Le vaginisme


Whether it's menstruation or masturbation , taboos have no mercy on women's intimacy. Vaginismus , a disorder encountered by 1% of women, is also a victim. Women who have it often find it hard to...
Qu'est-ce que la libido ? Pour une défintion claire de ses facteurs et de sa baisse

What is libido? For a clear definition of its factors and its decline

Whether we're talking about lowering it or boosting it, the libido is the red thread of our sexuality . We question it, we judge it, we compare it without really being able to define it. Understand...
4 podcasts pour décomplexer la sexualité féminine

4 podcasts to decomplex female sexuality

Summer is the perfect time to slow down and take the time to build your G culture as well as your Q culture . For a decade, the word has been released around the sexual well-being of women , and th...
Faire l'amour avec l'endométriose

Sex with endometriosis

Endometriosis is a gynecological disease surrounded by pain, fatigue, anxiety and often wandering for patients. Fortunately, the word is starting to be released around the intimate health of women...
Pourquoi les femmes squirt ?

Why do women squirt?

What if women also ejaculated ? 🤔 Mmmm, no. If Hippocrates thought that the emission emitted by women was as fertile as that of men, we now know that in fact, squirt is the jet of a large quantity ...
Comment caresser sa vulve ?

How to caress her vulva?

The vulva is the external organs of the female reproductive system . It is made up of the labia majora , labia minora , clitoris , urethra , vagina and pubis. 🌸 The stimulation of the vulva can ...
Vibromasseur pendant les règles

Vibrator during menstruation

Many beliefs have led to mores being anchored in the world, in particular regarding menstruation and masturbation . We know today that having your period is obvious, and little by little, female ma...
Comment prendre soin de sa vulve ?

How to take care of your vulva?

Your vulva is a part of the body that is quite fragile. Periods, sexual activities, waxing/shaving, synthetic materials… It goes through many factors that can easily deteriorate it. This is why it ...
De l'âge de pierre au vibro : petite histoire du sextoy

From the Stone Age to the vibrator: a short history of the sex toy

While brands are getting more and more into the field of eroticism and pleasure, series are talking about sex education and films are flirting with BDSM , we could believe that the sex toy is the...
3 manières de travailler son estime sexuelle

3 Ways to Work on Your Sexual Esteem - wikiHow

Higher sexual esteem makes us more adventurous, more fulfilled , and more willing to ride the wave of pleasure . In this article, we tell you a little more about sexual self-confidence and we give...
Sexualité, règles, beauté : 4 livres pour se sentir Puissante

Sexuality, periods, beauty: 4 books to feel Powerful

At Puissant, we want to make our blog and our newsletters a space of resources to dismantle taboos and learn to leave each other alone. This involves writing articles, popularizing concepts, but a...
Le guide ultime de la lubrification vaginale

The Ultimate Guide to Vaginal Lubrication

While an erection is a very visible sign of arousal, the physical signs in women are more subtle . Vaginal lubrication is the one we know the most about. And yet, this sudden hydration in the heart...
Découvrir le porno éthique

Discover ethical porn

Stimulating your senses to give yourself pleasure alone or with others is a practice that has existed since the dawn of time. Pornography and eroticism have evolved in parallel with social codes an...
Kiffer sa sexualité après la ménopause

Love your sexuality after menopause

Often feared as the end of sexual fulfilment , menopause is a rite of passage that can be frightening. The body changes, the libido fluctuates and the self-confidence is generally affected. However...
Femme fontaine : tout savoir de l'éjaculation féminine

Fountain woman: everything you need to know about female ejaculation

The fountain woman today is more of an urban legend than a scientific explanation. As if female ejaculation were a mystical process reserved for a handful of fairground freaks. How so ? Female sex...
Sexe avec un vibromasseur : un moyen de pimenter votre vie sexuelle

Sex with a vibrator: a way to spice up your sex life

You live as a couple and everything is going well or almost. Only, the sexual life tends to take wrinkles and you feel the monotony softening the love in your daily life. That's when you wonder ...
Masturbation pendant les règles : un moyen pour surmonter les douleurs
masturbation féminine

Masturbation during menstruation: a way to overcome pain

Menstruation, for many women, results in pain and discomfort. Also called dysmenorrhea, these pains are accompanied by other uncomfortable symptoms. In order to alleviate them, some women take drug...
Spiritualité et désir : la sexualité sacrée & spirituelle

Spirituality and Desire: Sacred & Spiritual Sexuality

While a return to spirituality has been taking place for a few years and this trend has also affected our sex life. Sacred sexuality offers an experience of ecstasy contrary to contemporary inju...
Comprendre le lien entre stress et libido

Understand the link between stress and libido

Having become the backdrop to an ever faster, ever busier and more productive daily life , stress is considered the evil of the century. Recognized as being the cause of many physical and mental il...
Comment utiliser un vibromasseur pour prendre du plaisir ?

How to use a vibrator to have fun?

Using a vibrator for the first time can be an exciting and liberating experience. It is an investment. An investment in well-being. And this is essential. It's time to put aside the preconceptions,...
Différence entre vagin et vulve : les mystères de l'anatomie féminine

Difference between vagina and vulva: the mysteries of female anatomy

Spoiler: the vagina and the vulva are not interchangeable terms, but two distinct body parts . Don't panic, we've all been guilty of confusing it out of ignorance or convenience . Today, many initi...
3 manières de s'essayer au slow sex

3 Ways to Try Slow Sex - wikiHow

What if we exchanged the injunction to performance for more gentleness, more slowness and more intention? This is what the slow movement offers. First appearing in the kitchen with slow food, this...
Sexualité positive : c'est quoi, comment la pratiquer au quotidien ?

Positive sexuality: what is it, how to practice it on a daily basis?

Positive sexuality ? No more taboos! Although the floor is free, the exchanges on the reports generally fall into two categories. The first based on performance . The second on the problems encount...
Comment bien entretenir et nettoyer son vibromasseur

How to properly maintain and clean your vibrator

Vibrators and other sex toys are precious allies to guide us to seventh heaven . Whether they cause clitoral stimulation like a wand or whether they are rabbit -type toys, these jewels of technolog...
Comment le cycle menstruel influence la libido

How the Menstrual Cycle Influences Libido

A multitude of factors influence libido, one part is hormonal while the other depends on the context. Hormones naturally impact libido , as their purpose is to prepare the body for childbearing. U...
Pourquoi se masturber pendant les règles
masturbation féminine

Why masturbate during menstruation

In France, female masturbation is still associated with many taboos , associating it with menstruation then seems to cast a shadow of double shame on the practice of masturbation during menstruatio...
Faire l'amour pendant les règles : bye bye les idées reçues

Making love during menstruation: bye bye received ideas

Menstruation is still a very taboo subject in our society. Heir to centuries of stigma , menstruation is often seen as dirty and shameful . As proof: in the wonderful world of sanitary protection, ...
Notre sélection culturelle pour se faire plaisir seule

Our cultural selection to have fun alone

Lacking inspiration for your moments of solitary pleasure ? Do you want to explore media other than video or your imagination? Powerful helps you fill up with good erotic and stimulating vibes !...
Petit histoire de la masturbation féminine

A short history of female masturbation

At Puissant, we are passionate about sexual well-being and in particular female masturbation. We defend onanism (or solitary pleasure) that is uninhibited, curious, joyful and full of power . For t...
Les nombreux bienfaits de la masturbation féminine

The many benefits of female masturbation

Historically treated as the " heinous sin of self-pollution " and then associated with feelings of shame and guilt , female masturbation is a subject that remains hyper taboo today. Despite the gro...

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