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Historically treated as the " heinous sin of self-pollution " and then associated with feelings of shame and guilt , female masturbation is a subject that remains hyper taboo today. Despite the growing place of sex-positive content in the media, female solitary pleasure is often relegated to the background. However, nothing is more natural to want to fully enjoy our body. Because in addition to being a fundamental right , solo pleasure is also a door to more well-being and good vibes ! So why deprive yourself of it?


Fill up on good vibes


Before we get to the heart of the matter, let's get back to basics: what are the effects of pleasure on the body?


Whether practiced with others or alone, sexual pleasure with or without an orgasm triggers a very positive chain reaction. Far beyond physical pleasure. ☀️


The benefits of masturbation also impact our mental and emotional state.


Firstly thanks to oxytocin or the love hormone for intimates. It is an important binding chemical with a powerful antidepressant effect . When our brain produces oxytocin, we naturally feel happier . and calmer.


Dopamine is another key player in this deep well-being . She is involved in pleasure, motivation, learning and memory. British Psychological Society brain imaging studies show that the dopamine-related reward system is activated during sexual arousal, flooding us with even more delicious feelings.


And, finally, a surge of endorphins runs through us. A bit like after a sports session, but without the sports session: the kiff. 😍



Bye bye menstrual pain


At the time of menstruation, our body undergoes a drastic change in hormones . This usually results in an increase in libido , but also in the onset of pain, cramps and headaches . Big atmosphere, what.


What if we told you that here too, masturbation could come to our rescue? 🙌


As proof, the Womanizer brand conducted a 6-month study where subjects exchanged painkillers for a moment of solo pleasure.


At the end of the study, 70% of participants said that regular masturbation relieved the intensity of their menstrual pain. 90% recommend masturbation to fight period pain to a friend.


According to The Journal of Sex Research , this analgesic effect is explained by the increased blood flow to the genitals, which increases the pain tolerance threshold. Once again, we can thank the hormones released during stimulation and after orgasm.


In addition, the contractions caused by orgasm would help to reduce the duration of menstruation by contributing to the elimination of the endometrium.



Female masturbation: its benefits against stress


"Masturbation is a practical and fun form of meditation."


That's the guideline of Powerful. But these are above all the words of Betty Dodson, the queen of auto-erotism. And she was right: several studies have proven how similar the two techniques are !


Here is a non-exhaustive list of the beneficial effects of female masturbation on stress:


  • Improves ability to concentrate and reduces invasive thoughts
  • Reduced cortisol levels in the body
  • Anchor in the present moment
  • Allows the brain to switch from beta frequencies to theta frequencies (deep relaxation frequencies that are also found before falling asleep)


Like meditation, masturbation is an accessible practice that requires no equipment and is non-discriminatory.


Moreover, mindful masturbation (or masturbedition ) has developed in parallel with the current of slow sex. 🍃 The concept is simple: instead of just using our breath as a focal point, we also focus on the pleasant sensations that anchor us in our body.



Masturbation as a tool for self-reconnection


While every millimeter of our life must be shared on the networks and every second of our day is synonymous with efficiency and productivity, masturbation invites us to slow down . It opens a parenthesis where we are the subject of our attention . 🪞 We take the time to listen to our feelings , to choose the position that suits us and simply give each other love.


Treating yourself to pleasure without performance or time constraints is the very definition of a practice of self-care . With a ballet of gestures and caresses, we reclaim our body gently . For some, it even takes the form of a ritual to rediscover one's sensuality and full power.


This self-knowledge at your own pace is also a powerful way to frame what you love . This is how one establishes one's own values ​​around masturbation and how one defines what pleasure is for oneself and by oneself. This then facilitates communication with his or her partner during intercourse.



If we still had to convince you that female masturbation is a great key to doing good, we would tell you that it is one of the few sources of free enjoyment, always available and good for your health . So, are you ready to smash taboos around solitary pleasure and explore what makes you shiver? ❤️


How to masturbate?


Take your time and forget the goal of reaching orgasm immediately; you will have understood, the important thing is to find yourself from you to you. Get in the mood that will help you have fun, whether it's quiet in your bed, in your shower with background music... And explore!

Coco will allow you to discover your body and take time to get to know yourself! It will allow you to stimulate the glans of your clitoris with its suction part as well as its vibrating part which also allows penetration; you can use these two modes together or separately. 🥰


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