Menstruation, for many women, results in pain and discomfort. Also called dysmenorrhea, these pains are accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms. In order to alleviate them, some women take drugs prescribed by gynecologists. Others resort to natural treatments known as “grandmother's recipes” to heal themselves.

A study was conducted in 2020 by manufacturers of sex toys and a brand of menstruation products. She revealed that masturbation has a relieving effect on menstrual pain . This article will focus on this practice during menstruation and its effects.

Can you masturbate during your period?

From the outset, the answer to this question is yes. Masturbating during menstruation is one of the most natural practices. The blood leaking from your intimacy is anything but dirty. It's blood like it might flow from other parts of the body. Masturbating during your period is meant to make you feel good. You will feel as much pleasure as you had without the rules.

Assume that having your period is natural. You will have to detach yourself from the feeling of shame due to the erroneous belief that periods are dirty. It is nothing but one of the manifestations of the normal functioning of the female organism .

Hormones can stimulate sexual desires , this is what is rightly noticed in some women.

Precautions to take when masturbating during menstruation

Although it is not problematic, masturbation at the time of menses cannot be done without precautions. Already, it is recommended to put on a towel before lying down. The chosen surface will therefore not be stained with blood.

Also, it is preferable to remove its protection. Whether it's a tampon, menstrual cup or sanitary napkin, you'll be more comfortable if you take them off.

But this is not a mandatory rule! Some women masturbate without removing their menstrual protection , which is fine with them. Depending on your preferences, you will choose!

You can use protections on your vibrators if you wish with a condom for example.

If you prefer to use them without a condom, it doesn't seem dangerous at all. All you have to do is wash the vibrator properly after the act ! The silicone ones are easy to clean and do not stain! Most are waterproof; Coco is . 😉 So you can wash it with water with a specific cleaner. 🧴

The use of lubricant at the time of menstrual masturbation may be necessary. In these moments, you are already naturally lubricated. But this lubrication, in some cases, proves to be insufficient. Generally, you will not need to put a large amount.

During your period, you can also masturbate in the shower 🚿 In addition to the pleasure you will derive from it, know that it is not recommended to send water directly into the vagina! The vagina is not a place to receive water for any enema.

If you have sex with a partner during your period, it is recommended to take precautions! Infections are transmitted more easily in this context. The risks of pregnancy are also real during menses, relatively small, but real.

Can you use a vibrator during menstruation?

As it was said previously, the period of the menses is not incompatible with the fact of giving oneself pleasure. Therefore, as much as you can masturbate, as much as you can do with a vibrator. in full rules. Using a vibrator during the menstrual cycle will not harm your health.

Depending on the type of vibrator you use , you will necessarily have different arrangements to make. Be reassured as long as the desire is present, there is no harm in doing yourself good 😉

Vibrators used during menstruation can be those that only stimulate the clitoris . Since the blood flow comes from the vagina, many women stick to clitoral stimulation . This organ being that of female pleasure, you will have no trouble feeling satisfaction 🥰

For those who enjoy masturbation that includes penetration, inserting a sex toy into your vagina during your period will do you no harm. This could be tricky if you can't stand the contact with your bloodstream. Do not force and above all listen to your body. The purpose of using a vibrator is to give you satisfaction. Things should happen naturally.

Coco adapts to your desires thanks to its versatility! Internal and/or external stimulation, it is flexible; it is you who choose according to your mood of the moment T!

Do not neglect hygiene if you use a vibrator during your period! Before and after use, make sure to wash it properly (even during periods without rules 😌 ). Thus, you protect your body from infections.

How can masturbation relieve menstrual pain?

A study was conducted by Womanizer, a sex-toy manufacturer, and Lunacopine, which specializes in menstrual protection. This study focuses on "menstruation", a fusion of the words menstruation and masturbation. She revealed that masturbation relieves menstrual pain .

The study conducted on more than 400 participants showed that in three months of masturbation, the pain due to menstruation was alleviated. The vast majority admitted that when masturbating, menstrual pain is felt less strongly. People who have had this experience advise giving themselves pleasure during menstruation. A percentage of 85% of these ladies confided that they continue the practice even after the experience.

Participants saw positive results fairly quickly. After a month of masturbating at a stable frequency, they find that they have less painful periods .

The study also revealed that the frequency of cramps decreased as well as menstrual pain sensations.

How is it possible ?

Dopamine , called the pleasure hormone, is released in the body during orgasms and even while you masturbate. This has the effect of providing a feeling of comfort. In other words, orgasm has a relaxing effect. This is what causes the decrease in menstrual pain. At the same time, other mechanisms relating to increased blood circulation contribute to cooling menstrual pain.

At the moment of orgasm, certain muscles contract and then relax, and thus have a calming effect on pain.

Hormones like endorphin and oxytocin are also involved in the pain relief mechanism.

The effects of endorphins are related to the feeling of menstrual pain. When released, it helps to decrease prostaglandin. The latter, although useful for the body, can cause pain. Indeed, in case of excess prostaglandin, the cramps will be stronger and the periods are accompanied by diarrhea, vomiting. Therefore, the reduction of prostaglandin by endorphin helps to decrease period discomfort.

The oxytocin produced after an orgasm helps to lower cortisol. Cortisol is the molecule responsible for anxiety. The action of oxytocin helps the body to relax. The impact on menstrual discomfort is immediate.

How to masturbate during your period?

Before starting the act, make sure you are properly lubricated, otherwise the door is open to friction. It will only cause you discomfort, and that's not the point.

To masturbate during menstruation, identify your sensitive points and stimulate them!

You can start with the breasts , the thighs; stimulate the lower abdomen as well. Then, consider gradually descending to the level of the clitoris. Just by properly stimulating the clitoris, you will be able to reach orgasm. It is the very source of female pleasure. Give yourself time to explore all of these parts.

Using sex toys to masturbate is also a nice option. These little sex tools are good companions to help you enjoy your period . Don't forget that with nothing but your fingers, enjoyment is possible. Explore yourself to find out your preferences and take your time!

During menstruation, anal masturbation can be a good palliative for vaginal penetration. Some people even find ultimate satisfaction in it. However, what is delicate with this technique is that you have to be very careful from a hygienic point of view.


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