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Today, the fountain woman is more of an urban legend than a scientific explanation. As if female ejaculation were a mystical process reserved for a handful of freaks. How so ? Female sexuality is so scary that we would rather stigmatize it than embrace it, surprising isn't it? No more sarcasm, it's time for us to restore the image of this natural phenomenon that is the emission of liquid linked to women's pleasure.

What is female ejaculation?

A definition

Fountain women have been treated as witches or fertility goddesses across centuries and cultures. As the woman's body is traditionally perceived to receive pleasure during sexual intercourse, sexuality which springs out and is expressed through a large quantity of liquid impresses, questions and frightens.

Different from squirting , it was first thought that female ejaculation came only from the Skene glands . A sort of female prostate located around the bladder, this gland produces a lubricant capacity above average in squirting women. 🌊

Today, research highlights the role of the bladder in the creation of this prostate fluid.

This emission has its own physical functioning, it is not systematic and in no way depends on orgasm.

Regardless, fountain women represent between 10% and 30% of the population.

What is fountain liquid made of?

Although it is believed to originate from the bladder, the fluid contains little, if any, urine . It is a non-fertile liquid that is both colorless and odorless . It is emitted through the urethra and then mixes with lubrication secretions.

It is transparent, comparable to water and has a slightly salty taste.

👋 Thanks to this information, we can say goodbye to the embarrassment and shame of letting ourselves go during a moment of pleasure.

Is this serious for health?

Good news, this emission phenomenon is absolutely harmless. It is neither due to any malformation or disease. Scientists have not noted any anatomical difference between a so-called “fountain” woman and another.

They even concluded that the show was randomly distributed among people.🎲🎲

See it rather as a skill more or less developed innately in certain people. A bit like singing, social relationships or even the ability to know all the words of Disney from Snow White to the present day.

How to kiss your wet side?

🙌 Every woman is a potential fountain woman.

The phenomenon can occur at any age and in any sexual situation . It seems that the main factors conducive to the production of “lotus nectar” are great excitement and deep letting go. So we relax and ride the wave of pleasure! 🏄

Stimulating the G-spot would activate female ejaculation . At Puissante, we love this “secret” button that helps us aim for seventh heaven. This is why we designed a vibrator capable of stimulating both the clitoris and the G-spot.

Exploring sex consciously is an avenue to invite more letting go with your partner. We will look at slow sex or sacred sexuality to create the ideal cocoon which will receive your first experience of emission through the urethra.

To go further in exploring your wet side, we highly recommend the book Squirting Women & Female Ejaculation: Myths, Controversies and Realities by sexologist Samuel Salama and Pierre Desvaux.📖

Learning more about female ejaculation is an extraordinary opportunity to normalize it. We hope that this article has enlightened you on the subject, whether you are already a fountain woman or want to become one. Do not hesitate to recommend it to continue sharing the good news around the magic of the female anatomy. ✨


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