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The decorations are installed, the gifts are wrapped and the mulled wine awaits us, it's time to slip under a blanket in front of a good Christmas romantic comedy. Except that upon rewatching, we realized that even if these films are always feel-good , we wouldn't want certain dynamics in real life. (Yes, Mark from Love Actually, we're thinking of you.) To change the situation, here is our selection of feature films that defy clichés and offer stories that are sometimes inspiring, sometimes feminist and always in the atmosphere of holidays.


The synopsis

Noëlle immerses us in the magical world of the Kringle family , guardians of Christmas traditions and joy for generations. Noëlle Kringle ( Anna Kendrick) is the daughter of Santa Claus and little sister of the one who will have to take up the family torch. 🎅

However, when her brother Nick, destined to take over as Santa, feels overwhelming pressure heading into his first night of delivering presents, Noëlle sets out on a quest to find him. She then discovers an opportunity to reveal her own potential. Accompanied by the former reindeer keeper, Elf Polly (Shirley MacLaine) Noëlle sets off in search of Nick, determined to save the magic of Christmas and overcome the family and social expectations that weigh on her.

Throughout her journey, Noëlle embraces her own vision of the magic of Christmas , revealing her inner strength aided by unlikely allies. 🌟

Our opinion

A Disney film that brings us a breath of fresh air to the holiday season by highlighting a strong and determined female protagonist. Noëlle breaks traditional expectations and encourages viewers, especially young girls, to believe in their potential and pursue their dreams without conforming to pre-established standards.


Tokyo Godfathers

The synopsis

One Christmas Eve, three homeless people discover an abandoned baby in a pile of trash. Together, they embark on a quest to find the mother. Through this journey, we learn more about these three atypical protagonists, all damaged by life and separated from their families . As the storyline twists and turns, they demonstrate unity, strength and resilience . By being indignant at the abandonment of little Kiyoko, Gin, Hana and Miyuki will also realize their own cowardice and understand that, somewhere, their parents, wives or children are still waiting for them.

And this is how by watching over the most vulnerable of beings, Gin, Hana and Miyuki will also be able to help each other and find each other. 👼

Our opinion

This is a work rich in both visuals and emotions. Its story celebrates compassion and family, while exploring themes of unconditional love and redemption. We want to believe in all these Christmas miracles that cross the path of the main characters and we easily let ourselves be transported to this Tokyo under the snow. ❄️


The synopsis

This adaptation of the eponymous novel by Patricia Highsmith plunges us into the intertwined destiny of two women in New York in the 1950s. Despite their distinct social origins, they find themselves plunged into an unexpected romantic relationship. Faced with the rigid cultural norms of their time, they must confront their undeniable attraction, revealing the resilience of the heart in the face of change. 🏳️‍🌈

Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara), a young woman in her twenties, takes a job as a clerk in a Manhattan department store . She yearns for a more exciting life when her path crosses that of Carol (played by Cate Blanchett), a bewitching woman trapped in a marriage of convenience devoid of love. An immediate connection forms between them.

The innocence of their first meeting gradually fades as their feelings evolve deeply. When Carol decides to end her marriage, her husband questions her mothering skills, scrutinizing her relationship with Therese and her close bond with her best friend Abby (Sarah Paulson).

Our opinion

A 5-star cast, strong female characters and a film that transcends its genre of lesbian love film, Carol is a gem filled with emotion and delicacy. The feature film makes us vibrate alongside this impossible couple , it keeps us passionate until its last 10 minutes. ❤️

Black Christmas

In this modern adaptation of the cult 1974 film, Sophia Takal offers a feminist perspective to this classic by immersing viewers in an intense and subversive thriller . The story takes place within a university sorority during Christmas break.

As the young girls prepare for the holidays, they find themselves confronted by a misogynistic killer who sows terror within their circle. The growing threat is quickly eclipsed by the solidarity and determination of these women, led by Riley Stone (Imogen Poots), a survivor of sexual violence. Instead of maintaining the posture of victim , they arm themselves and unite to confront this threat which seeks to silence them. 🩸

Our opinion

OK, maybe it's not great cinema, maybe not even a real slasher and it's not the most subtle scenario we've seen. But we still wanted to put it on this list because there is a cathartic side to seeing students beat up attackers and set fire to a dusty institution. 🔥

We hope that this selection will make you want to explore new genres and invent new traditions for the end of year celebrations . By highlighting strong female characters and atypical journeys, these films modernize the end-of-year holidays and allow us to celebrate them far from the clichés of romantic comedies. What ? Haven't finished making the gifts yet? Don't panic, we'll share all our tips for giving a vibrator without making a mistake 🎁!


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