark on the path of total transparency, the important thing is to act according to our desires . The idea is to make the most of each encounter and then see where it leads.

Cultivate authentic relationships

To build an authentic connection, it is essential to gain confidence in yourself and explore what you really like. Saying “come as you are” may seem cliché, but it’s the only real secret to a successful relationship.

Let's start by freeing ourselves from the belief that simply being ourselves isn't enough. In reality, it’s the best version of ourselves that we can offer to someone else. This means recognizing and accepting our passions, values, and eccentricities . Let's take the time to know ourselves deeply, to understand what drives us. 🔥

Also, let's not underestimate the power of kindness towards ourselves. Let us grant ourselves compassion and love, because self-confidence grows in this fertile soil. Building an authentic connection starts with genuinely connecting with yourself . It is by embracing who we truly are that we can build relationships that resonate with our true essence.

This is how we will be able to share delicious moments with those who appreciate our unique flavor. 🌟

Whether you prefer to have a laugh with friends before going further or go all out on the first night, it's up to you to decide! Seduction should be a game and not a necessary step to flourish as a couple. Ready to go further with your date? We suggest you try masturbation as a couple . And yes, we’re like that at Puissante. 😘


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