Nos meilleurs conseils pour essayer le plaisir anal en douceur

Our best tips for trying anal pleasure gently

At Puissant, we love to challenge taboos to break them. And what could be more forbidden than anal pleasure ? For fear of judgment or because of a priori, sodomy is often brushed aside . However,...
Zoom sur  la révolution sexuelle des 60's et 70's

Focus on the sexual revolution of the 60's and 70's

What is sexual emancipation for you? Perhaps Woodstock and the Summer of Love in 1969. Or the sale of the first rabbit in 1984. Be that as it may, the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s profoun...
25 bonnes raisons pour les femmes de se masturber régulièrement
masturbation féminine

25 good reasons for women to masturbate regularly

Powerful was founded on the idea that masturbation was good for your health . With our very first vibrator, affectionately called Coco, we wanted to make solitary pleasure a normal part of women'...
Comment consommer de la pornographie de manière éthique ?

How to consume pornography in an ethical way?

Whether we like it or not, the porn industry is ultra-lucrative and strongly influences the way we construct our sexuality. Some people consider porn as evil incarnate capable of corrupting the i...
Dire bye-bye à la rivalité féminine

Say bye-bye to female rivalry

Female rivalry is a complex phenomenon that is still pervasive in our lives. This belief that other women are an enemy to be defeated is not innate, but a social construct. To remedy this, we dec...
Intensifier son plaisir grâce au shallowing

Intensify your pleasure thanks to shallowing

Although it is by no means an obligation, orgasm is a delicious part of our sexuality. However, the classic penetration and its deep back and forth are not always the best technique to reach seven...
Bien gérer son argent : un acte de self-love

Manage your money well: an act of self-love

Good money management is much more than an Excel spreadsheet . How we organize our finances is often a reflection of our upbringing and our relationship to ourselves . By working on our financial...
Les meilleures techniques de masturbation féminine pour explorer son corps et atteindre l'orgasme

The Best Female Masturbation Techniques to Explore Your Body and Achieve Orgasm

Female masturbation is a subject that can be difficult to discuss, but it is important to remember that masturbation is perfectly natural and normal! Plus, masturbation can be a great way to ...
Explorez de nouveaux sommets de plaisir : Comment les vibromasseurs peuvent améliorer vos orgasmes

Explore New Heights of Pleasure: How Vibrators Can Enhance Your Orgasms

Vibrators are increasingly popular sex toys for women: they offer intense and precise stimulation, which can help to reach an orgasm more easily 😇 . However, many women are not comfortable with...
En finir avec le mythe de la virginité
sexualité positive

Ending the myth of virginity

Associated with the notion of moral purity in many cultures, virginity is actually much more than a story of a torn hymen . In this article, Powerful chooses to shed light on the myths surroundi...
5 idées reçues sur le cycle menstruel

5 misconceptions about the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is a natural phenomenon that affects the lives of a majority of us. However, like many topics affecting the female body, it is often misunderstood and steeped in misconceptio...
10 façons érotiques de vivre une sexualité sans pénétration

10 erotic ways to experience non-penetrative sex

Today, we are going to talk about a subject that is sometimes taboo: non-penetrative sex . You may have heard of this practice before, but perhaps you have never really explored it. Well, now is...
Quel vibromasseur choisir ? Nos conseils et astuces

Which vibrator to choose? Our advice and tips

A vibrator is a pleasure stimulation tool. There are many with different functions, some emit small vibrations to stimulate your erogenous zones, others will be able to "vacuum" or "suck" the pr...
L'impact de l'endométriose sur la libido

The impact of endometriosis on libido

Disease still too recognized, endometriosis is a chronic disease that affects between 2 and 4 million women in France . It is characterized by the growth of tissues similar to those of the uteru...
Comment se masturber avec un coussin ? La technique du humping

How to masturbate with a cushion? The technique of humping

How to masturbate with a cushion? 🛌 Faithful ally of sleep, the cushion is not only useful when you are in the arms of Morpheus. For decades, its use as an object of masturbation has belonged t...
Comment reprendre le pouvoir sur ses finances

How to regain control over your finances

At Puissant, our favorite subject is self-love . It is preached through advice on sexuality, self-knowledge and acceptance of one's body. Today, we want to go further by addressing the issue of ...
Comprendre nos hormones tout au long du cycle menstruel

Understanding our hormones throughout the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is much more than a few days of periods . It's a veritable ballet of hormones and micrometamorphoses of the body. Looking at how the body works allows us to better understand...
Avec quoi se masturber ?

What to masturbate with?

Masturbation is a practice that brings to women as well as to men, many effects such as the joy of living, balance and a wonderful health of body and mind. 👌 If you think this practice is lonel...
5 livres jeunesses pour aborder sereinement la sexualité et le consentement
sexualité positive

5 children's books to serenely approach sexuality and consent

Children's books are real gold mines for parents who find themselves helpless in the face of all the questions their children have. Stories open children up to the world and society . However, ev...
Nos conseils pour s'essayer en douceur au BDSM

Our advice for gently trying out BDSM

Popularized by the 50 Shades of Gray saga, BDSM is a term that encompasses a diversity of practices as well as a philosophy . The acronym stands for bondage and discipline, domination and submis...
Comment booster la libido pour une femme ?

How to boost libido for a woman?

Your sexual activity is on the decline and you feel less desire to share this moment with your partner. Sexual activity is impacted by various factors. It can be the emotional state, the physic...
Masturbation : les positions à connaître

Masturbation: the positions to know

Masturbation, once heavily taboo, is increasingly recognized as a beneficial practice, given its many health benefits. For it to be more beneficial, don't be content with knowing only one mastur...
Comment pratiquer le self-care au quotidien

How to practice daily self-care

Orgasme mammaire : comment stimuler ses seins pour avoir du plaisir ?

Breast orgasm: how to stimulate your breasts to have pleasure?

You might think that orgasms are something that can only happen through genital stimulation. Well, we explain to you here that no! Women have very sensitive erogenous zones throughout their bod...
Comment se masturber avec un objet ?

How to masturbate with an object?

Having fun isn't always as easy as you think. Even less give oneself pleasure by practicing masturbation with objects . For women, especially those who have never masturbated with an object, the...
Comment se faire plaisir seule pour avoir un orgasme?

How to please yourself alone to have an orgasm?

Female pleasure has long been considered a taboo subject in society. Fortunately, today, things have changed a lot! Women are now free to express their desires, to talk about their sexuality an...
Décryptage du Romance Gap

Deciphering the Romance Gap

You thought gender equality in relationships came down to sharing household chores ? Perhaps even as a woman educated in issues of sexism in society, you are vigilant enough to ensure that your r...
5 livres sur les règles pour comprendre son cycle menstruel

5 books on periods to understand your menstrual cycle

Like everything traditionally about femininity, periods have their share of myths and misconceptions . Beyond blood, it is also contraception, mood swings, fertility or even the ravages of preme...
Tenir ses bonnes résolutions sans pression

Stick to good resolutions without pressure

Every January, it's the same refrain. Ads for gyms, online training and diets are invading our spaces. The time to change your life and make good resolutions has come. What ? You did not hold th...
Plaisir féminin : quels accessoires utiliser ?

Female pleasure: what accessories to use?

Alone or with a partner, we need to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. For masturbation sessions or during sexual intercourse, there are a multitude of accessories that can increase female aro...

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