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It's no secret that the implicit codes of the workplace tend to favor men's voices . Women have to prove themselves and try twice as hard to get the same result. As we have all internalized these biased rules of the game, we gradually lose confidence in our ability to succeed . The key to fully taking your place? Work on our confidence and learn to give credit to our voice . True to the job, Powerful is here to put the power back in your hands. Here are our top tips for asserting yourself at work.

Define your goals

As with any development work, it is essential to set concrete objectives . I want to be more assertive in my work is a vague goal whose achievement can vary according to the mood or the level of self-confidence at a given moment.

So before applying the advice that follows, treat yourself to a moment of introspection. Ask yourself what the version of you that feels powerful in the office is like. 💭

To take it a step further, you can even make a simple two-column table . In the left column, write down the clues that show you that you are not assertive enough at work. Opposite, list tangible evidence of improved self-confidence at work.

Here are some examples to inspire you:

  • get the raise I've been waiting for 2 years or change employers
  • pointing out that I have not finished developing my idea when I am cut off
  • refuse tasks that I do not wish to do and that do not fit into my job description
  • get closer to my union
  • speak on my LinkedIn profile and share my experience as an employee
  • dare to wear outfits that highlight me
  • initiate legal proceedings for the harassment I may have experienced
  • giving and receiving constructive criticism

Up to you ! 🔥

Express your feelings clearly

A crucial step to fully taking your place at work is to be heard .

To clearly express your feelings, Puissant offers you to draw on the principles of non-violent communication .

Formalized by psychologist Marshall Rosenberg, NVC is a method that invites you to replace judgment or supposition with objective observation. It makes it easier to formulate one's thoughts and to connect with others without harming them.

Among these many lessons , a simple and effective formula stands out. It consists of four parts and can be applied to almost any workplace situation. 👇

  1. Describe the facts : Begin by describing the objective facts of the situation. For example: "When I saw that the deadline had been brought forward..."

  2. Express your emotions : identify your emotions and express them clearly rather than making assumptions about the intentions of your interlocutor. For example: " With the missions in progress, it increases my workload and I am more frustrated and stressed at not being able to move forward in optimal conditions.."

  3. Express your needs : identify your needs and express them clearly. For example: “ I need clarity and predictability to be able to work effectively…”
  4. Make a request : make a clear and concise request that takes into account your needs and those of others.
    For example: “ Could we review the deadline and find a solution that suits everyone? »

With this formula, you will be able to clearly express your needs, your limits or your reflections while including the other in the conversation. We challenge you to try it the next time a colleague asks you the impossible . ✔️

Know how to say no

We continue in the communication department to focus on one of the most difficult sentences to pronounce. In theory, "no" should be a complete sentence . We all know it, we have often heard and read it, whether in the office or in our privacy.

However, work is a place where many power dynamics play out. The stakes of the no sometimes seem much more important to us than they really are. A refusal could cause us to lose the sympathy of our colleagues, the confidence of our superiors, our hard-won advantages or perhaps even our job.

Don't panic, Powerful has the solution. 🙌

Rather than writing you a whole paragraph on the importance of no, we prefer to share with you a list of formulas to train you to refuse tactfully.

  • I will not be able to attend this meeting. I already have an engagement scheduled for that time.

  • Thank you for thinking of me for this mission, but I am currently overloaded with work and I am unable to accept an additional task.

  • I understand that this task is important, but I am not the best person to carry it out. I suggest you contact [name of person] who can better assist you in its realization.

  • I am not available to work outside of my current working hours. I prefer to respect my personal limits and maintain a good balance between my professional and personal life.

  • I do not agree with this decision. I think [explain your point of view constructively]. I am open to discussion to find a solution that suits everyone.

Although innocuous, these sentences will both help you avoid burnout and set your limits by maintaining a positive relationship with your colleagues . With practice, refusing while maintaining the respect of your peers will become second nature. Method tested and approved by the Powerful team! 😘

Make a skills assessment

We don't teach you anything if we tell you that women have a tendency to underestimate their skills and their soft skills.

The skills assessment is an effective solution to know your true professional value . Often carried out at the time of a career change, this process of analysis and reflection on one's aptitudes is also very valuable for asserting oneself in one's current position .

It usually takes place over a period of 24 hours, divided into several sessions . You will have individual interviews with a consultant, personality and aptitude tests, as well as analysis and synthesis work. At the end of the day, you will receive a report summarizing the results of the process and suggesting career paths.

Specialized organizations, human resources consulting firms, employment assistance associations or approved public organizations can help you highlight your talents.

The little extra? You will thus learn to evaluate yourself objectively by detaching your skills from your value as a human being. What you are and what you do are not correlated. You don't have to earn the respect of your co-workers, it is yours. 😉

Developing your confidence in the professional environment is like knowing what makes you cum: it takes time, exploration and a few hiccups. So progress with benevolence and tolerance towards yourselves . Over time, you'll see that the skills learned in the office are also great allies for regaining power in your day-to-day relationships . Besides, speaking of healthy relationships, what if we finally said goodbye to female rivalry ? 💙


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