Talking about female well-being means addressing sexuality, self-affirmation, self-love, but also relationships. Powerful tackles this subject as complex as it is fascinating. We asked ourselves how to avoid broken hearts, boring dates and put all the chances on his side to build healthy relationships . Here is a summary of our best tips for thriving when meeting others.

Put the fairy tales on the shelf

The rare references we have about romantic relationships come from those around us and from pop culture. We were all rocked by princess stories and romantic comedies where destiny intervenes and magic happens. 💘

Spoiler alert: human relationships are much richer than a Charming Prince or Princess. e. The perfect person does not exist. And this is good news, because it implies that we don't have to be perfect for each other neither !

The secret to knowing if we're embarking on a Disney relationship or if we're grounded in real life? Differentiate between chemistry and compatibility. 🔥

✨ Alchemy
There emotional connection when two people are together. Alchemy is this flame so difficult to capture and yet impossible to ignore. When the connection is strong, the other person occupies our thoughts , the sight of them causes butterflies to take off in our lower stomach. This spark is also present in intimate moments, it provokes fiery sessions that leave us short of breath and trembling legs.

🧩 Compatibility
The natural alignment between life choices and values. It determines the possibility of building a long-term romantic relationship. She is composed priorities , preferences in terms of activity and fundamental values.

Chemistry and compatibility sometimes appear together, sometimes not. A meeting with strong compatibility and little chemistry promises great conversations, but a quickly boring life as a couple . Conversely, strong chemistry and little compatibility augur an infernal spiral of toxic passion. Not crazy.

To find out if this start of a relationship has a chance of taking hold, assess the balance between chemistry and compatibility. Don't count on a perfect 50/50, but if the person shares your long-term vision while provoking a goofy smile at every meeting, it's a good sign. 😘

By daring to meet the other beyond the smooth images of fairy tales, we allow ourselves to understand it and welcome it with its history and its humanity . We can't do better for a successful start to a relationship!

Love yourself above all

You have probably heard the adage you have to love yourself before you love others” . OK, it may be a bit radical, but it has some truth to it.

At the meeting between personal development and self-love, learning to love ourselves leads us towards caring and selfless relationships.

To take a first step towards self-compassion, we invite you to clearly define your values. Knowing what is important to you is one step closer to building a relationship with a healthy foundation. By having this clarity, we are able to communicate our expectations and needs to our partner , which promotes better mutual understanding. To help you, take inspiration from a list of values already established.

Knowing how to set your limits is also essential for a successful start to a relationship. This means being able to define what is acceptable to us and what is not , and express these limits in a respectful manner. This is the key to preserving our integrity and emotional well-being, while establishing a balanced foundation in the relationship.

Last little tip to learn to love yourself: become BFF with your demons. Accepting their presence at your side means looking them in the face, understanding them and integrating them into your personal journey. They too need a good dose of love. 😇

Embrace uncertainty

Start a relationship and open up to others, it's scary. We don't know what baggage the other person brings with them, or if they are as willing to commit as much as they say they are. Under the sheets as well as in everyday life, we hope that their preferences and habits will match ours. We fear coming across the detail or the revelation that will erase the hope of a potential future together. 😱

Our thoughts get tangled and that's normal, our brain hates the unknown. This is why he whispers to us to read between the lines, to expect the worst or advises us to armor our shell.

So, we thank him for placing doubts and fears in our path . It's nice to want to protect us. Let's promise our anxious brain to take careful note of his warnings and let's dare to jump into the deep end. 🛀

We are adults capable of taking care of ourselves. So we can start a romantic relationship knowing that if it doesn't work, it's for the best.

🔊 The relationship is a bonus that enhances our existence, not a prerequisite for a fulfilled life.

Leaving room for uncertainty allows you to enjoy the experience of mutual discovery and build a deeper connection. Doubts and fears are part of the game, but it is precisely in these moments that we learn to trust ourselves.

Dare to be vulnerable

When we have learned to hide our emotions for fear of being vulnerable, we often associate this term with weakness.

Yet being vulnerable means consciously choosing to freely express your emotions and desires to others. All without worrying about how it may affect the image that others have of us. It takes courage and a good dose of self-love to accept the consequences of being yourself. 🙌

But vulnerability is also the only path to sincere connection with the people who cross our path. Some will pass through and others will choose to stay.

Communicating clearly about the person you are is the priority for a successful start to a relationship. That means be honest with yourself and your partner about your needs, desires, fears and aspirations . Daring to show your whole self paves the way for the kind of authentic communication that fosters mutual understanding and greater emotional intimacy.

It also invites the other person to present themselves as they are, in complete authenticity. 🤩

You now have the essential keys to build fulfilling and nourishing romantic relationships . These tips apply as much to your loves as to the beautiful friendships who will cross your path. To continue, we can only recommend this list of the best tools to get to know each other. An essential read to learn to enjoy yourself and set your limits. 😘


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