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Let us dive into a practice that is often little known, but which deserves our full attention: queening , also called face sitting . In Shakespeare's language, "to queen" literally means "to reign as a queen". And yes, ladies, it is you who are at the center of this practice. 👸👑

Definition of queening and etymology 📚

So, what exactly does the term “queening” mean? It is a specific sexual practice which offers the woman a position of power. Indeed, queening is the action of sitting on your partner's face, thus offering them a breathtaking and direct view of your intimacy, while allowing them to provide you with pleasure through oral stimulation. An effective and very sensual way to reach seventh heaven, isn't it? 😏

As for the expression "facesitting", it is a little more explicit and widely used in the Anglo-Saxon world to designate the same posture.

Synonyms and conjugation of the term 'queening' 💬

But don't think that "queening" and "face sitting" are the only terms for this practice. The sexual lexical field is vast and rich, and this practice is no exception. We can also speak of “smothering” or “kinging” for men. And in Spanish, it's "asfixia erótica", which literally means "erotic asphyxia". Enough about vocabulary, let's move on to the practical aspect. 😉

The queening chair: an object of desire 🪑

As you have undoubtedly understood, queening requires a certain preparation and, above all, an adequate posture to be practiced in the best conditions. And what could be better than a chair specially designed for this purpose: the queening chair.

Definition and usage of queening chair 🧐

The queening chair is a chair specially designed to optimize the practice of queening. Both elegant and functional, this chair has a hole in the middle that allows you to sit comfortably while giving your partner access to your privacy. In other words, the queening chair is designed to maximize pleasure for you and your partner. This is what we call a win-win situation! 🛋️💖

Using a queening chair during your lovemaking can radically transform your experience. This not only allows you to feel more comfortable, but also frees you from certain physical constraints that can sometimes accompany the practice of queening. And we're not going to hide it, it's also very exciting for your sex friend!

Choosing your queening chair 🎯

Choosing your chair is a crucial step in fully enjoying your queening experience. As with any purchase related to your sex life, it is important to take into account different criteria to make the best possible choice. Indeed, not all queening chairs are created in the same way, and it is essential to find the one that best meets your needs and desires.

Consider in particular the comfort, stability, size and ease of cleaning of the chair. Opt for a seat that is wide enough to allow you to sit effortlessly and comfortably. Stability is also a key factor: the last thing you want is a chair that tips over mid-act! 💝🎁

Queening in practice: sexual positions and letting go 🤸‍♀️💫

Now that we've defined what being a queen is and how to choose the ideal queening chair, it's time to take action!

Main queening positions 🧘‍♀️

Practicing queening involves taking into account a multitude of possible positions to maximize your pleasure and that of your partner. The best known and most common position is of course facesitting, where you sit facing your other half, your knees on either side of their head. This position allows you to control the pressure and rhythm of stimulation, while having a breathtaking view of your partner's face.

But there are also other postures to try. Why not explore the kneeling position, where you are on all fours above your partner, or the reverse sitting position, where you have your back to your partner? These variations can bring a new dimension to your experience and allow you to discover new sensations. The most important thing is to find the pose that suits you best and communicate openly with your other half so that he or she can stimulate you in the way that pleases you the most. Never forget that communication is the key to fulfilling sexuality! 👌🎯

Letting go and queening 🕊️

Practicing queening is also a great way to develop your ability to let go. Sitting on your other half's face, you decide the pace, the intensity, the pressure... In short, you are in charge! This position of power can help you feel more confident and free you from certain inhibitions.

Many women report that queening has had a positive impact on their sex life, but also on their self-esteem. Indeed, leading the dance can be very liberating and strengthen your self-confidence. By literally putting yourself on top of your other half, queening can help you feel more powerful, more desirable, and more comfortable with your body and your sexuality. Additionally, this practice allows you to explore your body and your desires at your own pace, in a safe and consensual setting. So why not try ? 💃🚀

The impact of queening on sex life 💖🎉

This practice can bring a new dimension to your sex life. It's a unique way of making love, which allows you to be both an actor and a receiver of pleasure. This combination can create a unique complicity and intimacy with your partners. 🥰💑

Queening: a practice for everyone? 👩‍❤️‍👨

Of course, this sexual act is not suitable for everyone. Some people may find this practice intimidating or uncomfortable. It is therefore important to never feel obligated to practice it if you do not feel comfortable with the idea. However, if you're open-minded and like some dominance, face sitting could be a great addition to your sexual repertoire.

It is important to remember that respect and communication are essential in any sexual practice. Before you jump into queening, talk it over with your significant other, express your desires and boundaries, and make sure you're both comfortable with the idea. Remember that any sexual practice must be practiced in a safe and consensual manner.

So, ladies, why not give in and try queening? After all, who wouldn't want to feel like a queen? 👸🌟

Other ways to increase your pleasure tenfold 🔥

If you are not comfortable or you do not yet feel ready to offer complete intimacy to your other half, don't panic, there are a multitude of sexual practices that you can try!

Obviously at Puissante we recommend doing yourself good, no matter the way: whether alone or with others, the important thing is pleasure, always.

The practice of face sitting, even if it is a rather dominant posture, requires through the vision that it offers a certain letting go and total self-acceptance. If you're not there yet, but it makes you want to, we recommend using a sex toy with your sex buddy.

Indeed, using a vibrator accompanied by your other half already gives you a foothold in masturbation and stimulation without penetration . This will help you let go under your boyfriend's gaze without being totally vulnerable. And it can also allow you to find new ways to caress yourself and then guide your partner towards orgasm! 💦

At Puissante, we have a selection of sex toys to get you started gently. With our Coco , for example. Its technology offers a new way of masturbating, much appreciated by women. In fact, its silicone tip perfectly matches the shape of your clitoris to offer maximum pleasure via 7 different vibration modes.

Your partner can then place the suction part on your clitoris and with their other hand, give free rein to their imagination. You leave him in control, while remaining attentive.

Once this trust is established, it is easier to take the plunge and start practicing face sitting. ❤️


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