Comment prendre soin de sa vulve ?

How to take care of your vulva?

Your vulva is a part of the body that is quite fragile. Periods, sexual activities, waxing/shaving, synthetic materials… It goes through many factors that can easily deteriorate it. This is why it is very important to take the greatest care of it! The vaginal flora is made up of micro-organisms and in order not to experience any discomfort (mycoses, odors, irritations, unusual losses, etc.) there are a few tips for maintaining the harmony of these bacteria. 🥰 We give you all our advice here!👇

  • Personal hygiene
  • Pubic hairs ; to remove or keep?
  • And during menstruation?
  • Sexuality and vulvar health
  • Choosing the right vibrator and taking care of it while respecting your vulva

Personal hygiene

Know first that your vagina is self-cleaning; so, when we talk about intimate hygiene, we are talking about the hygiene of the vulva and the inter-gluteal groove. 😊

Douching, which consists of injecting liquid into the vagina using an enema pear or directly with a jet, is strongly discouraged! Just like the vaginal sauna, it could deteriorate your intimate flora. 😕

To wash your vulva, do not use washcloths! These are breeding grounds for germs and can irritate your private parts. Perfumes, deodorants, shower gels… Forget!

Instead, use clear water once a day and, several times a week, an intimate soap with a pH that respects your body. 🧼 With your hand, wash your vulva from front to back so as not to spread germs from your anus. 👍

To maintain a healthy vulva, say goodbye to your synthetic underwear 👋; make way for cotton panties, like those from the Henriette H brand . 😍 Cotton materials will indeed allow your vulva to breathe properly and avoid all kinds of discomfort. To let your vulva "breathe", it is also advisable not to wear underwear at night. 😉

If you find that your vulva has a bad odor despite good intimate hygiene, this is certainly a sign of a gynecological infection. In the same way as if you observe unusual losses, consult your gynecologist as soon as possible! Moreover, your annual appointment with your gynecologist is not to be neglected. 😉 Nothing better than the advice of a doctor! You can also self-auscultate this area using a mirror!

Finally, a healthy diet will also affect your health and your vaginal odors (which by the way are completely natural, huh)!

Pubic hairs ; to remove or keep?

While we remove them from Ancient Egypt, we could think that biological evolution could have made sure to eliminate our hair! But if this is not the case, it is simply because they are very useful and have a function for each place! 🤗

So why do we wax? For Charles Darwin, hair was synonymous with modern man, the one descended from the ape. But the citizens of the Victorian era had precisely the ambition to detach themselves from the animals. So the beauty industry followed this idea and disclosed that removing hair was a matter of hygiene. Thus, a new criterion of beauty has been created; that of waxing/shaving. 🪒 Over the years, many factors have banned hair from our lives. Mainstream pornography, for example, depicts women with smooth, hairless skin, which then became a popular fantasy.

Nature gives us hair everywhere; on the head, face, legs, arms, armpits and also at the level of the jersey and the vulva. If they are there, it is not for nothing; they serve as a protective barrier against undesirable bacteria and reduce the risk of dryness, especially in this area which is certainly one of the most fragile. The hairs present on the labia majora protect against infections during sexual intercourse, since friction is limited as well as burns, irritations, serious infections and the risk of giving rise to condyloma (responsible for the papillomavirus). 😦 In case of infection, consult your gynecologist or doctor quickly!

In everyday life, it has become commonplace to see women without any leg hair; the contrary has unfortunately become astonishing. More and more women assume their hairiness. 😍 If leg hair removal has become so common, it's easy to wonder what to do with our pubic hair. The answer is very simple: you do n't have to keep them, you don't have to remove them. It's more a question of power and especially of wanting . It's up to you what you do with it, even if it's hard to stand out from the eyes of others, especially on this subject.

You now know that removing your hair is very far from being a question of hygiene, contrary to popular belief. 😉 And if you think that the hairs cause the smell of perspiration to stagnate, it's completely normal; a passage to the shower and here we go again. 😊 

However, if you want to remove them, do so with respect for your vulva! Shortening them with scissors, depilating them or shaving them... That's the big dilemma! Know that in fact, whatever your choice, your hair grows back at the same rate. It's just that waxing tears them out at the root. The bulbs must therefore have time to reconstitute themselves, the hairs to grow under your skin and appear, whereas razors and scissors only cut them at the surface. If you have the impression of having less hair regrowth from waxing, it is because when you shave, they “divide” and seem thicker. After waxing, the hairs grow back like new, but just as numerous.

