Plaisir féminin : quels accessoires utiliser ?

Female pleasure: what accessories to use?

Alone or with a partner, we need to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. For masturbation sessions or during sexual intercourse, there are a multitude of accessories that can increase female aro...
Comment se caresser le clitoris pour le stimuler ?

How to caress the clitoris to stimulate it?

Finding orgasm is not always obvious even during intense and maximum penetration. Sometimes we find pleasure in stroking our clitoris or rubbing against our partner. There are many ways to make...
Pornographie dans le couple : bonne ou mauvaise idée ?

Pornography in the couple: good or bad idea?

Long remained a taboo subject and considered obscene, pornography for several decades has taken on an enormous dimension, especially with the advent of the web. Its consumption is on the rise. P...
Comment faire un bilan positif de son année

How to make a positive review of your year

The temperatures drop, Mariah Carey wakes from her sleep, the garlands invade the streets: the end of the year is here . Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Hannukah or not, c and cycle compl...
Suivre son cycle menstruel pour retrouver sa puissance

Follow your menstrual cycle to regain your potency

Whether we want to get pregnant or not , our cycle gives us valuable information about our energy level, our health and our functioning . It's much more reliable and accurate than a magazine horo...
Comment augmenter la lubrification féminine ?

How to increase female lubrication?

We can at some point in our existence have intimate problems. Among them, appears that of female lubrication . Fortunately, it is not an end in itself. Caused by many factors of various kinds, ther...
Se réapproprier son corps grâce à l'autogynécologie

Reclaiming your body through autogynecology

Have you ever provided yourself with a mirror in your parents' bathroom to observe yourself from below? Have you ever tried to better understand how your cycle works ? Have you ever thought of you...
5 idées cadeaux 100 % self love

5 100% self-love gift ideas

The days of unintended gifts that end up gathering dust on a shelf are over. Today, we want to offer meaning, values ​​and pleasure . Yet the choice is so vast that we have a hard time finding th...
Nos newsletters préférées sur la sexualité et le bien-être féminin

Our favorite newsletters on female sexuality and well-being

Speech is freed around sexuality. Taboos are questioned, dissected and deconstructed little by little. Many initiatives are flourishing in France so that everyone has a fulfilling sex life. It's...
Nouvelle expérience au lit pour pimenter la vie sexuelle de votre couple

New experience in bed to spice up your couple's sex life

The progressive installation of routine in sexual practices is a situation that almost all couples go through after a few years. The flames of initially mutually shared passion begin to die down...
Comprendre les différents types de désirs sexuels

Understand the different types of sexual desires

Fluctuations in libido often cause doubts, even guilt. We blame ourselves for not wanting , we don't understand why and then *poof* , she reappears thanks to a look or a gesture. It makes no sens...
3 manières d'explorer sa sensualité

3 Ways to Explore Your Sensuality - wikiHow

When we embark on the path of self-love, we want to re-tame our body . Exploring your sensuality is a great way to create harmony between your senses, your body and your feelings. To be sensual is...
Qu'est-ce que la charge sexuelle ?
sexualité positive

What is sexual charge?

Donner vie à vos fanstasmes grâce à l'écriture érotique

Bring your fantasies to life with erotic writing

Imagination is a territory where everything is permitted , where we can let our secret garden blossom out of sight . Indispensable engine of our desire, we sometimes tend to harshly censor it. Our ...
Plaisir féminin : les clés pour décupler l’orgasme

Female pleasure: the keys to increasing orgasm tenfold

The female orgasm is the rarer and more complex of the two. In other words, men find it easier to obtain pleasure than women. It is harder and harder for them to reach the moment of ultimate sat...
Avoir un orgasme vaginal ou clitoridien, existe-t-il une différence ?

Having a vaginal or clitoral orgasm, is there a difference?

The vaginal and/or clitoral orgasm is the subject of much debate and this is not likely to change. Indeed, this is due to the mystery that remains around the woman's sex and its components unlik...
Dyspareunie : on explique les douleurs lors des rapports sexuels

Dyspareunia: we explain the pain during sexual intercourse

Dyspareunia: definition Dyspareunia is pain felt in women or men during sexual intercourse. However, dyspareunia is a medical term that is more commonly used to refer to pain during sexual inter...
Se masturber chez la femme, pourquoi c'est tabou ?🙅‍♀️

Masturbating in women's homes, why is it taboo?🙅‍♀️

A man who masturbates is “logical” “normal” “he needs it” “these are impulses”. And why don't we have the same speech for a woman? Why is it not seen as a need, a normal desire? 🧐 “Masturbation am...
Atteindre l'orgasme en stimulant son clitoris : conseils et pratiques

Achieve orgasm by stimulating your clitoris: advice and practices

The clitoris is considered par excellence as the organ of female pleasure . By stimulating it, they reach the pleasure called orgasm . A practice that allows you to have a fulfilling and compl...
Démystifier les idées reçues sur la masturbation féminine

Demystifying myths about female masturbation

One of the only certainties we have about female sexuality is that it is shrouded in a great cloak of taboos . From a very young age, we are taught that masturbation is a male activity , that it...
3 (vrais) conseils pour rebooster sa libido

3 (real) tips to boost your libido

A low libido is never a good time to experience. It often arrives accompanied by doubts and questions. When researching "how to boost your libido", we come across everything and its opposite in t...
Décupler son plaisir avec le edging

Increase your pleasure with edging

Sexual dissatisfaction is a real source of problems for many young couples. It is better and better managed with the advent of new sexual methods and practices. The edging which gives the soluti...
Les plus de parler de sexualité sur les réseaux sociaux

The most talked about sexuality on social networks

In France, 571 publications per minute on the internet talk about sex. The French are fond of emojis with sexual connotations, they are among the most used on social networks. There are ap...
Les bonnes nouvelles de la sexualité
sexualité positive

The good news about sex

As summer is in full swing, we wanted to give you a good dose of good news. No guide to female masturbation or exploring your pleasure this week, but a selection of good sex news. Let's go for a sh...
Pourquoi avoir un vibro ?

Why have a vibrator?

The desire to explore one's body, to venture into the discovery of new pleasures, to learn how to touch oneself, to love oneself… The reasons that lead many people to buy their first vibrator ca...
Réapprivoiser son corps après la ménopause

Getting back to your body after menopause

Dreaded passage in the life of a woman, menopause arrives with its share of physical and psychological upheavals . Hormonal changes and the deficiencies that accompany them can easily throw us off ...
Sexe post-accouchement : comprendre la libido en post partum

Postpartum sex: understanding postpartum libido

The postpartum period is that time when the woman retransitions to “a normal life” . So much for the brief and quick definition. Except that this period is in no way a return to normal, but a profo...
L'orgasme féminin : tout savoir sur le septième ciel

The female orgasm: all about seventh heaven

Seventh heaven, climax, little death, ultimate enjoyment, our vocabulary is not outdone when it comes to qualifying the culmination of pleasure: the female orgasm . Much more than a simple physio...
Comment choisir son stimulateur clitoridien ?

How to choose your clitoral stimulator?

The clitoral stimulator is one of the vibrators capable of giving intense pleasure by indirect stimulation on the clitoris. Thanks to pulsed air technology, it imitates suction. 🤗 How to choose ...
Le lubrifiant : une aide pour intensifier le plaisir

The lubricant: an aid to intensify the pleasure

The lubricant is of paramount importance in sexual intercourse . Poorly chosen, it can be harmful to the vaginal flora and the mucous membranes of the woman. Choosing the right gel and knowing ho...

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