Paulette x Puissante

Paulette and Puissante join forces to help you discover

" Coco, your new vibrator. ❤️ "

Our mission is to break down the taboos about female sexuality and masturbation so it is with great pleasure that we are releasing this limited edition with Paulette Magazine, which has been shaking things up for years! 🥳
At long last, we can make some progress in this area and talk about it. Because it's normal to feel good, we'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Paulette for a great collaboration that helps to progressively change mindsets! 💪

And for each order placed on the site, there is of course the €1 that gets donated to Orchidées Rouges ❤️

Paulette x puissante

Coco Paulette

It's normal to feel good!


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