In France, female masturbation is still associated with many taboos , associating it with menstruation then seems to cast a shadow of double shame on the practice of masturbation during menstruation . Can we masturbate during menstruation is perhaps a question that has crossed your mind. The proof of the lack of education around these two subjects of health and sexuality. Powerful is there to reassure you: masturbation and menstruation are completely compatible and even recommended!

Can you practice masturbation during your period?

The answer is YES! The practice of masturbation is not contraindicated during this period of your menstrual cycle. 🙌

Many menstruating people take a break from sexuality during the few days of their period. They stop having sex with their partner as well as masturbating.

The symptoms that follow PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), the pain of menstrual cramps and unstable mood are often obstacles to exploring your body.

However, masturbating during your period has multiple benefits and it is quite possible to do yourself good in complete serenity.

How to masturbate during period?

Avoid tasks when there is penetration

One of the main reasons for this truce in sexuality is the fear of getting blood everywhere during our solo antics. We totally understand, blood stains, it takes a long time to get rid of and it's not the first thing you think of after having fun.

If you want to stimulate your G-spot and love penetration, you can apply these few stratagems to protect your sheets.

For example, prepare a dark-colored towel to slip under your buttocks or belly. Fold it in half or in thirds to make sure the blood doesn't cross over to your bed or couch.

Masturbation in the shower is also a great way to have fun in complete serenity. 🚿 As a bonus, enjoy the ultra-cool spray action on your clitoris . We tell you more about the joys of the shower in this article dedicated to female masturbation.

Masturbating without penetration: hello clitoris

The clitoris is the center of pleasure thanks to its thousands of nerve endings . Contrary to popular belief, it is an organ that extends all around the genitals. Its stimulation is the key to orgasm for a majority of people.

Good news: you can ride the wave of enjoyment by wearing protection, whether cup or tampon. 😉

Sex toys are great allies to increase pleasure tenfold . Clitoral stimulators by suction or vibration guide you to seventh heaven even during your period.

At Puissant, we decided not to compromise and offer you both! So you have the choice between a vibrating tip or a head that acts like a suction vibrator . 🔥

Our Coco sex toy lets you control the intensity you want with several vibration and suction modes.

The benefits of masturbation at the start of the menstrual cycle

The analgesic effects of pleasure on menstrual cramps no longer need to be proven. So much so that masturbation during menstruation has become for some a serious alternative to painkillers like paracetamol.

A study conducted by the Womanizer sex toy brand and the Lunacopine cup brand in collaboration with a sexologist has demonstrated the powerful effect of masturbation on pain. 70% of participants said that masturbating regularly was a way to relieve painful symptoms associated with the onset of menstruation.

Yes, the frequency would have an impact on your life during the menstrual phase!

Treating yourself, taking care of yourself and avoiding painful periods is great, but how does it actually work?

🔎 Enjoyment helps release endorphins which are the hormones associated with relaxation and well-being . They are therefore our besties to fight against pain in the breasts, the intensity of cramps in the lower abdomen, but also on menstrual fatigue and mood.

Pleasure alone also activates the production of dopamine , which is rightly nicknamed the “pleasure hormone”. It also plays a role in general relaxation and pain management .

Although orgasm allows the optimal release of these molecules, it is in no way the objective of an onanism session. Pleasure is enough on its own to transport you to a more pleasant and fun world during your period.

In summary, if masturbation during your period tempts you: let's go! 😎 You will thus benefit from its many positive effects on the body as well as on the mind. You'll also potentially experience more intense orgasms, as libido skyrockets during this phase of the menstrual cycle. You now have all the information to take the test with confidence. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised . ❤️


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