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Imagination is a territory where everything is permitted , where we can let our secret garden blossom out of sight . Indispensable engine of our desire, we sometimes tend to harshly censor it. Our wildest fantasies are then thrown into oblivion with shame . Wouldn't it be great to free them from their chains and let them fully express themselves? Good news: erotic writing allows us to give free rein to the subversive, sexy and darker part of our thoughts . In this article, we tell you everything you need to know to write your first erotic novel.

Why be tempted by erotic writing?

To fully express his unacknowledged fantasies

Writing an erotic short story is cathartic in that it is a form of disinhibition. 🔥

Whether you share your story with your partner, anonymously online or just for you, concretely writing down each stage of a fantasy has the flavor of an intimate confession.

You are the mistress on board and you alone decide where your story will go. Maybe your first draft will be shy and still prudish. It's not serious !

Opt for a sensual or sexy playlist to get you in the mood, think of a burning moment that you would like to (re)live, close your eyes and let the words express your feelings.

Did you know that 50 Shades of Gray was originally an erotic fan fiction from the Twilight universe ? Yes, yes, the main characters were the pale couple Bella and Edward. 🦇

To get to know each other

Journaling is an excellent practice for learning to discover yourself. Why not apply it to its sexy and sensual side?

By letting ourselves be carried by his pen, we let him guide us to regions of our minds that we did not yet know. ✒️

The choice of setting, characters and scenario will be a projection of what is in your thoughts . Putting that part of you down on paper (or screen) is a very healthy practice.

Writing structures thought, it gives it direction. By following it, you may make some great discoveries about yourself.

Be careful, however , not to judge what emerges from your erotic writings . Whether on your style or on the content of your news. There is no point in wanting to interpret a fantasy in depth. He simply is. 🤍

The ingredients of an erotic story

The physical description

A good physical description turns the author and her reader into an active voyeur . This is a special form of pleasure called scopic desire .

To describe the body of your characters, alternate with metaphors and more anatomical descriptions. 🫀

You can also prepare a small list of synonyms for the parts so as not to fall into the repetition of "sex" or "breasts".

The same goes for interactions . Kissing can be said to be “rolling a shovel”, “smooching”, “hugging” . A penetration can be a "back and forth", "kidney blows", "pounding" , etc.. 💋

The feelings

The sexual act is much more than a series of gestures, it is not limited to a physical description of bodies and movements.

For the magic of a new erotica to work, the emotions and the senses must envelop the act.

How are your characters feeling? How do their emotions and sensuality change as desire grows hotter and hotter in them?

Play with words to emphasize this crescendo of sensations in your description . The 5 senses come into play during the report, why not dig into the culinary vocabulary for taste in the lexicon of music for sounds? 🎶

If you prefer raw, organic descriptions, indulge yourself! A new erotica is just for you. It must stimulate your own desire . You owe nothing to anyone and even less to the Académie Française. 🖕

Your first writing exercise

We weren't going to leave you with all of these leads without giving you at least one writing exercise.

📚 How adorable we are, we remind you of the basic narrative structure . It is also called The Hero's Journey :

1. Initial situation
2. Disruptive element
3. Adventures
4. Element of resolution
5. End state, return to equilibrium

The erotic act can be the disruptive element that upsets your character or the element of resolution that puts an end to a tension.

For this exercise, write a first-person situation where you act out a fantasy with a fictional character in their world . Before you ask us: yes, you are allowed to use Edward or Bella if you wish. 😉

You now have the keys to invest yourself a little more in your sexual well-being thanks to erotic writing. If you like the exercise, you can then publish your news on dedicated blogs or forums, they abound on the web. And if you feel like it, don't hesitate to send it to us at hello@puissante.co . We will be happy to publish them anonymously or not! 💌


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