Utiliser un vibromasseur en couple

Using a vibrator as a couple

Using a vibrator for couples can be very interesting in order to experience sex differently, to discover a new type of pleasure and new sensations to share as a duo! But this subject can be taboo if your partner believes that sex toys are only used in case of frustration or lack of performance on his part. It's important to know how to broach the subject with him or her so that you can put aside conventional wisdom about sex and know how to please each other with an object . Anything that can bring more pleasure to your sexuality should be welcome. So stop the clichés about the use of sex toys as a couple, communicate with your partner about this sexual desire, test together and you will see that you will love it! 🤗

Here is a little guide to properly understand the subject and understand what a vibrator can bring to your relationship ❤️

  1. How to bring the subject of the use of a vibrator within your couple?
  2. Why vibrator can spice up your sex life?
  3. Which vibrator to choose for use for two and how to use it? Our advice Coco
  4. What positions to have fun for two with a vibrator?

1- How to bring the subject of the use of a vibrator within your relationship?

You want to integrate a vibrator into your sexual relations , but this subject can be complicated to discuss with your partner. “I feel less wanted”; “The vibrator will replace me”. It is normal to apprehend the reaction of the other by engaging in this discussion! However, your spouse need not worry. Share your desire with him before taking the action of purchase. Communication is always the pillar of all your intimate relationships. 🙌 Don't think too much about how to broach the subject; gently ask the question by presenting the vibrator as a game ! Maybe he.she was already thinking about it or likes the idea! But some people may be reluctant at first. Don't try to convince him, because consent is the most important thing to respect and desire is not negotiable! Simply explain to him why you want renewal in your sex life , what would be the benefits for your couple of integrating a vibrator. Remember that an object will never replace a human body; a vibrator is a friend, a game and is very far from competing or being the enemy of a woman or a man. A vibrator is a plus in your relationship, it can allow you and your partner to explore a new type of pleasure, increase excitement and thus break the routine of your sexual relations. 🤝

2- Why the vibrator can spice up your sex life?

There are many reasons why you might want to use an object during sex . First of all, they bring something new to your couple and allow you to discover new sensations, together . They can be easily integrated into your erotic games (cards, couple pornography , board games, etc.) by becoming your new partner. 😉 Indeed, vibrators will stimulate the libido, help you to raise awareness of your erogenous zones more and more, will allow you to discover new pleasure thanks to the intense vibrations they possess.

It is well known that sexual intercourse mixes passion and love at the beginning of a romantic relationship. Pillow talk after lovemaking nurtures your bond. These moments are not to be neglected, they are certainly the most intimate of the couple. This is the moment when the trust and closeness between you is at its height. This is why preserving the flame helps to nurture this intimacy between you. It is indeed easy to get into a routine for two and these discussions can become less and less magical, in the same way as when you make love, despite the strong bond that unites you.

Spicing up your sex life allows you to flourish, discover new things and maintain or even increase your sexual pleasure! You can start by using a vibrator alone in order to apprehend the object and rediscover your female body. You will feed your libido , your fantasies and new pleasures . It may then be easier to guide your partner to explore these; by discovering things alone, you open new doors to your sexual relations! 🥰

If your partner was reluctant during your discussion on the subject, you can encourage him to use a sex toy on his side too! He.she will then appropriate the object in complete privacy by going at his own pace, without feeling any pressure. Indeed, individual masturbation is still quite taboo when a person is in a relationship. However, it is very important to find yourself with yourself to understand your own functioning; your partner will then understand your desires more easily because you will have less difficulty communicating about them! Masturbate alone at first to allow you to explore your body, to know your pleasure to guide your partner afterwards.❤️

3- Which vibrator to choose for two-person use and how to use it?

The Rabbit is a vibrator that can stimulate both the vagina and the clitoris . One part penetrates the vagina, the other surrounds the clitoris to increase the pleasure tenfold. This vibrating sex toy will fill you with pleasure!

Coco is specially designed to allow a perfect fit between the two of you. During heterosexual intercourse, you can introduce the vibrating part into the vagina; your partner will also feel the vibrations on his penis and enjoy closer stimulation if you practice penetration. On the contrary, the woman can stimulate her clitoris with the suction part and vibrate the object on the penis glans / brake at the same time.💓 In the same way, penetration with the partner remains possible! The intimate moments you share with Coco will be unforgettable for you and for your partner!

This vibrator is perfect for intimate relationships between women; one stimulates her clitoris, the other is placed above to penetrate the toy in the vagina 😌

The vibrating egg , of ovoid aspect, is introduced into the vagina. It is advisable to coat it with lubricant before use to avoid friction. After inserting the egg into your genitalia, the remote controls the vibrator. Leave the remote control to your partner to give him control and the vibrating egg will do the rest!

The vibrating rings are inserted directly around the penis and help maintain the erection of the man. During penetration, the vibrations will intensify the stimulation of both partners, enough to roar with pleasure!

Stimulation of the gentleman's prostate can be a real source of pleasure! This includes the fact of having to penetrate it: an anal plug or a vibrating belt to integrate your toy will help you give new pleasure to your partner 😌

You can also use a clitoris sucker to complete the stimulation(s) made by your partner.

Our advice Coco

Coco is a partner who adapts very well to your lovemaking! It will already help you understand your solo preferences . Then, with your partner, you can use it in different ways; spoon, doggy or simply missionary it adapts to many positions! Your partner can walk it over your whole body.🤔 Don't forget that it vibrates; men can therefore very well find their account by stimulating the glans, the brake of the penis and discover unsuspected pleasures 🤯

4 - What positions to have fun for two with a vibrator?

The positions play a role on your pleasure during your sexual intercourse and on the intensity of the orgasms when they are reached. ⚠️ We can never remind you enough, but orgasm should NEVER be the goal of your moment of pleasure alone or as a couple.

Here are some positions to test with a vibrator ☺️

L'Andromaque - The Belly Dancer

For unexpected use of the vibrator, put a vibrator between you during the Andromaque. A vibrating ring around the phallus or a small vibrator at the level of both clitoris will be highly enjoyable.

The doggy style

Stimulate your clitoris during doggy style with a vibrator or sucker while stimulating your chest for an explosion of pleasure 😉

The 69

Lying on your side, vary between licks, caresses and vibrations. In this position, each with their gadget in hand, you can let spontaneous inspiration work wonders.

On the back: knees bent towards the chest

In this position, the partner stimulates your G-spot with one or two index fingers, while their other hand manipulates the vibrator on the glans of your clitoris .

You will be able to reproduce this position alone in order to discover your pleasure and find your G-spot and understand the movements you need to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and the clitoris . Moreover, Coco was designed specifically for this purpose 👍 It has a suction part for the clitoris and folds (in order to adapt to the vast majority of morphologies) to penetrate the vagina at the same time thanks to its vibrating head !

In conclusion, using a vibrator as a couple allows you to discover yourself, your partner and spice up your sexual relations while having fun. Let yourself go to discover the pleasure provided by these vibrators hand in hand!


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