Seventh heaven, climax, little death, ultimate enjoyment, our vocabulary is not outdone when it comes to qualifying the culmination of pleasure: the female orgasm . Much more than a simple physiological reaction during intense sexual stimulation, it is also shrouded in received ideas, stereotypes and clichés that it is high time to deconstruct.

Anatomically: what is a female orgasm?

When we observe a pattern of sexual arousal , we see that it is divided into 4 phases . First of all the excitement which is the first rise of pleasure. Then, the plateau where the neuromuscular tensions are increasingly strong until reaching orgasm . To close the scenario finally comes the resolution where the excitement goes down and the body regains its normal functioning.

The orgasm is therefore the climax . With us, it is manifested by muscular contractions in the vagina and by a retraction of the clitoris , as well as an increased heart rate.

But the fireworks are more visible when looking at the brain. Thanks to X-ray imaging, one can see the illumination of almost all the active regions of the brain. 🎆

This show illustrates a significant modification of cerebral activity at the moment of supreme enjoyment. Our brain shifts from beta frequencies to theta frequencies which are those of sleep and meditation.

During the rise of orgasm, dopamine is secreted and released in the body. It is a neurotransmitter which acts as an amplifier and which exacerbates the intensity of the sexual signals which the brain receives.

In fact, orgasm is a sudden emancipation from sexual tension. But it is also the liberation of a perception because it takes place in the heart of the psyche and not in the muscles.

This is also why it is possible to reach orgasm by stimulating any part of the body. There are breast orgasms, orgasms related to the G-spot, the anus or a multitude of other parts. Yes, the skin is a gigantic erogenous zone! 🤩

On the mental side, the endorphins released diffuse a feeling of deep well-being which sometimes leads to drowsiness.

In short, contrary to what we learn: orgasm is in the head and not in penetration.

As proof, 80% of us experience pleasure only by stimulation of the glans of the clitoris. No penetration in sight, no particular back-and-forth technique on the horizon.

Busting orgasm myths

Although it is the country of romanticism and the "menage à trois", France still deserves a catch-up session on the female pleasure side.

According to an IFOP/Cam4 survey dating from 2015, more than half of French women admitted having difficulty reaching orgasm and less than a quarter claimed to have enjoyed during their last intercourse. Are women bad students of sexuality?

Well… you know our answer. 😏

The sexual experience and in particular the female orgasm is flooded with contradictory injunctions and lack of information.

Many women believe they are frigid , blaming themselves for their apparent inability to climax. The problem usually does not come from us, but from the phalloccentric sexual culture in which we evolve since childhood.

A culture in which

  • sexual intercourse is scripted : foreplay 🠒 vaginal penetration 🠒 male ejaculation 🠒 kisses 🠒 good night 💤
  • the clitoris is a recent discovery
  • it is still believed that there are clitoral or vaginal orgasms
    (spoiler alert: the clitoris has two arches and two bulbs lined with nerves that extend under the labia majora)
  • women are expected to scream properly, arch their backs and cum sexy

No, the orgasm is not this mystical event, this spark that occurs only by energetic rubbing of the clitoris or the vagina.

It is the result of sensory stimulation, letting go, trust and a multitude of cognitive and affective factors .

📚 If you want to go deeper into the subject, we can only recommend Jouir by Sarah Barmak . The journalist and author dedicates two hundred pages to the female orgasm, we love it!

Exploring her orgasm through masturbation

Confidence, feeling good about yourself and letting go are ultimately much more crucial factors than a miracle method. To create our own cartography of the seventh heaven , we can go on a solo exploration of what makes us vibrate. 🧭

Through masturbation, we can make our way to orgasm by testing, daring , non-judgmental and with a healthy dose of curiosity.

In fact, when studying the effects of orgasm on the brain, American sex education icon Betty Dodson compared masturbation to a practical and fun form of mindfulness. 🧘

To explore your own pleasure, you can start by using your fingers or using a sex toy specially designed for the female anatomy.

You have the choice between objects intended for penetration or clitoris suckers . Our Coco is a real wellness accessory that combines clitoral stimulation and penetration . Whatever your decision, we've put together a guide for you to get the most out of your solo session . Happy exploring! 😘


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