We can at some point in our existence have intimate problems. Among them, appears that of female lubrication . Fortunately, it is not an end in itself. Caused by many factors of various kinds, there are a lot of solutions to overcome vaginal dryness. Here is a file that gives you some information related to this problem.

Female lubrication and vaginal dryness, what is the link?

Female humidification is a liquid that is naturally produced to moisturize the vagina . The quantity can be substantial during the phases of ovulation and at the time of intercourse due to excitement . Vaginal dryness is linked to female lubrication since it is the direct consequence of the latter's absence. 

Indeed, women who have it can no longer produce enough fluids to keep their vaginal walls hydrated. It is important that you know that the lack of vaginal lubricants is not necessarily due to dryness. Depending on the case and the circumstances, the origins are different.

Why do some women not wet?

You can sometimes face psychological difficulties during sexual intercourse. Lack of lubrication is often the result of this problem. You can experience such a situation because of anxiety, depression or stress. 

Other women, different from you, may have to experience this phenomenon, because of a poor knowledge of their body or a sex recession. It is not uncommon to observe in some couples arguments, the scarcity of sexual intercourse, lack of libido, etc. These are all factors that lead to a vaginal dryness.

What can cause vaginal dryness?

Generally, vaginal dryness is temporary and affects the majority of women at some point in their lives. The causes of this problem can be of various kinds and can be identified by several symptoms.

Vaginal infections

One of the causes of vaginal dryness is infection. Conversely, it is the low amount of moistening of the vagina that can be the source of said infections. Under the latter, can be distinguished fungal infections, STIs, candidiasis, etc.

As far as your lifestyle is concerned, you have to understand that it can impact vaginal lubrication and therefore your sexuality . Other factors such as poor diet , stress, fatigue, lack of physical activity can also have an impact on your sexual health and  vaginal dryness is one of the first consequences.


Hormones are known for the strong influence they have on women. They are able to disturb their mood in different ways and sometimes in lesser situations. What you may not know is that they can disrupt the hydration of your vagina. In Clearly, vaginal dryness which is a problem affecting sexuality can be caused by said hormones in certain situations.


Menopause or the premenopausal period can be recognized by several symptoms including hot flashes and vaginal dryness. The decrease in the level of hydration of the vagina is due for its part to the decrease in the production of estrogen. The Bartholin's glands , therefore, will no longer be able to pick up certain signals and therefore, will no longer be able to do their job. 

This phenomenon has the consequence of stopping the production of cum, which is a secretion that helps moisturize the vaginal area. The dryness of the vagina thus causes, when it is not treated, certain disorders such as the sensation of burning during sexual intercourse, or even small lesions on the vaginal walls.     

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant , you will be  overwhelmed with hormones, which in some cases causes a drop in libido . In addition, it greatly tires the parent who can lose all sexual appetite by using his libidinal energy. The same phenomenon occurs during breastfeeding of the newborn .

This situation is temporary and is caused by fatigue, hormonal changes and the new hectic lifestyle. The body is not a machine that needs rest, but once emptied of its energy, is no longer able to produce vaginal secretions, including cum.

Ovarian diseases

If you suffer from ovarian diseases, they may affect  the production of vaginal secretion . Being numerous and of various types, they can disturb the female system. They create insufficiencies, disorders and functional difficulties for the latter.


Some treatments can have negative impacts on your sexuality. Among these consequences is vaginal dryness. Drugs known as vasoconstrictors have the unfortunate reputation of triggering this phenomenon, because they can reduce blood flow or, conversely, increase it. 

Added to them, birth control pills can have the same effect. This is also the case for pharmaceutical products against allergies and acne, antidepressants, anti-hormonal treatments

The poor sexual health of the couple

Sexual health is a key element for the well-being of a couple. Poor sexual health, bad sexual habits can lead to many problems in the couple, especially during intercourse. One of these problems is vaginal dryness .

What solutions to increase your vaginal lubrication? 💦

There are several methods to increase vaginal moistening. Some of these are natural treatments and approaches.

Powerful intimate lubricating gel

The intimate lubricant does not solve the problem of vaginal dryness, but plays a moistening role for the latter. It is an alternative that you can use during sex. The Intimate Lubricating Gel Powerful helps maintain, even increase the excitement and help for gentle penetration during the act.

Our Powerful Lubricant is fragrance-free, water-based . Composed of 100% natural substances, it influences the vaginal temperature and lowers its composition in pH. It is the best solution to lubricate your genital organ without danger.

Consulting a specialist

It seems obvious, the first approach when a person suffers from vaginal dryness is to consult a specialist in the field. However, such a step can only occur in cases where the disease is persistent. 

The specialist, who may be a sexologist or a gynecologist , can then diagnose the latter and provide assistance to the person concerned. He can thus work to help you find an increase in the level of humidification of the vagina. Depending on the case and the circumstances, it may be a natural or drug-based treatment. This approach is all the more advantageous since it would allow you to eliminate the risk of vaginal infections.

Know and monitor your body

The amount of lubricating fluid can be high depending on each person as well as other factors like hormonal change, menopause, stress, etc. By coming to understand your body, you will be able to determine the greatest cause of your ailment. With effort, perseverance, and proper therapy , you can once again enjoy good lubrication in your vagina. 

It is also important to eat healthy and fill the gaps in diets. Take care of your vagina and its flora. This does not mean that soap should be used since it constitutes a danger for them and for their acid container. Use just water, and avoid the use of panty liners, sanitary napkins, vaginal washing, etc.

Eggs and estrogen rings

Under medical prescription, the eggs can be purchased and used as a guide to treatment to combat vaginal dryness. They consist of hyaluronic acid , an adequate composition for moisturizing the vagina and regenerating the mucous membranes.

To do this, just put them at the bottom of the vagina, where they will dissolve. You can also use estrogen rings instead. They play almost the same role as eggs and can stay inside the vagina for about three months.

geisha balls

It is one of the best treatments for people who suffer from vaginal dryness. geisha balls  are known for their ability to strengthen the muscles and walls of the vagina and better control orgasms . 

Containing small mobile balls, geisha balls massage the walls of the vagina and contribute to good blood circulation. This has the effect of increasing vaginal humidification. For its use, it is advisable to seek advice from your doctor, especially if you have incontinence and not to wear it for more than thirty minutes a day.

Aloe Vera and food supplements

Among the healthiest methods is Aloe Vera . This plant has various virtues such as an anti-inflammatory and a moisturizer to actively fight against vaginal dryness. In this context, it is desirable to use it in the form of an organic gel without excipient.


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