Vibromasseur pendant les règles

Vibrator during menstruation

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Many beliefs have led to mores being anchored in the world, in particular regarding menstruation and masturbation . We know today that having your period is obvious, and little by little, female masturbation is becoming more democratic. We are advancing step by step on these two subjects and combining menstruation and solitary pleasure is totally beneficial! So why not use a vibrator during your period ?

Why masturbate during menstruation?

Contrary to popular belief, sexual intercourse and masturbation during menstruation are not to be banned! If these practices seem out of the ordinary, it is because of the mores that have developed over the centuries. Aristotle compared rules to animal sacrifice; during menstruation, women were forbidden to pray, sleep in a bed with a partner, and have sexual intercourse. Periods have long been linked to witchcraft, impurity, disease and even infertility…🤔 Good. These beliefs and prohibitions have installed taboos in the world. However, it's just blood, as we all have and fortunately, we now know the usefulness of periods. 😊

Depriving oneself of intimate relationships during menstruation has been a pattern that has been rooted for millennia. But the taboos on masturbation and menstruation are finally rising little by little! And combining the two can even bring many benefits to your health and comfort . 👍 With the release of endorphins - the pleasure hormone - and oxytocin - the love hormone - menstrual pains ease. 🥰

In addition, the pleasure can be more intense thanks to the natural lubrication of your vagina which is stronger thanks to the influx of blood!

During menstruation, many women have a higher libido than usual. This is explained by the testosterone level which increases! 📈 Each phase of the cycle has an impact on the libido . There is the follicular phase , the luteal phase or even ovulation: we tell you everything about how the menstrual cycle has an impact on libido ! 🤗 Obviously, sexual desire depends on each person; the context, the environment, the state of mind come into play! Other women have no libido during their period because of the many symptoms that this can cause (pain, fatigue, etc.).

Using a vibrator during menstruation

You can indulge yourself with a vibrator! There are no set rules for masturbating during your period. ☺️ Do as usual!

And if you 've never used a vibrator , take your time to discover the sensations it gives you! In an effort to explore your sexuality, masturbating during your period can help you get to know your body better! You can stimulate the glans of the clitoris with vibrations or more or less strong suction depending on your sensitivity. 😉 Or spin around focusing on the lips! Feel free to penetrate yourself if you feel like it; the main thing is to make you happy, forget the prohibitions around menstruation! ❤️

At Puissant, we created Coco to help you explore your sexuality. Its use will make you discover the pleasures of suction on the glans of the clitoris and the vibrations during penetration or on other erogenous zones! Composed of medical silicone, it respects all parts of your body and is very easy to clean. And you can even use it underwater since it's waterproof!💧

See it as an exploration of yourself and test several different stimulations!

If you are afraid of bloodstains, you can keep your menstrual products on without worries, or put a sheet under them. 🙌

Of course, you can also have sex during your period with a partner!

You can use an old towel to avoid staining your sheets or go in the shower. 🚿 It is indeed well known that water can cut the flow of blood! 😌 And most vibrators are waterproof so goooo! 💧

Practicing cunnilingus is quite possible during menstruation. Just insert a CUP if your partner refuses to come into contact with blood. ☺️ And all positions that include penetration are of course possible. The vagina is much more lubricated thanks to the blood flowing from it and the pleasure is thus intensified ! Cups and tampons are specially designed for your intimate relationships. They are placed at the bottom of the vagina and do not move despite stimulation!

⚠️ Don't forget to protect yourself during your period; even weakly, you are still fertile during this period! And NEVER banish the possibility of transmission of STDs or STIs, even with a vibrator and especially during your period since the flow of blood favors them. ⚠️

Using a vibrator during your intimate relations with a partner during your period diversifies the pleasure. 🥰 The vibrator allows you to discover new sensations together . By fueling the flame with your partner, you strengthen the intimacy you have together.

There are many ways to use a couple's vibrator ; one stimulates the other with the different modes, the vibrator tickles the clitoris during penetration, the latter is completed with a vibrator according to the morphologies, one masturbates under the eyes of his partner...

Anything is possible when you remove the barriers created around the rules. 😉

Which vibrator to choose?

If you want to use a vibrator with a partner, choose it together . Communicate well to find out what can make you both happy in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. 😳

If you want to buy your first vibrator for the purpose of masturbating, think carefully about the type of stimulation you want. Vibrations, suction, penetration, glans clitoris… Hard to choose. 🤯 A vibrator that has all these features would be so much easier… OH! But it does 🤩 Our Coco allows for double stimulation; with him, there are no concessions. It bends, and there, it is you who decide; suction or vibrations on the labia/clito, penetration or not?... Together or separately? It's up to you… In addition, it can be used alone or in pairs!

Taking care of your vibrator during your period

You should know that the vaginal flora is quite upset during your period. It is rebuilt each time following this period. Everything must then be done to avoid damaging it and to help it stay healthy. 🧼

As for vibrators, whether you have your period or not, do not overlook the cleanliness of your object! Most vibrators are waterproof ( Coco in any case, it is 💧), you can clean it with water and with a suitable intimate soap. 👍


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