At Puissant, we love to challenge taboos to break them. And what could be more forbidden than anal pleasure ? For fear of judgment or because of a priori, sodomy is often brushed aside . However, it is a practice that stimulates the senses, increases enjoyment and invites new explorations . In this article, we share our best tips for trying anal pleasure gently.

Take your time

The sphincter being a very powerful muscle connected to the brain, it is he who decides whether it passes or not. Think of it as the somewhat gruff guardian of that erogenous zone. To get a pass, it's up to you to earn his trust .

To release this muscle, relaxation is essential . Take a deep breath, become aware of your body, and focus on relaxing that area . By combining relaxation of the body and light pressure , the insertion of a toy or a finger will become child's play. 🙌

For your first time, create a cocoon of serenity for your body and your mind. It can be a solo weekend without children or during a vacation with your partner. The important thing is to be confident and to offer yourself a real moment of relaxation. Why not massage each other in a subdued atmosphere? Or spend long minutes giving yourself pleasure with your favorite vibrator ?

Alongside relaxation, certain arousal techniques can help relax the sphincter. For example, clitoral or vaginal stimulation is often of great help in relaxing the muscles of the anus. You can even engage in anal sex after a first orgasm !

Finally, try massaging the area around the anus so that the mind gets used to being touched there. 😉

Start with sex toys

As with masturbation, sex toys can be great allies for gently discovering anal pleasure.

Designed to be easily inserted, butt plugs are the perfect place to start. Their conical shape facilitates insertion and their wider base prevents the toy from sinking further than necessary. We love butt plugs for beginners, because they are super easy to use and offer gentle and constant anal stimulation . Usually made of silicone or glass, butt plugs come in a variety of shapes and designs. A little extra: some plugs also act as jewelry with shapes of roses, diamonds or hearts! 💎

Want more stimulation? Try vibrators . Similar in shape to the traditional plug, anal vibrators offer increased pleasure once you have taken your first steps. They are also available in different sizes and shapes according to your preferences and desires of the moment.

Finally, why not test the anal beads to take it to the next level ? Made up of several beads of different sizes that are gradually inserted and removed, anal beads are perfect if you want to explore the different facets of your pleasure . The beads are connected by a rope or chain, and each bead provides different stimulation as it is inserted or removed. Something to slowly raise the excitement. 🔥

⚠️ Warning: make sure you never put the same toy or penis in the anus and then the vagina without changing the condom. Certain bacteria present in your anus, once in contact with the vagina, can cause vaginal infections.

The importance of lubricant

Unlike the vagina, the anus does not have its own lubricating system . Skipping the lubricant is therefore not optional. In addition to creating discomfort or even pain, “dry” penetration can cause lesions of the anus . No thanks. 🫠

Contrary to some beliefs that have hard skin, love juice or saliva are not enough for gentle sodomy.

If you use a silicone condom or sex toy, opt for a water-based formula. Be careful though, as water-based formulas tend to dry out very quickly . Do not skimp on the quantity and reapply regularly in order to fully benefit from the experience. Our Powerful intimate gel made from 99.6% natural ingredients is compatible with vibrators like condoms . Its clean formula with lily extract will accompany you in all your pleasurable adventures. 🍃

In other cases, the silicone-based lubricant will provide longer lasting lubrication as it does not dry out.

In terms of quantity, it is better to have too much than not enough. Apply lubricant liberally to both the anus and the penetrating object. 🧴

A word on hygiene

“Anal is dirty! This is often the greatest apprehension one has before trying sodomy. You can play down this legitimate fear by keeping in mind that residues may be present.

Both partners must be aware that there is no health risk and that the shower is never far away.

For optimal hygiene, we recommend that you have a bowel movement before your anal date and then shower normally . No need to introduce your fingers or soap inside your rectum, external cleaning is enough. 🚿

Although not necessary, you may consider a rectal enema if it helps you get started. To do this, just get an enema pear from a pharmacy or sex shop, put warm water in it and introduce it into the rectum. Take the time to document yourself and read the instructions for use carefully before proceeding with the enema. 🤓

never force

If going at your own pace is essential for any practice, it is even more so in the case of sodomy. Anal pleasure must be an experience that takes place in joy and benevolence.

No room for injunctions to enjoy or to always go further. If you feel pain or discomfort, you can slow penetration, continue stimulating, or stop altogether .

You have every right to want to start over again or never again. The only rules that exist in the realm of pleasure are those that respect your feelings and emotions at the time. Practicing sodomy or not practicing it should in no way be a source of shame or guilt. 😘

Gently trying out anal pleasure is an enriching experience that allows you to deepen your self-knowledge. It is a very beautiful adventure when it is guided by desire and curiosity , but should never be an obligation. Curious to discover other pleasurable practices? How about we try humping? 💫


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