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The menstrual cycle is much more than a few days of periods . It's a veritable ballet of hormones and micrometamorphoses of the body. Looking at how the body works allows us to better understand our symptoms and mood swings. With this article, we send you the power of hormones on our cycle . Our goal: to tame them to make them allies rather than fearing them.

What are the hormones of the menstrual cycle?

In the beginning are FSH and LH. 👸👸

Follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH and luteinizing hormone aka LH for intimates are the two main hormones and will act on the ovaries which, in turn, will produce progesterone and estrogen .

Progesterone and estrogen are the masters of ceremonies for the evolution of our menstrual cycle. They are the ones who give the start of each new phase by the fluctuation of their level in the blood. 🏁


Estrogens are primarily responsible for developing the female body during puberty.

They influence:

  • breast growth
  • hair quality
  • skin texture
  • egg production
  • fat gain

With the help of FSH, estrogen helps in the formation of an egg . When estrogen levels are highest, cervical mucus is seen. This is when you also feel more confident and ready to take on new challenges! 💪


Instead, progesterone takes care of the uterus area and partly manages the pregnancy .

In other words, it acts on:

  • densification of the uterine lining
  • endometrial development
  • maintaining pregnancy in its early stages
  • the preparation of the mammary glands during lactation

Fluctuations in progesterone can cause irritability, hunger, acne, increased breast tenderness and low energy. She is responsible for premenstrual syndrome. 🌩️

The effects of hormones on the cycle


On the first day of menstruation, the production of FSH begins. As its name suggests, it will help the small follicle to grow into a beautiful egg.

As the endometrium detaches from the uterus, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in the blood are at their lowest. It is this sudden drop that causes symptoms such as cramps or headaches. Thanks, but no thanks. 🙄

After the first few days of menstruation, the ovaries resume their production of estrogen to restart the cycle.

Before ovulation: the follicular phase

The follicular phase is crucial for the body, as this is when hormones help it build a nest to accommodate a fertilized egg. 🪹

At this stage, the endometrium that lines the walls of the uterus thickens.

The estrogen level continues to progress slowly while progesterone is still at its minimum.

Finally, it is during this phase that we observe the only testosterone peak in females. This hormone may be directly related to increased libido . 🔥

Let's not forget that the Grail for the body at this moment is to perpetuate the species . He therefore gives everything he has to bring about reproduction.

On the Powerful side, we prefer to raise the temperature in the company of Coco , but everyone has their own technique. 😉

It's ovulation time baby!

Like a TikTok star, luteinizing hormone (LH) makes a dazzling appearance before quickly disappearing. Its role is to induce ovulation .

For example, on a 28-day hormonal cycle, the LH surge occurs between day 12 and 14 of the cycle. Its peak production is so effective that it triggers the release of the oocyte within 24 to 36 hours. 🚀

During this period of waiting for fertilization, progesterone gradually increases to welcome the arrival of a potential embryo.

Before menstruation: the luteal phase

After a few days of waiting, the corps decides to close the window of opportunity. Progesterone causes FSH and LH levels to decrease . The ovaries also interrupt their production of estrogen and finally progesterone.

This is when we feel more vulnerable and more sensitive to pain . Sudden craving for sugar, tightness in the lower back, mood swings, premenstrual syndrome manifests itself differently in different women.

This is a good time to slow down and take care of yourself. Masturbation is also an excellent remedy for PMS. We tell you more here. 🤍

You are now a hormone expert! Bravo, it's a step closer to understanding and accepting your body. If you want to continue exploring the wonderful world of rules, here is a handpicked selection of books . 📚


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