Optimiser votre vie privée : Meilleurs conseils pour l'utilisation de sex toys 🎉

Maximizing your privacy: Top tips for using sex toys 🎉

Are you ready to discover something exciting and maybe a little daring? We'll talk about how we can enrich our sex life , add a spark to our intimacy, and explore our pleasure in new and in...
Savoir choisir son premier vibromasseur en fonction de ses préférences

Knowing how to choose your first vibrator according to your preferences

Want to add a little something new to your sex life but don't know where to start? No problem, we are here to guide you! In this article, we will demystify the first purchase of a vibrator ....
Utiliser un vibromasseur en couple

Using a vibrator as a couple

Using a vibrator for couples can be very interesting in order to experience sex differently, to discover a new type of pleasure and new sensations to share as a duo! But this subject can turn ou...
Tout savoir sur le suceur de clitoris

All about the clitoris sucker

The novelty of today's world in terms of sex toys is the clitoris sucker . This sex toy is very powerful and revolutionary for women. It is undoubtedly beyond comprehension. Just with a few vi...
Savoir comment bien nettoyer son vibromasseur

Know how to properly clean your vibrator

Good morning ! 😊 We know how important it is to know how to clean a vibrator and other sex toys to fully and serenely enjoy these intimate moments. In this article, we will give you tips o...
Explorez de nouveaux sommets de plaisir : Comment les vibromasseurs peuvent améliorer vos orgasmes

Explore New Heights of Pleasure: How Vibrators Can Enhance Your Orgasms

Vibrators are increasingly popular sex toys for women: they offer intense and precise stimulation, which can help to reach an orgasm more easily 😇 . However, many women are not comfortable with...
10 façons érotiques de vivre une sexualité sans pénétration

10 erotic ways to experience non-penetrative sex

Today, we are going to talk about a subject that is sometimes taboo: non-penetrative sex . You may have heard of this practice before, but perhaps you have never really explored it. Well, now is...
Avec quoi se masturber ?

What to masturbate with?

Masturbation is a practice that brings to women as well as to men, many effects such as the joy of living, balance and a wonderful health of body and mind. 👌 If you think this practice is lonel...
Comment booster la libido pour une femme ?

How to boost libido for a woman?

Your sexual activity is losing momentum and you feel less desire to share this moment with your partner. Sexual activity is impacted by various factors. It can be emotional state, physical heal...
Plaisir féminin : quels accessoires utiliser ?

Female pleasure: what accessories to use?

Alone or with a partner, we need to enjoy ourselves as much as possible. For masturbation sessions or during sexual intercourse, there are a multitude of accessories that can increase female aro...
5 idées cadeaux 100 % self love

5 100% self-love gift ideas

The days of unintended gifts that end up gathering dust on a shelf are over. Today, we want to offer meaning, values ​​and pleasure . Yet the choice is so vast that we have a hard time finding th...
Pourquoi avoir un vibro ?

Why have a vibrator?

The desire to explore one's body, to venture into the discovery of new pleasures, to learn how to touch oneself, to love oneself… The reasons that lead many people to buy their first vibrator ca...
De l'âge de pierre au vibro : petite histoire du sextoy

From the Stone Age to the vibrator: a short history of the sex toy

While brands are getting more and more into the field of eroticism and pleasure, series are talking about sex education and films are flirting with BDSM , we could believe that the sex toy is the...
Sexe avec un vibromasseur : un moyen de pimenter votre vie sexuelle

Sex with a vibrator: a way to spice up your sex life

You live as a couple and everything is going well or almost. Only, the sexual life tends to take wrinkles and you feel the monotony softening the love in your daily life. That's when you wonder ...
Comment bien entretenir et nettoyer son vibromasseur

How to properly maintain and clean your vibrator

Vibrators and other sex toys are precious allies to guide us to seventh heaven . Whether they cause clitoral stimulation like a wand or whether they are rabbit -type toys, these jewels of technolog...

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