If you choose to remove your hair, don't forget to take care of your skin, which will need a good exfoliation before, and good hydration after (no Nivea cream on your vulva please). please 🥹 )!

And during menstruation?

To avoid the inconvenience of menstruation, the use of disposable tampons and pads is quite common. In addition to being environmentally unfriendly, these protections often have chemical components that are not always good for the vulva. In direct contact with the mucous membrane, the residues of toxic and irritating products spread directly in our body… Which does not eliminate them. 🤢

Fortunately, brands like Jho are completely transparent in the composition of their products; their pads and tampons are made from certified organic cotton. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this material allows your privacy to breathe! 🌬

If you are prone to vaginal mycoses, your flora is fragile, so you must take useful precautions! In fact, fungal infections are not created because of a lack of hygiene, contrary to popular belief. It's a frequent infection for some women, in the same way that some people have more angina than others... 🤒 And during your period, the flora is turned upside down every time. Good news, some brands offer tampons and sanitary napkins with a probiotic intake that will properly maintain the vaginal flora during menstruation!

Today there are menstrual panties that allow good absorption of your flow, whether it is light or abundant! Most of the brands that produce them also apply to make them out of cotton and respect your privacy. ✨ It may sometimes be necessary to change panties during the day if your flow is too high. But in general, a panty is effective for 7 to 12 hours! 🤩

To replace the tampon, you can use a cup made of medical silicone which will not damage your vaginal flora either. 😉 In the same way, a menstrual cup holds up to 12 hours! In addition to being hypoallergenic, the vaginal mucous membranes do not dry out on contact! (However, it is strongly advised not to keep it overnight). 🍃 Same, it's green! No waste is produced with the cups! 😉

Long-term, ecological and healthy investments, it changes your life, doesn't it?

Sexuality and vulvar health

In your intimate relationships, you should not overlook lubrication. Indeed, using a lubricant is completely beneficial insofar as this product will improve your sexual relations. Being lubricated limits the risk of pain, friction, lesions, dryness and thus protects your vulva from friction caused by your practices. If the love juice is the natural lubricant of the woman , it is very often recommended to supplement this contribution! If you are prone to vaginal dryness, this is characterized by insufficient genital hydration: the natural lubrication of the intimate mucous membranes is insufficient. But using a lubricant is not reserved for women who have vaginal dryness, since during intercourse (alone or in pairs), it will significantly intensify the pleasure, the sensations and prevent the desensitization of the erogenous parts of your vulva! 💧

There are several types of lubricants and the water-based one is the most natural. 🌿 That's why we created at Powerful your new organic intimate gel (rated 100/100 on Yuka 🤩) that you can find in pharmacies or directly here:

Also, it is always necessary to ask your partner to wash their hands and to have good intimate hygiene themselves before your lovemaking . If it can be very embarrassing or even sensitive to put this subject on the table upstream, you can bring it up indirectly by showing him that you are doing it yourself: "wait, I'm going to wash my hands", " I quickly go to the shower first”… Normally, he/she will be encouraged to do the same! If you're afraid it'll kill the mood , you can always make this moment come before the state of excitement and make it a moment of foreplay. 😉

Choose your vibrator and take care of it while respecting your vulva

If you want to use vibrators to masturbate or spice up your sex life , it is important to choose your product carefully, always with a view to respecting your vaginal flora. ☺️

Watch out for homemade vibrators. Using a cucumber, an electric toothbrush, fruit or other is not great for your intimate hygiene. 😕 And how many stories end up in the emergency room with these practices! Vibrators are designed to respect your privacy without any danger . ❤️

There are vibrators made of glass, metal, plastic…

At Puissant, Coco was designed in medical silicone, a non-irritating and allergen-free material. ❤️ In addition to respecting your body, it will allow you to explore and discover it thanks to its suction part and its vibrating head. 💓

Never ignore the hygiene of your vibrator, since it is in direct contact with your private parts! ⚠️ If you use it in addition with a partner, the transmission of STIs remains a risk ⚠️. Toproperly clean your vibrator, you can run it under clear water and clean it with an intimate soap or a special vibrator cleaner ! Coco is waterproof and therefore very easy to clean. 🥰 You can store it after use in its small pouch included in your package to prevent other microbes from getting involved. 🦠


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