Giving a vibrator to your friends, your mother or your partner is an excellent idea. You are the friend we all dream of having! While inspiration is great, finding the perfect vibrator is no easy task . We ask ourselves many questions about preferences and the quality of the object. Don't panic, Puissante has her bag full of practical answers so you can give the best gift ever!

Good reasons to give a toy

Invite others to explore their pleasure

Giving a vibrator as a gift is a sign of a commitment to fulfilling, uninhibited and positive sexuality for all. If it is a gift for your partner, you are at the same time showing your open -mindedness towards practices or fantasies considered taboo when in reality they are healthy to explore. 🙌

This special gift helps normalize sex in all its expressions and nuances . There is no such thing as one sexuality and offering a vibrator invites others to find their own definition.

Highlight the importance of well-being

We give gifts of bath bombs, weekend getaways and massages, so why not give a rabbit, a clitoris sucker or a wand? A vibrator is much more than just a gadget to achieve orgasm.

Giving a vibrator is reminding someone dear to us that taking care of yourself is an act of self-love that should not be neglected . With this object, we give her the gift of well-being breaks where she can concentrate fully on herself, on her pleasure and bring herself a good dose of love! ❤️

Strengthening Intimacy in a Relationship

If you have decided to offer a vibrator to your partner, it is because you know that it can open new horizons to your lovemaking . By discovering new ways to pleasure yourself together, you unlock refreshing sensations. 🔥

Inviting a toy into your relationship promotes communication about our desires and preferences, strengthens complicity and boosts mutual sexual fulfillment . It's a bit like a new adventure with only positives!

Choosing a suitable vibrator

Giving a vibrator to a loved one requires having already discussed the subject of sexuality together . Before making your choice, you will need to do a little research and answer the following questions. 🔍

  • Does she already have one or more pleasure accessories?
  • Has she already tasted the pleasure of vibration or only classic toys?
  • Is she comfortable with her body and her sexuality?
  • What are his stimulation preferences?

For example, if your loved one already has other toys, consider the ideal piece to complete your collection . Conversely, if you have decided to offer a first vibrator To introduce him to the wonderful world of technological pleasure, start by offering him a model with a nice design and which at least offers clitoral stimulation. She will thus be able to gently explore her sensations alone or in pairs. ✨

Our superstar Coco is the ideal model for a first vibrator, because it fulfills both the role of clitoris sucker, offers a more classic vibration while having an end dedicated to penetration. For the more experienced, why not offer our Chouchou , a designer version of the rabbit which in addition to being a pleasure for the body, also serves as a decorative object! 🏺

Finding the perfect vibrator

A safe material

To be sure to give a gift of impeccable quality, opt for a vibrator made of medical silicone or stainless steel . These two materials have the immense advantage of being hygienic, hypoallergenic and easy to clean . 🧼

We avoid at all costs toys made of jelly or TPE ( Thermoplastic Elastomer) style plastic which are porous and therefore very difficult to sterilize .

A safe and versatile design

The second criterion for offering a top vibrator is to look at the design.

For the best experience, choose a submersible model , which can be used in a relaxing bath or for a steamy session in the shower. Also make sure that the vibrator has a safe motor, to avoid any risk of overheating or malfunctioning during use.

How do you know if the engine is of good quality? By turning to trusted brands and brands with a solid reputation. ✅

A mark of trust

When investing in a cool gift like a vibrator, it's best to choose a reputable and reliable brand . Brands that have proven themselves in the field of sexuality are often a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

If you want to go to a store rather than order online, trust love store brands like Passage du Désir, Dorcel Store or Body House.

Although it is almost impossible to manufacture all the parts of a vibrator in France, choosing a French brand still offers the guarantee of a toy that meets standards as well as particular attention to customer satisfaction. customer base. 🇫🇷

The best way to find a brand that checks all the boxes? Review customer reviews! ⭐⭐⭐

You are now ready to make a gift that is both original and thoughtful for a loved one. Still hesitant? We never regret giving a vibrator! This is demonstrated by the numerous testimonials from customers who have received a Puissante product and who have seen their relationship with their body and their sexuality transform. Browse our online store to find THE model that will match perfectly! 🎁


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