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Each of our vibrators is designed in France, inspired by the valuable feedback of our amazing community of women. It takes several months of testing and prototyping to create your new favorite wellness accessory.
We are dedicated to providing you with elegant and pleasurable items.
Enjoy the delightful (re)discovery. ❤️

"Eat, drink, masturbate" poster"Eat, drink, masturbate" poster
"Eat, drink, masturbate" poster
Sale price$14 Regular price$24
Sale price$5
USB cable
USB cable
Sale price$9
Unisex CapUnisex Cap
Unisex Cap
Sale price$33
Sale price$122
NouveautéSold out
Chouchou Deluxe EditionChouchou Deluxe Edition
Chouchou ForeverChouchou Forever
Sale price$149
FavoriSold out
Coco Deluxe EditionCoco Deluxe Edition
Coco Deluxe Edition
Sale price$192
Coco x ChouchouCoco x Chouchou
Coco x Chouchou
Sale price$191 Regular price$213
Coco x Laurie DarmonCoco x Laurie Darmon
Coco x Laurie Darmon
Sale price$111
Coco x TajinebananeCoco x Tajinebanane
Coco x Tajinebanane
Sale price$111
Coco x ToupieCoco x Toupie
Coco x Toupie
Sale price$238
Chouchou Premium BoxChouchou Premium Box
Chouchou Premium Box
Sale price$113
Coco Premium BoxCoco Premium Box
Coco Premium Box
Sale price$167
Discovery PackDiscovery Pack
Discovery Pack
Sale price$107
Sold out
Gin Land of IceGin Land of Ice
Gin Land of Ice
Sale price$19
Gel Intime Lubrifiant PuissanteGel Intime Lubrifiant Puissante
Sale price$4
Mini CocoMini Coco
Mini Coco
Sale price$119
Mini Coco x ChouchouMini Coco x Chouchou
Mini Coco x Chouchou
Sale price$157 Regular price$185

Good vibes for life!

Having a vibrator means giving yourself some quality me-time. It's about taking a moment to understand and explore who you truly are. And while pleasure is definitely part of the package, it's not the only perk. Quite the opposite, the positive change it brings is radical and carries into your everyday life.
Now, this doesn't mean you have to pleasure yourself or share intimate moments daily—far from it. It simply means that treating yourself well boosts your self-confidence and makes you feel empowered. Remember, sexual wellness is a vital component of overall well-being.
Someone experiencing pleasure for the first time is in for a transformative journey. It's not just a one-time feel-good boost; these are moments of self-discovery that truly lift you up. 💖

Own your pleasure


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