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Menstruation is still a very taboo subject in our society. Heir to centuries of stigma , menstruation is often seen as dirty and shameful . As proof: in the wonderful world of sanitary protection, blood is replaced by a blue liquid . It is therefore no surprise that making love during your period is not obvious to everyone. However, having fun at this time of the month is possible, but above all super beneficial . In this article, we smash the received ideas around intercourse during your menstrual period to live your sexuality even more fully!

Sex on your period is dirty

We would have to write a book in several volumes to trace the history of stigma around menstruation. Yes, menstruation is linked to countless preconceived ideas and superstitions in all cultures.

The most common is insalubrity , the menstruating person is "indisposed" during the menstrual phase of his cycle. These conditionings make the sight of blood a brake on the libido . Penetration is compromised and cunnilingus then becomes unsavory.

However, there is nothing impure in blood. When we understand that it is a social construct, we perceive it more as a completely natural bodily fluid . It emanates from our own body and does not carry more or less toxins than love juice.

If you want to take full advantage of your sexuality during your period, reconciling with your cycle can be an avenue to explore to better accept your own fluids. 💖

This can go through:

  • switch to the menstrual cup to see the amount of blood passed and be in contact with
  • follow its cycle over the weeks to understand the importance it has on our health
  • having sex in the shower
  • discuss with his or her partner your perception of sex during menstruation

The risks of sex during your period

Menstruating people often impose a truce of enjoyment during menstruation for fear of the risks associated with sexual intercourse.

On the one hand for fear of getting pregnant . In theory, the risk of pregnancy is reduced around the time of menstruation , as they appear about 14 days after ovulation. We are therefore no longer fertile at the time of menstruation. However, each person has their own menstrual cycle and ovulation can sometimes happen quickly at the end of the period. Maintaining daily contraception is strongly recommended to reduce the risk of becoming pregnant.

On the other hand because of the blood which facilitates the transmission of STDs and STIs . In this case, the precautions are the same as for your daily sexuality. If you and your partner are untested or in a non-exclusive relationship, wear condoms . This is the surest way to guard against disease transmission.

Making love during menstruation is complicated

Complicated is not the term. But, we agree: sex during your period takes a bit of preparation.

Having a dark towel handy and removing your tampon or protection beforehand are the traditional steps before indulging in pleasure without sacrificing your sheets.

🎉 Good news: brands are now creating protections that allow you to make love without being afraid to put it everywhere. For example, the Ziggy Cup from Intimia is a menstrual cup specially designed for intercourse. Different brands have also specialized in the design of sponge tampons that stay in place at the bottom of the vagina during intercourse. When technology is at the service of our sex life, we love it!

Finally, do not forget that pleasure is not limited to penetration . Period is the perfect time to get creative if you don't want to stain the sheets. Cunnilingus, anal penetration, sensory stimulation, role-playing, etc., follow your desires and explore new territories of enjoyment. 🧭

Bonus: the benefits of sex during menstruation

Besides being safe, having sex during your period has a lot of cool benefits . 😍

Among them, the reduction of menstrual pain . We already told you about it in our article on the benefits of female masturbation . Pleasure has a powerful analgesic effect on the body through the release of endorphins . We therefore strongly encourage you to treat cramps naturally through masturbation or sexual intercourse.

Our libido is also in great shape during this period of the cycle. Hormone production undergoes a drastic change. After a slightly down phase during PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome), it begins to rise sharply. In addition, the sensitivity to pleasure is increased thanks to the influx of blood. As well enjoy !

We hope that these few tips will help you dismantle the taboos surrounding sex during your period. Visit our blog to find all our articles on periods and libido .


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