Notre mission

"Masturbation is a practical and fun form of meditation," said Betty Dodson, who explained this discipline.

And she was right.


We believe that it is through the history of words that we can point out the fragility of a society. Let's take up that term that we have been left out, Powerful.
If we look for the definition, we will find results only for the male alter-ego.

So why does "holding great power, imposing authority and producing great effects" not effects" is not about us?

We are powerful women. And this is what we intend to defend.

It is to take back the power, on our body, our life, our spirit. It is to be free and be proud of it.

It's about wanting pleasure and not being afraid to say so. It is to love ourselves.

Too often we forget what we are capable of.
We are all perfect, now let's be PUISSANTE.