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Whether we like it or not, the porn industry is ultra-lucrative and strongly influences the way we construct our sexuality. Some people consider porn as evil incarnate capable of corrupting the innocence of our darlings, while others elevate it to the rank of art in its own right. You start, at Powerful, we like nuance. Consciously consumed, adult films invite us to explore our desires and fantasies. That's why we offer you a short guide to approach porn in an ethical way.

Pornography is first and foremost entertainment

Before you jump headlong into the quest for content that whispers to your delight, let's go over the basics.

Porn is cinema , literally . There is a film crew, people in charge of make-up, costumes, others for the restoration of the actors. There is a director and all the elements to produce a film.

Although this is the case due to the lack of sex education at school, X films rarely have the vocation of teaching us about human sexuality . They are there to create fantasy and titillate our desire.

The sex scenes are therefore exaggerated , just as much as the orgasms or the size of the attributes of the protagonists. Do you want to jump from a flaming helicopter to land on a speeding train after watching the latest production of Michael Bay? We hope not. The same goes for porn, you don't have to replicate what you watch for a more exhilarating life.

If you're up for the helicopter challenge, send us a photo anyway at

Much like action movies, these movies are a form of escapism and entertainment . Your sexual experiences are to be explored in a personal way and should not be dictated by porn.

Choosing Ethical Pornography Sites

To avoid oppressive stereotypes and respect actresses , we recommend that you opt for ethical porn platforms.

These sites generally ensure that everyone involved in the production is paid their fair value. They also promote the most inclusive content possible with videos that respect the integrity of sex workers and the image of women.

If you want to go even further in your ethical approach, turn to paid streaming platforms.

These alternatives to mainstream X offer a greater variety of content and access to personalized content . By exploring different platforms, we can discover healthy inspirations for fulfilling sexuality.

How can we talk about ethical erotic content without mentioning the queen of the movement Erika Lust? With her Erika Lust Films platform, she offers ethical films and collaborative projects with sex workers. It employs intimacy coordinators on set and has a code of conduct for performers . She works with a wide variety of backgrounds, sexualities, age groups and body types.

If you don't want to pay for a subscription, you can just rent a movie from time to time . It is a way of actively participating in the development of a responsible industry.

Free sites are always an option, but be careful about the quality of the content offered . Free sites that have a storefront collect conflicts with intellectual property law or posting content far from respecting human rights.

Being part of a global approach to ethical pleasure leads us to constantly re-evaluate our definition of pornography . By keeping our critical spirit and by encouraging a creation that respects its actresses as much as its spectators, we are getting closer to a more human sexuality . Instead of viewing it as a shameful activity, we can view it as an opportunity to explore our fantasies and desires responsibly and ethically. Ready to take the leap in pairs ? Read our article on the introduction of pornography within the couple.


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