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The menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon that affects the lives of a majority of us. However, like many topics affecting the female body, it is often misunderstood and steeped in misconceptions . To reverse the trend, Powerful has chosen to deconstruct the most stubborn myths surrounding our periods.

Impossible to get pregnant when the English land

An urban legend assures us that we don't need contraception during menstruation. Well, let's not forget that zero risk does not exist.

Although the probability is low, it is quite possible to be fertile during your period. đŸŒ±

As the sperm survive in the body for several days, they can quietly await ovulation. So, if a woman ovulates early in her cycle , she can get pregnant during her period.

Rules are dirty

Can you see us rolling our eyes from our HQ in Aix-en-Provence? The insalubrity associated with menstruation is unfortunately not new. We find this belief since the Middle Ages and it is still alive all over the world. In Nepal , for example, a woman must withdraw during her period. She cannot cook or do the dishes because she would " contaminate the food ". 👎

Without traveling so far, how many times have we hidden a tampon in our hands while going to the bathroom?

In fact, menstruation is a natural and healthy process for women. Periods are simply the body's way of getting rid of uterine lining and unfertilized eggs. 🚿

It is hoped that with a healthy dose of education, women around the world will feel more comfortable with their bodies and their cycles .

We can control the arrival of periods

In some alt circles, the rumor is that some can decide when their streams come in . However, this is unfortunately false.

The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones , including estrogen and progesterone, which are produced by the ovaries . We tell you more about the cycle in this article .

Women can't control these hormones, but they can control certain aspects of their cycle, such as taking hormonal contraceptives or even going without sanitary protection thanks to instinctual flow . đŸ©ž

Menstruation is always painful

Ah, the woman and her share of gynecological pain . Menopause is an ordeal, childbirth is literally heartbreaking and periods hurt.

We tend to accept suffering as part of the cycle experience when it may not be. Although some women may experience pain during their periods, not all women experience it. In fact, many women have periods without pain or with mild, manageable pain. ⚡

This is why it is important to turn to a health professional when the pain is too severe. It's not normal to suffer martyrdom during your period. There are both medicinal and natural solutions to live your cycle serenely. 🍃

The cycles are always regular

If you follow your cycle on a symptothermie diary or through an app, you already know the answer. 😉

The menstrual cycle can be influenced by many factors , such as stress, diet, exercise, medications, and health conditions.

It is therefore more than normal for menstruation to vary in length, abundance and intensity from one cycle to another.

It is essential for women to understand their own menstrual cycle and to break the stereotypes that surround them . By getting to know ourselves better, we take a step closer to autonomy in our health and well-being . It is by speaking freely about our cycle and deconstructing its received ideas that we can together shape a culture where every woman is comfortable with her body . To continue exploring the wonderful world of the menstrual cycle, read our other articles on the subject. đŸ’Ș


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