Have you noticed that we spend our lives escorted by our body? This fleshly envelope is our traveling companion in life and in death. And yet we have learned to denigrate him, push him to the limit, and want him to be different. We almost forget that without him, we would not be able to enjoy a still warm croissant, the kisses of our loved one or have fun with Coco. This link, sometimes neglected, is however crucial for cultivating unshakeable self-confidence, enjoying our daily lives and celebrating our power. At Puissante, we wanted to create a practical guide to becoming friends with your body again and finally taking full advantage of everything it has to offer us. Here is our program to feel good about yourself!

Step 1: Become aware of your body

In the hubbub of everyday life, our mind tends to dominate our thoughts , relegating the body to second place. Thinking about making an appointment with the dentist, worrying about how our colleague interpreted a sentence said last week, going to do some shopping, finding time to exercise, etc. the mental and emotional load is sometimes so strong that we forget to breathe.

The body then accumulates tension . Hello tight jaw and shoulders flirting with our ears. 👋

The very first step to becoming a friend again with your body is to remember that it is there. Returning to the physical not only allows us to escape the grand theater of our thoughts, but it also reconnects us directly to the present moment.

And that feels really good. ❤️

In practice, how do we do it?

  • Yoga
  • intuitive dance
  • Tai Chi
  • Walk mindfully
  • Guided meditation and body scan
  • Breathing exercises
  • Focus on what you see, smell, feel and touch

Movement is an excellent gateway to regaining awareness of your body. Don't be afraid to try different activities to find the one that suits you. Perhaps swimming or qi gong will be the most suitable practices for you. Dare to explore! 🔥

Step 2: Tackle the injunctions

Social pressure on our female bodies is everywhere: advertisements, media, beauty standards conveyed on social networks, etc. We are bombarded with unrealistic beauty ideals, weight standards, shapes and skin colors that are difficult to conform to. A nice daily package to subtly reinforce our complexes and insecurities, isn't it?

Practicing self-compassion involves education and reprimanding the injunctions that hinder our well-being. 💪

First, let's challenge these standards and highlight their arbitrary and often unfair nature. Works like Beauté Fatale by Mona Chollet or  The Evolution of Beauty by Kari Molvar  offer us avenues for reflection on the relationship with the body.

These readings are a first step in reminding us that this pressure does not belong to us . If we don't give it credit, it's not real. 😉

To go a little further, we suggest you actively support initiatives that celebrate body diversity and self-acceptance. And yes, self-compassion can also be worked on by moving the lines at the collective level!

Let's demand more realistic and diverse representation in the media. Let's support cultural initiatives that celebrate beauty in all its forms and encourage an inclusive discourse on femininity that highlights the strength, diversity and uniqueness of every woman. ✨

Step 3: Explore your sensuality

Sensuality, that vibrant energy that resides within each of us, can be buried beneath the layers of social expectations and daily routines. It's a bit like the door that opens onto our interior garden , that of poetry and sexuality. 🌹

Pamper yourself by exploring each sense: treat yourself to a relaxing bath with scented oils, savor moments of captivating music, or discover new textures and sensations through massages or sensory explorations.

Why not surround yourself with art, literature, music or films that celebrate beauty, power and sensuality ? You will find many nuggets on Etsy to decorate your interior and sites like Sens Critique or  Goodreads  to explore sensuality in art. Create a body of references to draw from when you are lacking inspiration. 🪞

To go further on the subject, we have prepared for you  a complete article to discover or rediscover your own definition of sensuality.

Finally, who says sensuality says eroticism. Yes,  eroticism is not necessarily limited to sexuality with a partner . Discover your own erotic personality by discovering your erogenous zones using  Spinning top . Treat yourself and learn to appreciate every part of yourself without external pressure or expectations.

Step 4: Enjoy what it allows us to accomplish

The body is much more than a faithful companion, it is a vessel that allows us to experience life. 🚀

Let's take a moment to give thanks for what he offers us. Let's celebrate these moments when it takes us towards joy, pleasure and where the senses make you discover the beauty of the world around you. 🤩

Just as a reminder, here is a non-exhaustive list of the extraordinary things it allows us to do:

  1. The sensations
    It allows us to feel caresses, intense emotions, passionate kisses, the touch of a hug. It offers us the ability to feel the warmth of the sun on our skin and the coolness of a light breeze.

  2. Mobility
    Thanks to our body, we walk, run, jump, dance, express ourselves. It allows us to move around, cover miles, feel free and active.

  3. Taste
    Our body offers us the pleasure of savoring delicious meals, of discovering new flavors, of feeling the satisfaction of a comforting meal. It transforms food into energy to allow us to live fully.

  4. View
    Our eyes open us to the world, allowing us to admire breathtaking landscapes, to contemplate art, to read captivating stories. They capture the beauty that surrounds us.

  5. Hearing
    Our ears pick up the melodious sounds of music, allow us to listen to inspiring conversations, enjoy the laughter and comforting words of our loved ones.

  6. Creativity
    Our body is an instrument for artistic expression: it draws, paints, sculpts, sings, dances, writes. It is the vehicle of our creativity.

  7. Pleasure
    It offers us the possibility of creating life, of bearing a child, of feeling the magic of motherhood, of giving birth to a new generation.

  8. Resilience
    Our body offers us the possibility to explore sensuality, pleasure, intimacy, thus creating special bonds with our partners.

  9. The sleep
    It allows us to rest, to dream, to recharge our batteries to face each day with energy and vitality.

It's your turn to create a personalized list of all the little things that your body has allowed you to experience in recent weeks. Could you have enjoyed this Italian ice cream, had fun with Chouchou or gone hiking with friends without him? 🍨

Step 5: Aim for more autonomy

As in any relationship, to learn to love another, you have to take the time to know them. It's the same with our body. It’s time to understand how it works and its specificities.

Don't panic, no medical degree is required for this step. The winning combo: education and observation. 🔍

The cyclical nature of our hormones is a great starting point for investigating the connection between the body, emotions, and thoughts . Dive into the fascinating world of sexual and reproductive health is the key to becoming friends with your body again.

Go in search of reliable resources like  Family planning or dedicated works allows you to understand hormonal cycles, fertility and overall sexual health. At the same time, tracking your menstrual cycle via specialized applications or a diary promotes better knowledge of your needs day after day. 🩸

Once you get into the habit of observing your symptoms, you will have the reflex to understand the physical and emotional signals . You will be able to take care of him, pamper him as it should be. It’s a great show of love to give him the attention he deserves, isn’t it? 🤍

Reconnecting with your body is like reconnecting with an old friend: it requires time, attention and, above all, a lot of love. We hope that these few steps will guide you little by little towards a fulfilling relationship with yourself. Remember, this is not a race. Take the time to listen to yourself , love yourself and get to know this incredible wonder that is your body. To continue taking care of your body, we recommend this article dedicated to the practice of daily self-care. 😘


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