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Although it is by no means an obligation, orgasm is a delicious part of our sexuality. However, the classic penetration and its deep back and forth are not always the best technique to reach seventh heaven. Unrecognized for a long time, the female anatomy is gradually revealing its magic to us. With Powerful, we love to give you the keys to sexual well-being that suits you . This is why we present to you today the practice of shallowing to masturbate differently and increase your pleasure tenfold!

The entrance to the vagina: an area too often overlooked

From English shallow (surface), shallowing is a method capable of increasing the pleasure during masturbation . It consists of stimulating the entrance to the vagina using a series of movements and pressures which gradually increase sensitivity and therefore arousal.

According to the Pleasure Report published by the OMGYes brand in April 2021, 70% of women surveyed observe that this technique improves their experience of penetration. For what ? Because the entrance to the vagina comprises 90% of the organ's nerve endings, according to CĂ©cile Gasnault of the Vulva Talks podcast. Just that ! đŸ€©

You may have already experienced this thrill of pleasure when your partner is about to penetrate you for the first time with his fingers, a sex toy or a penis . This moment of superficial penetration that raises the temperature a notch. You have it ?

Shallowing in practice

As always, be sure to wash your hands before you start and opt for a safe and suitable lubricant .

Then find a comfortable position . Lying on your couch or in a bed is a good place to start if you're trying shallowing for the first time.

Are you in place? Let's go for a pressure and release exercise.

Place your index and middle fingers on either side of the entrance to the vagina and gently press down . Hold this pressure for a few seconds, then release and repeat the movement several times. You can also rotate your hand around the entrance to the vagina to stimulate the area in different ways.

Explore different presses and other gestures to find what works best for you. The important thing is to stay curious and take your time . Like an ultra-hot mindfulness exercise, apply yourself to stay focused on the sensations and let yourself go to enjoyment. 🍃

If you feel pain or discomfort , there is no need to continue the experiment. We offer you other ways to enjoy onanism in the next paragraph.

Once you've tried shallowing with your fingers, spice up the game with a sex toy . The vibrating head of our Coco is ideal for trying superficial penetration. 😉

Other techniques to masturbate differently


Pairing is the winning combo where the vagina and the clitoris take pleasure in unison. When a woman or her partner stimulates her clitoris with a finger, her tongue or a vibrator simultaneously with penetration.

To go further, you can try to excite a multitude of erogenous zones at the same time using accessories. The mouth, nipples, neck, and anus are other areas of your body that can help intensify your pleasure.


Here, we are not talking about pebbles, but about back and forth movements. Alone or in pairs, rocking stimulates the nerve endings of the clitoris, both inside and on the surface.

The base of a penis or toy constantly rubs against the clitoris during penetration by staying completely inside the vagina rather than moving in and out.

The angle

Last method popular with women, the angling. As the name suggests, it amounts to rotating, raising or lowering the pelvis during penetration to adjust where the sex toy or penis rubs inside the vagina.

You are in control of your enjoyment, free to explore your feelings by retroverting or arching your hips.

Discovering new ways to masturbate differently allows you to reclaim your pleasure. Shallowing like rocking, angling or pairing help us get out of the injunctions of uniform penetration and create our own definition of excitement. If you are fond of other techniques to intensify your pleasure, go read the article on edging . You will not be disappointed. đŸ”„


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